A Taste of Summer Magic by Christine McKay

A Taste of Summer Magic by Christine McKay
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (78 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, bisexual males
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewer Flower Name: Lilac

Partners Jason Scholl and Perry Holloway own and manage the upscale restaurant, No Patio. Not only do they share passions in the kitchen, but also in bed. After a run-in with a nine-inch stainless steel dildo and a dominatrix, it’s Jason’s turn to try to find someone both men can enjoy. Nice girls don’t enjoy sex with two men, do they?

When her über-rich husband, Thomas divorces her, practicing witch Morgan T’Naile scrapes together the remnants of her pride and flees. Camped out at a local park, she stumbles over her best friend’s little brother, Jason Scholl. Jason’s not the wide-eyed boy she remembers but a full-grown sexy man with his own partner, Perry. She has no idea she was once the star of Jason’s adolescent fantasies. But Jason hasn’t forgotten and he intends to turn imagination into reality.

In this fun and fast-paced story, practicing witch Morgan T’Naile loses everything following a divorce from her husband and the rumors he spread about her. While living in a campground at a local park she unexpectedly runs across her best friend’s little brother, Jason Scholl and his lover, Perry Holloway. After some unsuccessful encounters, Jason and Perry have been looking for someone to join them in bed. Jason can’t believe his luck in running into his one-time teenage fantasy, Morgan, and is eager to turn his long-time fantasies into a reality as he invites her to join him and Perry.

Each of these characters had a distinct personality that complemented one another very well. Morgan is spirited, Perry is serious, and Jason is very playful. I really enjoyed their relationship and watching as things grew between them all as they got to know one another. Jason and Perry already have a strong and established relationship so it was interesting watching them add a third party to the mix. But the romance between all of them heats up the pages and things progress rather rapidly.

The author did a wonderful job of showing Morgan’s hesitancy about getting involved with an already committed couple and how she didn’t wish to come between the two of them. I enjoyed how both men put her at ease as a wonderful and supportive relationship develops between the three. The unique relationships in this story are very strong and well-written.

In addition to a relationship, Morgan finds more with the pair as Jason and Perry help her get back on her feet. Morgan’s story is one of surviving the odds and hardships that life has thrown her way. She is a strong character despite all she has gone through and I was glad to see her find not just one, but two caring and understanding men.

At times the story felt a bit rushed and there were a few things that seemed a bit too coincidental, but despite this it was a very entertaining story. If you enjoy hot ménages with fun characters, then you should give this one a try.

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