Dream Mate: Sequel to The Katzman’s Mate by Stormy Glenn

Dream Mate: Sequel to The Katzman’s Mate by Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Short Story (120 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Jasmine

Katzman Warrior Trajan Varl was sent to Elquone by his friend, Chellak Rai, to find a doctor for his mate. When Elquone’s High Ruler won’t let the doctor, Saris, leave without a contract, Trajan has to refuse. His laws don’t allow slavery.

The High Ruler then reclassifies Saris and he is taken away to be retrained as a pleasure slave. Trajan now has no doctor to take back to Katzman. More than that, Trajan suspects that Saris is his mate.

Determined to find out and bring a doctor back as ordered, Trajan breaks into the training facility and rescues Saris, spiriting him off the planet in his ship. When they are attacked, they take an escape pod to a nearby planet.

The emotions the mating cycle evokes in both of them threatens to tear them apart before they can even get together, and they are still being hunted. Can Trajan convince Saris to be his mate and save his life, or will he lose his mate before he can even claim him?

Soul Mates… Do they exist? Some people believe they do, while others are somewhat skeptical. Those who do believe spend a lifetime hoping and waiting for that one person who is truly meant for them. That one person who knows what they’re feeling and thinking without having to say a word. Do you know what I’m talking about? That one person you consider your heart and soul, who has the ability to complete and make you whole. You know… your Dream Mate.

In Stormy Glenn’s Dream Mate, Katzman Warrior Trajan Varl is determined to find a doctor for Demyan, Chellak Rai’s mate who’s pregnant with child. But when Trajan meets with the High Ruler of Elquone, he finds more than just a doctor for his best friend’s mate, he finds His soul mate…or should I say Dream Mate. There’s only one problem, Federation laws prohibit Trajan from having a slave. Will Trajan get to his mate in time, or will Saris become a mindless sex slave whose only concern is pleasing his Master, Toc Jerell?

Trajan was born to be a Katzman Warrior who not only protects Katzman and his pride ruler, Chellak Rai, but also his mate. He’s strong, loyal, intelligent, possessive, and often too emotional for his own good and has a heart of gold, but that’s what makes him so special. Like most Katzmen, he’s waited his entire life to find the one person who completes him, his Dream Mate. He thinks he’s found his Dream Mate in Saris, the doctor of Elquone. Although at first glance Saris’ delicate-looking features and long limbs will make any warrior assume that he’s weak, he’s anything but. Saris is a bruter who is intelligent, courageous, strong-willed, feisty, and taught at a very early age to suppress his emotions, especially those involving the need for love and acceptance because it devalues the contract of a bruter. Will they learn the importance of loving each other for themselves, instead of the genetic bond that makes them Dream Mates? Will they be able to communicate their feelings to each other before the mating cycle and Toc Jerell tears them apart? Hmm…guess you’ll have to read the book to find out.

Ms. Glenn takes you on adventurous, spellbinding journeys that include a break and entering into a sex slave training facility, a “Kat” fight in space, intense sexual fantasies that turn into reality, a battle with an evil advisor to the High Ruler of Elquone and most importantly love. Trajan and Saris’ story will warm your heart and will change the mind of any scenic skeptical about whether or not soul mates…or should I say Dream Mates exist. Their connection is sweet yet intense, endearing yet loving, and will make you believe in happily ever after. The struggles they endure are believable, which only makes the plot of the story and the characterization stronger. The words flowed over the page and had me begging for more.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Glenn will write a third book in the Katzman’s Mate series that focuses on Anjail and Bogden. However, there’s only one thing better than a third book, a fourth book that focuses on Karis’ story because it would be great if Saris’ brother were able to find his true Dream Mate. I for one believe in soul mates and recommend this book to anyone who is a skeptic of not only finding their Dream Mate, but true love. Bravo Ms. Glenn for showing us that it’s plausible not only to find one’s Dream Mate, but also one’s Happily Ever After.

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