Finding Cupid

Finding Cupid by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Other: M/F, M/M
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Xeranth

A resident of Mount Olympus and student at Cupid Academy, Lula travels to Earth as part of her final exam for the Perfect Love Matches 101 course. Capricious and absentminded, she’s determined to make a positive impression on Cupid, who’ll be traveling incognito. To her horror, flight turbulence whips Lula’s class materials out of the chariot. Without her map to Cupid’s Earthly headquarters or her invisibility garb, the naïve nymph is in trouble.

Hunky, macho electrical contractor Dake is in hell. At least that’s how he feels manning Cupid’s Headquarters, his brother’s flower shop, during an emergency. When a gorgeous, curvy, nearly naked blonde bursts into the shop, talking of such bizarre things as nymphs, Cupid, chariots and invisible wings, things start looking up. Dake’s captivated, and wild with desire.

Of course, he’s certain she’s nuts. And probably a hooker.

Lula’s thrilled. At last, she’s found Cupid!

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic male/male sexual interaction.

Finding Cupid is a story that embraces the erotic nature of a nymph with Olympian myths and two very hunky ordinary mortals thrust into extraordinary adventures.

This story is told mostly from Dake’s POV. He’s the guy who can’t stand flowers and refuses to admit he has a ‘feminine’ side to get in touch with. He’s a man who goes through life with nary a thought to the females that come onto him. He’s sort of full of himself and at first, not very deep thinking. What initially redeemed him for me was his love and acceptance of his flamboyant and artistic brother, Zeb. The brothers are that tight.

What next redeemed him and saved him from a life of pointless debauchery was the entrance of Lula. She’s a bit of a handful and her character was endearing and sweet, yet surprisingly insightful when it counted. However, I had to keep in mind that she was a nymph from Olympus. I tell you, they do things a whole lot differently there than here. For me, Lula was a walking, talking, American man’s wet dream. She certainly was Dake’s. The funny thing about Dake is even though she is his sex fantasy come to life in ways even he couldn’t imagine, he’s finding her innocent, enthusiastic, and sex-loving ways are doing strange things to him. He fights it and I thought, “Gee, how hard can he fight and still hold out against her?” It was like him fighting his baser instincts with a woman who not only understood them, but fed them, reveled in them and came back for more. The erotic quotient in this story is through the roof. I was waiting to see just what it would take for Dake to be a ‘goner’. In the process of discovering all things Lula, Dake realizes quite a few things. It’s those realizations that made me like him as a man, his prowess notwithstanding.

Lula is a unique mixture of the most alluring attributes known to man – or that man wishes he knew. She’s spunky and stands up for innocent little beings. She can immobilize the scum of the earth with surprising agility and grace. She’s not like Lara Croft, but she gets her point across. I liked how she had Dake bemused and panting. Yet she was never coy; she celebrated her femaleness with enthusiastic abandon –something that is kind of alien in our culture. Our rules and Puritan conscious prevent us as a society from enjoying our sexuality without guilt. Lula showed me a hint of what things could be like if we didn’t buy into that guilt. Another thing is Lula and Dake’s erotic language quotient; it’s at times earthy, funny, and many times typical guy-talk. How did Ms. Dobbs get that down so well?

I really liked Zeb. He’s a man who is waiting for the love of his life. In the meantime, he runs a profitable flower shop. What a great backdrop for this story. Zeb may be a secondary character to his brother, Dake, but guess what? He’s part of the second romance story. Yes, Finding Cupid is like finding love – it abounds and touches those around you and Ms. Dobbs spread the love. It was perfect. I absolutely adored the name of Zeb’s love interest. It’s so…cute!

There is a conflict and it stems from Olympus. If you know your mythology, you know the gods can be fickle and mischievous. They are also quick to temper and full of themselves. For a bit there, I was on pins and needles. How far would Ms. Dobbs take the HEA? Oh, I forgot – watch out for goat-boy. He’s a great character because it was very easy not to like him.

Oh! Donniger is a character that I want to know more about. I really like how Ms. Dobbs introduced his character and the role he played in this story. I really hope Donniger is in the sequel. There has to be a sequel! There is the clean up that has yet to be done from the little mishaps that Lula has in this story. But Donniger would be the perfect hero for the next book. Just wait until you find out what he is on Olympus.

I think this review is in danger of being too long because there is so much more to talk about, so much more to share about the things I liked. Ms. Dobbs’ books are always full of romance, celebrations of physical love with imagination and fun and an HEA worth looking forward to, and Finding Cupid continues her tradition. As lengthy as this book was, I wanted more. I want to visit them again. The question is, when?

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