Binding Ben

Binding Ben by Violet Summers
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: short
Other: M/F, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Lilac

Stacey Stanton is a self assured Dominatrix. Imagine her surprise while attending a BDSM party, her former trainer brings along a new submissive.. Only this isn’t any ordinary sub, he’s her ex lover. Ben Reynolds is instantly attracted to the female Domme hiding behind the mask. Her curvaceous body makes him crave to serve her.

Stacey and Ben parted years ago, she’d been unable to tell her big strong fireman that she was a Dom. Now he is on his knees in front of her. Stacey decides to take Ben for a night of sinful play. He doesn’t recognize her behind the mask and the weight she’s gained. She’s never forgotten him and the idea of having this man at her mercy is a temptation that Stacey cannot resist.

What happens when the night ends and the mask comes off. Will Stacey and Ben part forever or take a chance on a new beginning built on trust, total honesty and a love neither could forget?

Dominatrix Stacey Stanton hid her penchant for domination from her former lover. The suppression of her true sexual preferences eventually led to their break-up, although, he never knew about this side of her. When her former trainer brings a new submissive to a party, Stacey is shocked to see that it is Ben, her ex.

Determined to have one night with Ben where she can be true to her sexual nature, Stacey decides to keep her identity a secret by hiding behind a mask. New to the scene, Ben has yet to find a strong connection to a Dom, but is instantly attracted to this one. But what happens when he discovers the identity of his mystery woman?

This was definitely a hot read that illustrated the importance of honesty in a relationship. Had Ben and Stacey been honest about their sexual needs and preferences they might not have broken up with one another when they did. Fate seems to have reunited them though, and it was interesting to see them reconnect despite the secrecy surrounding Stacey’s identity.

Binding Ben is a very quick and hot story filled with passion and eroticism.

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