Hot Summer Nights by Various Authors

Hot Summer Nights by Lexie Davis, Crymsyn Hart, Dana Torrence
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: Short Story (135 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Stephanotis

Tempted by Lexie Davis

All Ali wanted was a vacation, and her best friend’s beach house seemed like the perfect getaway. Packing up for a week of nothing but fun in the sun, the last thing she expected to find was temptation, in the form of a sexy surfer dude. He was a younger man, twelve years her junior, and definitely awakened a desire inside. And he offered the perfect opportunity for this busy doctor to indulge in a no-strings affair and walk away unscathed. But simple lust gets complicated, and Ali soon finds her heart on the line. Can her long-awaited vacation be the beginning of something more?

Hazy, Hot, & Hunted by Crymsyn Hart (Interracial)

In the humid nights of a Georgia summer, a wounded man stumbles onto Louisa’s front lawn. She stashes him in her root cellar and shoos the bounty hunter away. Tending to his wounds, something about him isn’t quite… human.

For months, Bowen’s been tracking the werewolf that killed his wife. After making Louisa breakfast, he swears to leave, but he can’t get her off his mind. Instead of departing, he secretly remains. Then, one day, the bounty hunter returns and threatens Louisa.

Will Louisa turn him over? Will Bowen ever find love again? Or will the bounty hunter destroy Bowen for good?

A Midsummer’s Eve Kiss by Dana Torrence

Fairies don’t exist. That’s what Gwen thought until a lithe fae stepped into her world, captured her heart with his searing kiss, and shattered her soul by leaving her on Midsummer’s Eve. Now something—or someone—is calling her back to that fateful place. Can she risk not answering it?

After seventy years of searching, Tey has found his ruhýana, and in the unlikeliest of places, the mortal world. But his reputation has caught up to him, and before claiming her, he is enslaved for his crimes. Five years later, Midsummer’s Eve, will he be given the chance to find her?

Hot summer nights might be coming to an end, but here’s a way to make them last a bit longer. The book contains three stories. One thing I like about anthologies is you get to sample shorter works by authors unknown to you. All of these were new to me.

The first story is Lexie Davis’ Tempted. It’s contemporary and sure to heat up even a brisk fall night. Dr. Alessandria Aames, otherwise known as Alex is an emergency MD at Cedar Sinai Medical Center and needs some R&R. So friend, Nina offers Alex her beach house. What she hasn’t told Alex is the very sexy Sean Graham lives next door. Alex just happens to be 12 years older than Sean but you know from their very first meeting they’re perfect for another.

Story two is Crymysn Hart’s Hazy, Hot and Hunted. It’s a great paranormal tale about Louisa Hayworth who just happens to have a ghost as a roommate. If that isn’t enough; Bowen Merrin shows up at her door one night after he’s been wounded by bounty hunters. She hides him in her cellar thinking a trip to the ER is needed, but is surprised to see his body has healed itself. I won’t give away the twist of the story, but will just say it’s fun finding out the truth along with Louisa.

The last story is Dana Torrance’s A Mid Summer’s Eve Kiss that has Gwen Sweeney searching for her friend, Roger, only to stumble across Teyron ‘Tey’, who just happens to be a fairy and her soul mate. This is a part paranormal, part fantasy that proves that really hot heroes come in all shapes and forms.

If you’re a fan of longish short stories or want to squeeze in some reading time between chores or errands this is the ideal book. Amira Press did a great job of pairing contemporary and paranormal stories together. And if you only read contemporary and want to test drive a paranormal or vice versa Hot Summer Nights lets you do just that.

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