Gingersnaps : Sugarplums by Kate Hill

Gingersnaps : Sugarplums by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal, Fantasy
Length: Short
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by Agapanthus

Yule is here and it’s an especially magical time at Hot River, unless you’re Tarn. He’s a grouch even for a Frost Giant and never fails to complain about the dismal winter mood being ruined by holiday cheer.

Old Man Winter has spent ages providing beautiful frosty weather but he’s rarely allowed to join in the fun surrounding it. People look at him in fear and awe, never thinking he might want to join in the festivities.

The sulky frost giant stumbles upon the powerful, lonely and surprisingly passionate winter icon and Tarn finally learns just how enchanting the holiday season can be.

When a grouchy frost giant runs into The Old Man Winter more than just snow flies in this fun romp through a winter wonderland by Kate Hill. Both men are outcasts, one due to his job, the other due to his lineage but together they find a surprising connection that fills the cold winter with some serious heat.

Kate Hill has taken winter to an entirely different level and truly humanized the fabled “Old Man Winter” in this short story. Part of the Gingersnaps collection, a steamy series that I have truly enjoyed reading, and reviewing, Sugarplums gives you a glimpse into a frigid land of ice and snow, and shows you that love can lay in the most interesting and unexpected places.

Well written and vividly worded Sugarplums is a fine addition to the ever popular Gingersnaps series. The characters are well developed and interesting though I have to admit that m/m is not my particular forte the erotic scenes in this short were written in a way that made them easy to read through, vivid but not vulgar. A good read and a good addition to the series.

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