Hostages of Love

Hostages of Love by Sophie del Mar

Publisher: Siren Bookstrand

Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure

Length: Short Story

Other: M/F, M/F/F, Multiple Partners, BDSM

Rating: 4.5 Cherries

Review by Bittersweet

Commercial pilot, Sean Merrick, and Larissa Christie explore and indulge their secret desires during an evening at an elegant hotel, never suspecting that terror lurks on the horizon.

Sean is grieving the loss of his beloved wife, but a favor for a friend changes the direction of his life. He enters a world of deviant sexual games, desperate terrorists, and true love with the woman of his dreams.

But first, Sean must save Larissa and the other passengers from the fanatical men who have taken control of the aircraft.

Can he save his passengers from certain death? Will he have a happy future with the woman of his dreams…or die trying?

I’ve never had a thing for pilots, or uniformed men for that matter, but after reading “Hostages of Love” I don’t think I’ll be looking at pilots in quite the same way again.

From the beginning, the author Sophie del Mar, has already captured my attention. She presents us with very sexy, Captain Sean Merrick, and a plane which will be boarded with beautiful actors under his expert command, simple enough. Whatever could happen? The flight is delayed, but Ms. Del Mar knows her stuff and she is able to range from fun sexual games: the naughty stewardess (oh la la!), the harem (oh dear!) to the simple down to earth encounters, all in the blink of an eye. And, all of it written in a natural way which flows easily but still caused me to blush, smile and feel every inch of what’s happening through her well plotted characters.

The action rolls on and a nervous giggle escaped my lips from all the built up tension. Tension, which at times almost turns to horror, and causes me to whisper an “Oh no!” or cover my mouth in distress. But “Hostages of Love” is so much more! It also has room for pleasant surprises, pity or anger that surges for certain characters and moments, humorous times and good advice, which can be taken and enjoyed by all.

Ms. Del Mar and her “Hostages of Love” have made me a captive, one that’s not willing to give up her smile any time soon. This short story is definitely a reread!

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