Attracting Anthony by Amber Kell

Attracting Anthony by Amber Kell
Publisher: Literary Road Press
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (39 pages)
Other: M/M, BDSM
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

Anthony is recovering from the death of his lover. What is he to do when the pack alpha wants to mark him as his own? Warning: There is hot man/man action.

Be careful what you ask for because you might get just what you need rather than what you think you want. Three years after the death of his lover, Anthony is still grieving. He agrees to a night out with his best friend to start moving beyond his lover’s death and find someone to love again. However Tony lives in fear of losing another lover so he’s hesitant when the strong alpha werewolf and owner of a local club decides to take an interest in him. Thankfully, Silver knows exactly what Tony needs and refuses to let the sexy younger man get too far away.

In this short but surprisingly well-written story, Tony is a delightful character with a fun and charming personality. Although he may desire a strong, dominant hand in the bedroom, there is no question this sexy blonde can hold his own in a boardroom or a crowded club. His all too real grief over his lover’s death and slow process of starting over makes him instantly likeable. His caution and natural sympathy to others compliments his wry sense of humor and often-underestimated strength of will.

Silver on the other hand is a strong personality in every sense as not only dominant in sex, but also the local alpha with quite a reputation for his strength. As he’s not had much luck with “pretty boys” it’s ironic that his mate would now be an incredibly beautiful man with magic in his blood. Thankfully the characters certainly compliment each other and it’s clear that Tony will keep Silver from completely dominating his life and wishes. Tony has enough strength and wit to keep Silver hopping while maintaining his own independence.

I wish this had been longer as I was truly enjoying the dynamics between the men and the incredibly hot and steamy sex scenes. Although the men tended to be described with exaggerated terms – the most beautiful in two hundred years or the most powerful in the entire country – their relationship and connection was enjoyable and wonderful to read. I did feel the author rushed Tony towards the end to “move on” and this would have worked better for a longer story as the elements and tension was certainly available. However, for an unknown author to produce a satisfying and well-written book in such a short story is a great new find. Those who enjoy light BDSM kink to their sexy men will undoubtedly enjoy this first book of a new series.

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