Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?
By Em Petrova

Well, should they? Let’s explore this fun topic today. I’m looking for lots of comments on this post, so get those fingers poised!

This is a common subject amongst erotic romance authors and smutters. When talking manscaping, exactly how much is too much?

While lying in bed the other night, staring at my man’s hairy front, I have to admit I did some mental waxing. Yes, it’s true. I’d contour the belly hair a little, trimming it to a perfect love trail. But other than that, I wouldn’t touch him. To me, being all bare might rank up there with carrying a man purse. (Mama likes to nuzzle!)

As an erotic romance author, I look at a lot of…um…inspiration. *wink* It’s impossible not to be influenced by publishing’s vision of the perfect man. After all, romance book covers typically sport shirtless heroes. But have you ever, in all your life, seen a hair? No wonder men feel compelled to shave, right? Women are lounging around devouring these books about hairless men, while our significant others wonder what those images have that they don’t.

In movies, it’s not that often you see a real hairy man chest. I’m sure these actors are subjected to torturous hours on the waxing table. I guess the good thing is they aren’t forced to have all their hair plucked by clam-shell wielding old women like some of the American Indian tribes, where hair was considered unsightly.

Some guys think that shaving their lower parts makes the tool look bigger. But in my opinion, when it comes to grooming the nether-regions, I’ve got one word for you—CACTUS. That’s right, guys. Ain’t no woman willing to take a ride on that.

What are your preferences? I can’t wait to hear your juicy comments!

Em Petrova
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  1. Oh! If I’m not too long-winded, I might be the first comment. (Yeah, like that will happen.)

    On the chest, I can take some hair–just don’t hide those gorgeous pecs. (I think I’ve established on my FB wall photos that I’m a pecs girl.)

    Now, for the netherregions, do NOT shave. I like to pull at the short hairs. But I loved your reason, too. Think cactus! That’s great!

    Thanks for exploring this much-thought-about topic among us erotic romance writers. I was going to say thoughtful topic, then LOL’d. 🙂

  2. Waxed chests are pretty, but I keep thinking it wouldn’t be any fun to snuggle my face against it two days later … and itch? Not really a sexy thought.

    Yeah, I don’t see why men think they have to manscape their nether region. I think that nest of hair is juuuuust right.

    And I’m totally into seeing the sexy hair in a man’s armpit. So soft right after a shower!

    Long and short? I want my guy just the way he is. Not hot wax and stubble for me. 😉

  3. If my guy wants some ‘lip” service then he needs to de-fur the area-

    As for the chest area- I prefer hair free but will take what he has to offer- not gonna make him change that-

    Dawne P

  4. Honestly, I’ve never thought about shaving down there. In a way, it’s kind of a disturbing thought. I do have a hairy chest, but wouldn’t shave because then after it started to grow back, my chest would be all itchy. Luckily, I haven’t had a girl ever ask me about that yet.

  5. Very interesting. I’ve never had a man shave but I’ve had those who asked me to shave down under. Hmm.

  6. One word, CLEAN. I am with Dawne, either well trimmed or freshly shaven is the only way I like my men below the waist. Not into tickling my nose and risking a sneeze but additionally I am one who has a very keen sense of smell so unless he’s just showered, and preferably shaved, then I just ain’t having a midnight snack.
    Chest hair: Well I’ve had some without any and some with a little and then I met my current partner who is Irish so has a bunch of it. I totally hated it at first but just like an old cosy blanket, the more I got used to it the more I liked it. It keeps me warm when I need it.
    One thing not mentioned above is facial hair so I thought I might add I prefer it the same way I do below and that is very well groomed, soft, or freshly shaved.
    Chafing my thighs is just not my favorite thing to do and although on occasion a little abrasion on the neck as he nuzzles is not bad I just don’t want to walk around covered in rug burn from head to toe.

    Just my preferences.

  7. I like a man with a little bit of body hair, most especially that lovely happy trail below the navel….but Full Werewolf not so much. And a bit of advice boys: The ONLY way to avoid the Cactus Syndrome? join us in the hot wax torture room! “back/crack/sack” anyone?
    thanks for a great post Em

  8. Thanks for all your comments! Love your back/crack/sack, LiZ!!!

  9. I went the pluck route once out of curiosity–never again. Thanking the gods blond hair doesn’t show so much anyway…on the body, that is. Besides it takes a tediously long time, so what I’d like to know is…when did those Native Americans have time to do anything else? Did they make appointments to go hunting or fishing or raid other camps between pluckings?(Oui, I think of oddities like that.)

  10. Guess it depends on the man. Was watching an episode of Covert Affairs the other night and the first scene showed a character in an ambulance, hairy chest on full display. Gulp! I listened to the dialogue but couldn’t take my eyes off that chest!

  11. I like a hairy chest. Not too much, mind you. It shouldn’t look like he still has a sweater on when he takes off his top. But face and nether regions and back (shudder) I prefer hairless.

    Life Write Now

  12. I love hair all over men! Chest, back, face, arms, pits, everywhere! And especially “down-there”! I’ve tried shaving myself and it was too damn itchy. So I trim during bathing suit season only. Otherwise I’m “natural”, which is how I like my man. I want to know I’m snuggling a MAN, not a woman! I want hairy face (I really like the 5-o’clock shadow look), and I like the pheromones in hair, so leave it where it grows!

  13. Hi Em,

    I like my men with a little bit of chest hair or smooth. I love to run my fingers in that hair on the chest. I just don’t want to pet hair like a As far as below the waist. I’ve never had a man that was overly hairy in the nether region. So I don’t have a problem with it.

    I’m with Fiona on he’s a man, I want him all man.

    Teresa K.

  14. I don’t like an Austin Powers chest, but Tom Selleck is fine. I don’t like Amish beards, but short and neatly trimmed is nice. My preference is clean or 5 o’clock shadow. The only place I absolutely hate hair is on the back.

  15. My hubby has a naturally bald chest, which is just the way I like it. And just between us girls, he shaves down there for me.

  16. LOL Some of the responses are a hoot! My hubby manscapes and I love it. I’ve seen a rugback or two and just don’t relish the idea of climbing into the sack with a sasquatch.

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