Gingersnaps: Sophie’s Present by Anne Kane

Gingersnaps: Sophie’s Present by Anne Kane
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Short (27 pgs)
Other: M/F, Bondage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

As one of Santa’s elves, Dandy’s job is to make sure no one is forgotten at Christmas. So he made his list and checked it twice. He found Sophie at the top of his list of forgotten do-gooders, and when he checked her out he knew just what to do to make her Christmas the merriest ever.

When Santa made his rounds Christmas Eve, he dropped off a fantastic hunk at Sophie’s house, gift-wrapped for the occasion. Nickolie is a sex demon, and once she gets over the shock, Sophie has a wonderful time unwrapping her present and making sure it gets a good workout before it expires on Boxing Day.

Sophie Thomson is a very sweet woman. I believe she is someone who people overlook because they are always counting on her to help out and relying on her to do things for others. She never expects to receive anything for herself and that is why I loved this story. I thought that receiving a special gift just for herself to indulge in is unique.

Nickolie is perfect as Sophie’s present. He is so cute and cuddly when he appears as a blue fuzzy dust bunny, so Sophie just had to welcome him to her home. Then when he becomes himself, I wanted to change places with Sophie. He is a very believable sex demon and does his job fantastically.

Being as Nickolie explains he is only Sophie’s present for forty-eight hours, I understood the lack of true emotion between the main characters. Sophie was enjoying a special gift and Nickolie is doing what he, as a sex demon, does best. I could tell they had fun and really enjoyed playing with their food. When her brother stopped by to bring Sophie to their mother’s house, I could not help but laugh.

Sophie’s Present had me wishing for a blue fuzzy dust bunny of my very own, especially one I could keep forever.

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