Captive of Love by Wendy Stone

Captive of Love by Wendy Stone
Publisher: Phaze Books
Length: Full (172 pgs)
Genre: Fantasy
Other: M/F, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Bittersweet

The continuing story of the people of Daring Castle.

Trace and Ryder, sons of Lord Damien and his Lady Raven, have been kidnapped along with their hunting party. Disappearing without a trace, they are spirited to another planet, this one run completely by women. Ryder has captured the eyes of a princess while Trace is made a gift to her General. Can the two men reconcile the changes in their situations or will they fight being Captives of Love?

After reading “Bound by Love”, I became a fan of Ms. Wendy Stone. Therefore, when I stumbled upon “Captive of Love” and discovered it was the story of the sons of Daring Castle, I just had to read it.

In “Captive of Love”, women dominate men treating them as little more than sexual slaves. As Trace, one of the sexy, male character explains: “I will be giving away my freedom, giving away my right of choice, giving away my life to become nothing more than your sex slave” or as his brother, Ryder, more blatantly puts it: “I am naught to you but a slave, a cock for you to fuck”.

I would have loved a little more insight on the characters feelings, for at times their actions seem a little abrupt. For example, it seemed a bit unbelievable that Trace fell for his captive so fast, or though the attraction that Ryder feels for Katrina is undeniable, the why he falls in love with her is a bit obscure. I was also surprised to discover that Katrina in such a world was able to maintain her virginity.

However, these are but minor details, for overall, in “Captive of Love” Ms. Stone not only builds a great novel but she also leaves the word “hot” meaningless.

Along with a good dose of humor, magic, action, avid descriptions and love, “Captive of Love” is an unforgettable story.

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