Are The Kids Visiting Granny?

A friend of mine told me the other day that she was going to start greasing her bedroom door knob with
Vaseline. Why? Because the kids won’t leave her and hubby alone. She says they are never alone for more than five minutes. I’m afraid I wasn’t much help where advice was concerned either.
Thinking back on it, though, she may have been hinting around for me to take her children for an overnight. Hmmm…maybe she was. And that is so not going to happen. I have my own brood of misfits to deal with and I don’t need to throw anyone else’s into the mix. Been there, done that.
Years ago when I was younger and had more energy and muscle mass, lol, I did indeed let my friends drop their kids off for an overnight so they could have alone time with their hubby. But after a while, that got old. I’m single and haven’t had the time to date in a very long time. Been too busy putting the meat and potatoes on the table and doing homework—making kids take their baths and brush their teeth—that sort of thing. Being a single Mom means being responsible for everything as I’m sure some of you know. Who’s got time for a man?
Well, my kids are older and I might just poke my head out of my cave in a year or two and see what’s up. As in are there any real men left? Do they still play head games with women? If they do, then I’ll probably just go back into my cave and take up knitting. LOL
So I’m wondering, how many of you are taking the kids to Granny’s house for Valentine’s Day? Or is that single friend of yours getting the honor? I’d advise a nice gift to whoever gets the drop off.
In the meantime, my contemporary novella, Twelve Days of Love from Ellora’s Cave gets Valentine’s Day right. Check out the blurb:
Eden Riley left her high school geek days far behind. Or so she thought. But when she returns to her hometown and comes face to face with the local heartthrob, sparks ignite like a chemistry set on crack. Super-smooth Nick Lancaster sets her nerves jangling and thrusts her libido into overdrive. But can the former geeky girl overcome her insecurities and jump his sexy bones?
Nothing suits former jock and debate-team star Nick more than sparring with the one-time nerd. He’s just itching to get up close and personal with her high-velocity curves and tangle with her on the nearest horizontal surface.
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, all bets are off when Cupid draws back his bow and Nick has only twelve days to convince Eden she belongs with him, in his heart and in his bed.
To read the first chapter click HERE.
To purchase a copy click HERE.  


  1. Lol….I’m single but luckily none of my friends ask me to watch their kids….my sister is another story….lol

    Love the cover to Twelve Days of Love!


  2. Lol-with vaseline, clever.

    Only 12 days, that is a tall order.

  3. Back in our more lustful years, lol, I would bless my parent’s for babysitting on our date nights. Now waiting for our turn when my boy’s produce grandkids for us to corral.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. Vaseline on the bedroom door, neat idea. *L*

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. I am the single friend/sibling, but nobody’s asked me to watch their kids on Valentine’s Day yet.

  6. No, you have to take the kids– then she’ll have to take all yours some night– just make sure you get a date written down, in blood, and notarized, first.

  7. I think I’m with you. A bit obtuse when people are hinting around the bush. I might figure it out a couple days later if ever. Always been around pretty direct people.

  8. We always spend Valentine’s Day as a family. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. We don’t feel that there should be one day out of the year where we give each other special attention. We always take time out for each other. We wouldn’t be together for 20 yrs if we didn’t.


  9. this looks like a good one – love the humor!

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

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