Flashbangs & Nightsticks by Jillian Hallowell

Flashbangs & Nightsticks by Jillian Hallowell
Publisher: Carnal Passions Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Other: M/F, bondage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Port City Police Officer Kasey Shea loves her job and she’s good at it, but when too many complaints about her aggressive behavior pile up, she is reassigned to the hooker patrol. The only problem is Kasey doesn’t own a dress, much less know how to entice a man with her feminine charms.

Dusty “Detroit” Grant is tasked by DEA to discover how drugs are being transported into New England. His only lead, a hooker who breaks all the rules. Dusty and Kasey team up and Dusty’s priority seems to be keeping Kasey safe at all costs. For Kasey the assignment boils down to whether she can play her girly role long enough to impress her Lieutenant and to prove to herself that sometimes it takes more than a flashbang and a nightstick to get the job done.

After too many complaints about her aggressive behavior, police officer Kasey Shea is transferred to “hooker patrol.” However, this tomboy has no clue about acting female and must learn how to dress and behave more like a woman, which results in some interesting encounters with the males in her life. While on duty, sparks fly between Kasey and undercover DEA agent, Dusty Grant. However, neither realizes the other’s true identity. Once the discovery is made the two team up as they grow closer and explore their mutual attraction. Kasey and Dusty’s investigations bring them together and deeper into the world of prostitution and drugs. And soon Dusty realizes that he’ll do anything to keep Kasey safe and by his side.

Flashbangs & Nightsticks is a intriguing story featuring great characters and an interesting plot. Dusty and Kasey are a great couple whose chemistry is obvious. It was fun to read as the two interacted before they discovered each other’s true identities. Kasey thought that Dusty was a drug dealer while Dusty thought Kasey was a prostitute. Despite their misconceptions, they still felt an attraction to one another and struggled with what to do about it. Once the truth was revealed, they continued to face a battle as they now had no excuses for not getting involved, but remained reluctant. With its many ups-and-downs, their relationship fascinated me.

I loved the character of Kasey, who despite her strength and toughness has insecurities about herself. She was a fascinating individual determined to protect herself and those she cared about. She definitely wasn’t a meek woman, but she did, on occasion, demonstrate a softer side. I felt this was well done and consistent to the character.

In addition to the wonderful romance, the plot involving prostitution and drugs really kept my attention as I wondered how it would work out in the end. Overall, Flashbangs & Nightsticks is a fascinating read.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this story. It’s only one of many that the very talented Jillian Hallowell has up her sleeve.

    Carnal Passions

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jillian should write for “Forum”. The book got me going… Giggity, giggity, giggity…. alllriiiiighhhht.

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