The concept for Stormy Wedding was simple. Ellora’s Cave put a shout out about their new Branded line of erotic stories. Branded is a line of erotic tales set within the confines of a marriage. One of my pet peeves about romance is that the story ends when the marriage begins. And that is where I began my story…at the end…with the wedding.
Branded: According to my handy dandy dictionary, branded means a mark burned with a hot iron, as upon cattle, to show ownership. Ouch! And may I say, double ouch. A trade-mark to show quality or kind. I like that better. To impress deeply upon mind or memory. I like that best.
What do you think? Does the romance and passion end when the vows are said? For a chance to win a grab bag of V-Day fun and/or read an excerpt pop over to my blog and tell me about your wedding, your wedding disaster or your dream wedding.


  1. wow that a kicker cover i love the way you put it

  2. I agree. Beautiful cover. I think EC has the right idea by creating a new line that is specific to the “after the vows” romance. Very relate-able!!

  3. Good morning! I’m on Pacific time, so it’s still dark here. Typing in the dark.

    Yes, love the cover too. Romantic. Sensual.

  4. Nice cover! I didn’t know ec had a line that was like this one. I will have to check it out.

  5. Amy it is a new line. I hope it strikes a cord with people and that it lasts because I have a hundred little stories in my head.

  6. Very nice cover. Have to check out this new line of books.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  7. Thanks all. I had fun today.

  8. I always wanted a v-day wedding, but i settled for a May wedding because it was more important to me that it be outside.

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