Diamond Wolf by Kat Haeske

Diamond Wolf by Kat Haeske
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short (46 pgs)
Other: M/M, dubious consent
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Xeranth

Mortal enemies, immortal souls and an impossible love.

Werewolf Kieran McManus is living the high life until his play-boy ways get him captured by Sir Edward Lawrence, the most sadistic and cruel of all vampires. Kieran is tortured to the brink of death and insanity, saved only by his ability to leave his body.

Unable to break him, Sir Edward calls in another weapon. The new male vamp is as beautiful as he is cold. With his dubious gifts, he could break the captive with ease if he chose. When he doesn’t, Kieran and his unlikely savior must battle their own worlds and themselves to survive.

Diamond Wolf is an amazingly written book with a romantic story that will touch you in the darkest of places.

The style of writing is what captured me first. Ms. Haeski writes about and through the same person, the hero, Kieran. It starts off in first person via his journal and then switches to third person as he continues to live and experience the path of his life. It’s a harsh path, filled with pain and torture balanced by incredible beauty and hope.

When first Kieran meets the Diamond, the male is used as a weapon against him, to break him. What follows next touches a topic that most writers shy away from writing and readers from reading. Ignore your fears of that dark abyss because Ms. Haeski does the impossible by making it worth your time and your emotional investment to see it through.

The Diamond is not a pawn but something more, much more and it’s both painful and intriguing yet beautiful to watch unfold. His skill set commands a journey where trust is either gained or lost, sanity is saved or destroyed. Diamond’s choices are as interesting as Kieran’s reaction to them. Great conflict.

The reason this works so well where it would not otherwise is because of the paranormal aspect between Kieran and Diamond. The metaphysical connection between the two forged in the fires of hell could only be borne out in the harsh beauty that is the shapeshifter and vampire worlds.

Once you get past the intensity, you are able to appreciate the confused emotions that bombard Kieren and his subsequent decisions to straighten them out. He has to brave his clan and his own fears if he is to realize any happiness in his life. To that end, this alpha wolf is endearingly clumsy and unsure of himself which truly allowed me to connect with his character. I really wanted him to come to terms with who and what Diamond was. The author uses a gentle humor towards that end.

There was only one other POV shift and that was from Diamond’s perspective. It was short but oh, so powerful. It was well placed and had me sighing at the romantic implications.

Diamond Wolf is a beautiful love story filled with emotional highs and lows that will not leave a reader untouched.

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