A Day in April 1944 by Ursula Grey

A Day in April 1944 by Ursula Grey
Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (42 pgs)
Other: M/F, Light Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Tiger Lily

Numbed emotionally by the war, Lisette, a French woman working for the Resistance, shelters an American pilot during the Occupation of France. The visitor she harbors awakens her dormant sexuality and touches her in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined…

She’s beat down by life and the war. When a soldier stumbles onto her dark existence, is he enough to give the light back to her life?

Read A Day in April 1944 to find out the rest of the story.

Ms. Grey writes a fascinating novella about war and redemption during a particularly dark time. Her characters, though not detailed, are deep enough to capture the reader’s attention. You want these two people to find some sort of solace in the devastation around them. Although I thought the opening scene was a bit rough for some audiences, it added to the realism of the story. You understood just how bleak Lisette’s life was.

I liked the idea that love and something overwhelming can happen in a short period of time. I liked that Jack didn’t force her, or con her to go along with his desires. They forged the path they chose together. As a hero, Jack had the soldier persona going for him, but the fact that he was tender and yet demanding as a lover made him heroic and handsome. You wanted to be in her place, melting for him. As a heroine, Lisette proved that even in the midst of human tragedy and squalor, there can be a bit of light. Never give up. As a reader, I identified with her struggle and ultimate small victory of the demons she couldn’t control.

If you want a sexy read that shows the determination of the human race and ends with a bang (yes, I loved the ending), then you need to read A Day in April 1944. I give this novella 4 ½ cherries.

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