Cattleman’s Club 1: Patton’s Way

Cattleman’s Club 1: Patton’s Way by Jenny Penn
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Other: M/F, F/M/M/M, ménage a quatre, multiple partners, BDSM
Review by Hibiscus

Patton Jones has been deceiving Chase, Slade, and Devin Davis, but she’s tired of playing the sweet, innocent, sisterly figure. When the brothers confront her with her lies, she decides it’s time for the Davis brothers to see her as the woman she really is.

Patton isn’t the only one keeping secrets and the brothers fear that their own hidden lifestyle might be more than their little woman can handle. The brothers are unaware that Patton knows about their dark desires and is not the least bit intimidated.

Knowing and experiencing are two different things.

As Patton tastes small samples of the forbidden fruit, she becomes even more reckless in her enthusiasm to get the three brothers into her bed. Patton’s wild schemes go too far and the brothers have to make a decision that will seal all their fates.

I liked Chase, Slade and Devin Davis. They are three extremely hot cowboys who run their ranch and a side business along with a private club. The men are responsible (Chase), level-headed (Slade) and easy going (Devin) for the most part. I loved that Chase took over the responsibility of raising not only his brothers but also Patton after his parents died. All the men love Patton and always show their love for her . They are the owners and top Masters of the Cattleman’s Club along with trainers for Masters and slaves or pets. This assured them of income in order to provide Patton with everything they could give her and to pay for her schooling. The men do not want Patton in their lifestyle as they think she deserves better than them. I like that they always had a contingency plan.

Patton is harder to like. I felt that she came across at times as a spoiled brat. She lied about school, her business, her piercings and her motorcycle, just to name a few. I understood that Patton wanted to be with the Davis brothers as more than their sister — I know that I would have also! — but it took a while for me to warm up to her. I was glad that she finally tells them the truth about what she is doing in Atlanta. I got the feeling that Patton loved all of the brothers equally. Patton seemed to have a plethora of ideas and she is very ingenuous in her planning. Some of her attempts to make the brothers see that she is ready to be in their life were amazing. It’s even better when the men retaliate.

Patton’s Way had a lot of secondary characters. My favorites were Hailey and Cole . Hailey Matthews is Patton’s best friend in Pittsview, Alabama, and is great with motor vehicles. Cole is a Master who is the auto mechanic in town and is interested in Hailey and her Studebaker. Cole played a key part in Patton’s schemes to get the Davis brothers to open their minds to her way of thinking.

I really liked this story. There are so many things that go on, one minute I was laughing, the next I was shivering with anticipation. The only part of the story I did not like was that there was no resolution to the fire in this book. I hope the next book will be about Hailey and Cole and any loose ends from this book will be tied up in the next. Though there were several grammatical and editing errors in the book, I tried not to let them distract me from this very sexy read.

And be forewarned, I had the fire department standing by to make sure neither I nor my computer burst into flames while reading this scorching hot book.

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