Christmas With Holly by Dana Littlejohn

Christmas With Holly by Dana Littlejohn
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary Holiday
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherry
Review by Hibiscus

Running away from her problems wasn’t something that RaKeesha ‘Holly’ Black usually did, but she needed time alone to work this one out. She headed for the peace and solitude of her parents’ cabin in Vermont and hid, licking her wounds thinking the pain would never go away. Then a snowstorm came along and trapped her inside with just what she needed for her healing to really begin.

I loved the story of Christmas With Holly. It had me right from the first pages as RaKeesha took her Uzis and blew away the decorations in the church and the bride’s dress right off her body. It wasn’t real, of course, but the feelings that RaKeesha expressed through her actions in her mind were so vivid that I could relate to her pain at having her ex dump her and marry someone else.

Rakeesha Holly Black ran away to her family cabin in Vermont to escape being in town for the wedding. When she decides to return home right before Christmas, she winds up being snowed in in Vermont. I could understand Holly’s distrust of men and her New Years resolution to swear off them.

Logan Street is an artist who has rented the Black family cabin for the past couple of years and he finds out that Holly is still in residence. Logan is everything that I look for in a hunk; tall, dark eyes, curly hair and the requisite dimple in the chin. Just too handsome for words. Logan sets about changing Holly’s mind about men in general and himself in particular.

Their conversations are witty and sharp with a few one-liners that made me laugh out loud. Then when Logan sets about romancing Holly, my heart melted. I know I would love to be coddled and treated like a queen.

Yes, love does happen at first sight. Christmas With Holly showed me that true love will never die even when it is unrequited. I really enjoyed this heartwarming story and find that I will read it again and again.

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