Bespoke by Jayne Fresina

Bespoke by Jayne Fresina
Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length Full length (452 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

He’s been sent from Scotland Yard to solve a case of blackmail in the Yorkshire Dales; she’s just opened her own business in York baking bespoke cakes. He wants a peaceful life; she’s aiming for revolution. He likes to keep both feet on the ground; she dreams of scandalizing the neighborhood on a bicycle. He prefers to fade in with the wallpaper; she’s proud to be a black sheep that stands out in the crowd.

He’s never getting married again—most women ought to be stamped on the forehead with a danger warning and clapped into handcuffs. She thinks men are simply an obstacle to her ambitions and if it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his digestive system, that explains why a great deal of gaseous waste frequently finds its path out of the wrong end.

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It’s late Victorian England and the world may be on the cusp of change, but is it quite ready for this pairing? They’re not even prepared for it themselves. Nevertheless, some wayward kind of chemistry keeps drawing them together and it can’t be blamed entirely on the cake.

Or the corpse in the conservatory.

He’s a detective. His wife and child have died, he almost dies from gunshot wounds and when he comes back to Scotland Yard, they send him to another district to help a rich man find out who is blackmailing him. All he wants to do is solve it and get back to Scotland Yard. Then it turns into murder. And there is an unexplained leg that fell out of the sky into the middle of a tea tray a maid was carrying to the outdoor party. It doesn’t go with the dead lady. Does that mean there are two bodies?

When it appears she might have been poisoned by a piece of cake, he goes to the bakery to check it out. Miss Greenwood is highly insulted he would suggest such a thing. Most women her age would be married but she is an independent woman making her own way and doesn’t feel she needs a man. She even tells him that. Tolly tells her he’ll let her know if the woman was poisoned and gets ready to go on his way. Lucy offers to help him solve the case. After all, she’s read all the Sherlock Holmes novels. He tells her real life is not like a novel and he doesn’t need her help. He gets it anyway.

Ms Fresina writes a complex mystery with many secrets. She also adds a bit of romance. Tolly thinks women should have danger stamped on their forehead and handcuffs on. Lucy needs no man to get through life or hold her back. Yet they both find an interest in each other. Their cautions and differences seem to make them come together.

This was an enjoyable read with a growing romance and a case that isn’t solved until the inquest. This author is worthy of being read again.