Come Play With Me~ –Tanya Hanson

Come on! Play with me. Write down the first line, chapter five, of the book closest to you right now. You can include title and author if you want.
“Tears dripped down her beautiful face in such a way Ransom’s heart tugged.”  Christmas for Ransom, Tanya Hanson

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  1. Jeny sucked in her breath and tried to get hold of herself. Toni Blake’s One Reckless Summer


  2. “A muddle of images.” Contact Imminent by Kristine Smith.

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  3. “You’re looking for a man who enjoys total control.”

    Deadly Heat by Cynthia Eden

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  4. “He had issued a challenge from which she couldn’t back down, just as Beck Merchant had done earlier.”

    White Hot by Sandra Brown

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  5. You could think the arrival of a naked, dirty, ex-demon lord would merit at least a few raised eyebrows…..”Me and My Shadow” Katie MacAlister.

  6. He won’t come.

    Seduced by his Touch by Tracy Anne Warren.

  7. Alex deposited the bags on the kitchen floor and walked to
    the sink to wash his hands.
    From “Diamonds Are Forever Book 1: Diamond in the Rough” by Peggy Hunter


  8. This is what you got when you made the decision to live dangerously, Sam thought.
    –Kiss the Bridesmaid, Cara Colter

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