Breaking All The Rules by Phyllis Campbell

Breaking All The Rules by Phyllis Campbell
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (95 pages)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Her assignment as an investigative journalist is to get the story on a sex resort, not sleep with her servant! But Kristine Olsen can’t stop wanting the sexy man assigned to her. She hasn’t counted on the unexpected feelings for Cole, and especially the story she uncovers.

When Cole Hunt spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to close his resort. The blue-eyed beauty has branded him with her white-hot kisses. She’s keeping secrets, but will giving his heart to Kristine become his downfall when his resort is exposed?

Is breaking the rules worth it?

Breaking All the Rules was one very hot story that shows the quality of Ms. Campbell writing. From the first line, I was hooked. The detailed descriptions had me also seeing the Pleasure Hideaway and all its carnal delights the same as Kristin Olsen.

Kristin Olsen/DeWitt is a reporter for the San Diego Tattler. She seemed to be a little naïve. Her shock at the interactions of the other guests had me believing Kristin was not very worldly. Her descriptions had me laughing out loud a lot of the time. When she thought about the women playing with large joysticks and a different type of ball or if the gift shop stocked enough bottles of sunscreen, I could not help but laugh. Kristin’s mental focus changed from reporting to reveling in the looks of Mr. Hot Pants.

Jonathan Cole Hunt is a hard working hotelier who works incognito at the resort left to him by his mentor, Allen Crow. Jonathan does not like the concept behind the resort and wants to change it as soon as he is able. Even more interesting, when Mrs. Cavanaugh keeps coming on to him, he continually turns her down. Cole has a no fraternization rule in place for his employees but he keeps breaking it in very innovative ways, and so he reasons he is not breaking the rules at all.

Cole tempts Kristin in everything he does along with torturing himself. Rubbing suntan lotion on Kristin’s body turned into an erotic experience as I read it. Swimming in the pool reminded me of dolphins doing a mating dance in the water. Of course, the pool was at fault for their getting carried away. I did love how Cole got innovative in the Jacuzzi so he could rationalize that he was not breaking the rules. Very hot.

When the truth begins to come out, neither Kristin nor Cole wants to be the first to reveal their secrets. I loved how the story came together toward the end.
Breaking All the Rules is a scorching hot erotic story that I loved. I hope Ms. Campbell continues to write stories in this genre as I think she has a natural talent and I hope that she will continue to feed my hunger for her works.


  1. What a great review! And to think…I didn’t believe I could write erotic. (shakes head) Crazy, huh? lol


    • Hi Phyllis, where can i purchase your book?? I’ve read it a long time ago and was searching to buy it so i could read it again but i can’t seem to find it.

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