Visions by Kaye Lynne Booth,

Visions by Kaye Lynne Booth,
Publisher: WordCrafter Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

An author’s visions are revealed through their stories. Many authors have strange and unusual stories, indeed. Within these pages, you will find the stories of eighteen different authors, each unique and thought provoking. These are the fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and horror stories that will keep you awake long into the night.

What happens when:

An inexplicable monster plagues a town for generations, taking people… and souvenirs?

A post-apocalyptic band of travelers finds their salvation in an archaic machine?

The prey turns out to be the predator for a band of human traffickers?

Someone chooses to be happy in a world where emotions are regulated and controlled?

A village girl is chosen to be the spider queen?

Grab your copy today and find out. Let authors such as W.T. Paterson, Joseph Carabis, Kaye Lynne Booth, Michaele Jordan, Stephanie Kraner, and others, including the author of the winning story in the WordCrafter 2022 Short Fiction Contest, Roberta Eaton Cheadle, tantalize your thoughts and share their Visions

From Kaye Lynne Booth, editor of Once Upon an Ever After: Modern Fairy Tales & Folklore, Refracted Reflections: Twisted Tales of Duality & Deception and Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths & Shattered Fairy Tales.

Not everything in life can be easily explained.

As odd as this may sound at first, I smiled at the kidnapping gone wrong in “Tourist Trap.” You see, the main character knew the men who were showing her good photography sites weren’t trustworthy, and she had a plan to handle every curveball they threw her way as they attempted to kidnap her for ransom. It’s always nice to meet protagonists who are that resourceful and intelligent, especially when there are so many plot twists coming to help a reader get to know her even better.

Ashling was shocked to realize she was missing a tattoo in “The Vanishing Tattoo.” Her reason for originally getting it is something other readers should discover for themselves, but I was immediately drawn into her reaction and emotions when it disappeared. I only wish there had been more world building so I could have determined whether this was as impossible in that setting as it would be in the real world or whether such a thing had been known to happen there before. It was a bit confusing for me as a reader to hear about something impossible happening without knowing the context of it all.

In “At Mountains, Majesty,” a wanderer named Ahlam discovered something spectacular that had been created and then abandoned many years earlier. He and his family didn’t have a permanent home thanks to how unstable human society was in the future, but he hoped his discovery might help to change that. I loved the creativity and hopefulness of this tale. While the characters were in a tough situation, they had multiple reasons to believe their luck was about to change. That’s the sort of science fiction I always enjoy discovering.

Visions was a satisfying anthology.

Refracted Reflections: Twisted Tales of Duality & Deception by Kaye Lynne Booth, et al

Refracted Reflections: Twisted Tales of Duality & Deception by Kaye Lynne Booth, et al
Publisher: WordCrafter Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Reflections and Refractions…

One reveals truths, while the other bends light into varying shapes of deception.

Does a small camp mirror reveal hope… or death?

Is the warrior in the mirror a monster… or a protector?

Does a glimpse in the mirror reveal a young woman’s true self… or what someone else has shaped her into?

Does the mysterious portal to the future reflect what could be… or what must be left behind?

Are the dancers reflected in the water’s depth things of beauty… or evil?

This unique and imaginative collection of nine mind tantalizing fantasy and science fiction stories will appeal to readers who enjoy thought provoking tales with hidden meanings resting deep below the surface. These stories will keep you pondering long into the night.

If you liked Gilded Glass or Once Upon an Ever After, you’ll love Refracted Reflections.

The truth is out there, and it’s waiting to be found.

Kenzia sought out the help of Masilda, the one person who could grant her greatest desire in “The Cost of Magic.” I enjoyed the banter between these two characters. They were both intelligent people who knew what they wanted out of life. Figuring out that about them made the plot twist that popped up later on even more exciting.

Not everyone enjoys spelunking or history, so I was patient with Irene in “The Nutcracker” as she complained about everything happening on the cave tour she was on with her parents. When she began to hear someone talking to her who seemed to be invisible, I wondered what was really going on with Irene. Once their conversation started up, I was quickly able to guess where the storyline might go from there. This was among a few different stories in this collection that I wished had been given more time to develop. They all had great premises, but there was space in them for more character development and plot twists if the authors had decided to include them.

“Parallel” began with Jo breaking into an abandoned mansion to see what might have been left behind in it. I was curious to see why Jo was so interested in this property and what she was planning to do with whatever she found there. When she discovered the shimmering mirror, I thought I’d discovered the answers to my questions. This is one of those stories that works best if readers don’t know what to expect from it, so all I can say about the rest of it was that it made me shudder and not want to look at a mirror at night again for a long time. What a deliciously scary read!

Refracted Reflections: Twisted Tales of Duality & Deception showed just how magical mirrors and similar items can be.