Do kids still trick-or-treat?

I live in southeastern Virginia (moved here about four years ago from New Jersey). One of the biggest differences I noticed is the way they handle Halloween around here…or I guess I should say, the way they don’t handle it! I don’t see any decorations around the neighborhood, and for the last two years, I haven’t seen ONE CHILD (not one!) trick-or-treating. I mean, not even a kid getting into a car to go somewhere. (It’s not like I’m spending my day watching out the window, but still you’d think at one point or another I’d see evidence of a child, any child, trick-or-treating!) I didn’t buy any candy this year. Am I jinxing myself? Will I have 100 hungry trick-or-treaters ringing my doorbell, looking for their goodies?? (Think I’ll just keep the light out!)

What is it like in your part of the country/world?


  1. I live in N Alabama and trick-or-treating is still pretty huge around here. our kids will visit most of the houses in our neighborhood before joining some friends in another heavily trick-or-treated part of town. There are certain neighborhoods where the kids know they’ll get the best treats.

  2. Where we live now, NE Ohio, there isn’t a big influx of kids, we are in a development that is more out in the country. I know other areas around here, the kids are out in full force.

  3. for a while about 20 years ago, you barely saw any treaters at all with stories of razor blades in candy etc. i thought it was so sad because the kids couldn’t enjoy the fun because of some hateful perverts. now decorations are out a head of time, letting the kids (and parents) know they’ll be welcome. made me feel so much better

  4. Stormy – we were like that as kids. We would all converge on certain neighborhoods. I’m glad you can still enjoy!

  5. Jean — sounds like your Halloween will be quiet like mine. 🙂

  6. Larian – We used to get fresh fruit when I was a kid, and my mother would (of course) go through all the goodies and throw out anything that wasn’t packaged. It was sad! I’m glad your neighborhood is coming back!

  7. Halloween is pretty low key around here but there’s still trick or treating. There is decorated houses but the ones where people go all out isn’t so frequent. Though, there is a steady trickle or trick or treaters 🙂

  8. Kids do still go out here but I get fewer every year.
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  9. Sounds like a good pace, Na! Hope you have nice time this year!

  10. Yeah, Debby, I’m wondering if my old neighborhood is changing too.

  11. I might be the closest to you (in NC over towards Martinsville) and the best answer for that might deal with the area you live in. We live out in the boonies and we take out kids out to the city to trick or treat. We leave about 5 and we’re usually home by 9 because the cities shut down pretty early. A lot of the churches do their own thing with the trunk or treats, and sadly, not many of the general population has the extra money to spend on the candy for the trick or treaters. Once it’s gone, Halloween is over. 🙁 It’s a change from when I was a child but I still try to make sure my children have the best Halloween they can.

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