Accidental Mates: Tav by Brenda Steele

Accidental Mates: Tav by Brenda Steele
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short
Other: M/F, Multiple Partners, Forced Seduction
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Agapanthus

Fourth book in the Accidental Mates Series.

When a voice wakes Sandy in the middle of the night and leads her to watch the sky, she never imagined she’d see a lone dragon shape-shifter. Drelconians are now forbidden on Earth, but Sandy is curious to find out who the sexy man is who’s lost his memory.

While Tav’s mind might be damaged after what he suffered on Orel-X Four, his body is in prime condition, and its craving a night with Sandy. He should focus on locating his twin brothers, and he will, right after he battles Sandy’s second lover—-a Lycarn werewolf.

(NOTE: Dubious consent, multiple lovers)

This installment in the Accidental Mates series picks up after Ryuu and involves the Drelaconian Tav. Tav finds himself wrapped up with another character from the earlier stories, Sandy. On earth once again, and with the introduction of yet another alien race to muddle things up, Sandy and Tav have to find their way to help others and work out their own problems in the process.

This is a fantastic story. The characters are well developed, and well rounded. The plot is, well it is like a very interesting snowball. It started out in Draco, progressed in Ryuu, now in Tav it carries on. I am excited to see where this great downhill slalom will end. I am eagerly awaiting the next story in the series.

Well written with excellent characters and an awesome ongoing storyline. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this story and this series. But for now I guess I just have to sit on my hands and wait for the next installment.

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