Bridging the Gap by Annmarie McKenna

Bridging the Gap by Annmarie McKenna
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Length: Short (52 pgs)
Other: M/F, mild bondage and spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Gillyflower

The higher she climbs, the harder he falls…

Carter Malone is usually the first one to make tracks before a woman starts getting any ideas. Permanent relationships don’t fit into his personal blueprint. Now, for the first time in his life, he’s burning up the sheets with a woman who makes him think about something more permanent…like spending the night. But she’s holding something back, something he can’t quite pin down.

As a woman in a man’s world, Ryan Cooper is used to wearing a target on her back—and hiding her vulnerabilities. She hasn’t let anything, not even the ever-present threat of an epileptic seizure, stop her from working her butt off to get the foreman’s job with her stepfather’s construction company. Then she discovers the guy she’s been dating—okay, having the hottest sex of her life with—is the architect who designed the building she’ll be overseeing. The last thing she needs is anyone thinking she slept with Carter to get the job.

Or worse, feeling sorry for her.

Before the dust clears, things get a lot more complicated. The previous foreman’s injury was no accident, and whoever caused it is taking aim—at the target on Ryan’s back.

Warning: This book contains almost fully clothed sex with a little bit o’ spanking on an OCD-clean desk inside a construction trailer, a rogue set of pencils that just won’t take stay for an answer, and sweet loving in a tub.

I dare you to find an opening scene that is hotter than the one in Bridging the Gap.

Carter Malone, a professional architect and ladies man, is always the first to leave a relationship. Until he meets Ryan Cooper. Feisty, independent, and sexy as hell, Ryan turns the tables on him. She is always walking out on Carter. And Carter isn’t used to wanting, wishing, chasing. He finds himself jealous and possessive for the first time in his life and he isn’t quite sure how to handle it.

Ryan, meanwhile, is working on being a woman boss in a man’s business and has health concerns she prefers to keep to herself. She doesn’t want to be treated like a child and she doesn’t want anyone to pity her, or be overly protective. And, fearing she will be stigmatized, or worse, left because of her illness, Ryan is a tough-talking dame.

But when Carter and Ryan realize that a saboteur is on the scene, Carter’s natural dominance and the unusual possessiveness he feels for Ryan shoot into high gear. And Ryan finds a way to enjoy his alpha side without sacrificing her independence.

Ms. McKenna has written one hell of an opening that grabs you and never lets you go in this excellent, fast-moving, steamy read. The relationship between Carter, who was slightly older, and Ryan, who is just starting out in a new phase of her career, was a fun romp with snappy dialogue and sizzling sex. Although painted with a broad brush (of a necessity given the length of the story), Carter and Ryan are compelling, likeable, sensuous characters with whom the reader could happily spend more time.

Bridging the Gap is the sequel to Between a Ridge and a Hard Place, but I assure you, you need not have read the first to enjoy the second – I hadn’t and I did! It wouldn’t surprise me if Max, an important and dangerously sexy secondary character in Bridging the Gap, gets his own story. I hope he does.

If you like hot sex, strong, handsome men and spitfire women, Bridging the Gap is for you. It certainly was for me. And Ms. McKenna is not only an auto-buy for me now, but I have gone out and purchased her backlist. Bridging the Gap is a must read.

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