Hot River: Noodlin’ for Nadine by Kate Hill

Hot River: Noodlin’ for Nadine by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Shape-Shifter
Length: short
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Brady’s number one pastime is noodling. He loves the thrill of catching magical catfish with his bare hands. Imagine his surprise when he’s feeling for catfish beneath the waters of Hot River and gets a handful of womanly curves instead.

Nadine is just a water nymph lazing about in her favorite underwater cave when she feels a pair of pleasantly rough male hands rubbing her in all the right places. She knows this is too real to be a daydream. It’s more like the man of her dreams has found her, but is their love strong enough to cross the boundary between water and land?

Noodlin for Nadine is another great book in the Hot River Series by Ms. Hill. The hero is Brady Earl, who is a cousin to and works for the wonderful Princeton triplets we earlier met in Triple Shot Tracy. They make a cameo appearance in this story. The heroine is Nadine, a water nymph who Brady stumbles upon while noodling.

I loved the vivid descriptions of not only Hot River but of the land below the water where Nadine is from. I could visualize her cave and the surrounding aquatic life as if I was experiencing everything first hand. And the description of Nadine was spot on to what I would have imagined. From her flowing blue hair to the tip of her tail, she is a paranormal being that I would love to get to know better.

I found the story to be a riveting tale of love and the obstacles that many can face in trying to achieve their hearts desire. This point was especially brought home as Brady and Nadine tried to solve the problem of one lives on land and the other lives in the water. As they traveled through the Wicked Wild searching for Devil Fins, my heart was in my throat hoping that they would find her. I knew that Brady and Nadine were meant for each other when they spoke with the Spirit of the River.

Hot River is a fascinating land with paranormal beings living side by side and with the occasional human thrown in. I enjoy visiting Hot River and found Noodlin for Nadine a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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