Intoxication by Dena De Paulo

Intoxication by Dena De Paulo
Addicted to Fang Book 1
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (164 Pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, F/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Telepath and succubus-in-training Ella Hustad’s fate changes the day she discovers her survival hinges on the slip of a vampire’s fang. It’s a sensation that both terrifies her and excites. Accepting Dominic Sebastian, the vampire governor of the eastern quadrant, as her savior might work for her body but she’s not sure if the rest of her is up to the challenge. His blissfully silent mind, his metallic gaze and the feel of his fangs is all she’ll ever need… but is it what she wants?

While on the hunt to save an unregistered active blood benefactor, Dominic falls under the hypnotic charm of Ella’s blood. But that’s not the only attraction. Desire, explosive and unrestrained, forges an unexpected bond between them. When another vampire wants Ella dead, Dominic must find a way to protect her or risk losing the one woman who can satisfy all of his fantasies.

What’s a girl got to do to get a little attention around here? Apparently, having the blood of a benefactor and the powers of a succubus will more than do the trick. Ella has both attributes covered in spades and lucky for her, her soul mate is the vampire who finds her before she explodes. Yep, explodes! After a benefactor is “activated” they have a very short window of time in which to either relieve the pressure by donating blood or having sex…lots and lots of sex! That’s where Dominic comes in but don’t worry, he’s more than up to the task of protecting this very special benefactor.
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The whole idea of benefactors and succubae, as well as the rolls they play in the vampire community, was new to me and it quickly caught and kept my attention. Ella is just coming into her powers and doesn’t quite have the control she needs just yet. The results are stimulating to say the least.

The chemistry and attraction between Ella and Dominic is pretty hot but that’s not the whole story. Someone is secretly inducing unregistered benefactors but not for the benefit of everyone. It doesn’t take the good guys long to figure out who it is but I was very impressed with how they deal with those who don’t follow the vampire protocol.

I was a little disappointed to note some editing issues but the story was interesting enough to keep my reading to satisfying end of Ella and Dominic’s story. It’s not the last we’ll hear of them, though, I’m sure.

This is obviously an ongoing story and Ms. De Paulao set up the sequel with several delicious teasers. If you think you’ve read everything there is to know about vampires, Addicted to Fang may surprise you.

A Raging Fire by Adam Carpenter

A Raging Fire by Adam Carpenter
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (173 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Forced Seduction
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Strawberry

Joey Silva is strong, sexual, a hairy hunk powered by his unquenchable sex drive as much by his passion for fighting fires. Arriving as the newly named Deputy Chief of the White Pine Fire Department, Joey is trying to prove he’s worthy of this important job. Sex should be the last thing on his mind. But one man, a young, impressionable volunteer named Gil Keane cannot hide his obvious attraction to the burly Joey. Yet it is another man, quiet newcomer Nick Lynch who commands Joey’s attention, even as the man’s past remains cloaked in mystery.

These three men find themselves linked by attraction, by temptations that threaten to undo them, by what they want and what they cannot have. As a bitterly cold winter falls on White Pine, placing the residents of this isolated Adirondack town in danger, a series of unrelated fires will forever connect them, until finally their own raging passions explode. But it’s a devastating secret that, when exposed, will ultimately decide their fates.

In this third book of the White Pine series, following SECRET FLAMES and HEAT OF THE MOMENT, Joey Silva stands as Adam Carpenter’s most virile, masculine creation yet, a man hot enough to leave scorch marks in his sexual, fiery wake.

Like hot hunky firefighters with tons of drama?  A Raging Fire is the third book in the White Pine Firefighters series by Adam Carpenter. This book can be read as a standalone without any problems. The author does a great job putting so much story into one book. This book is packed with tons of emotion that kept me on my toes the whole way through.

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Gil is a volunteer firefighter who is obsessed with Joey. He’s had a rough life. At twenty-three years old he’s still trying to find himself. He acts at times without thinking which leads to trouble.

Nick is fairly new to the station. He’s trying to hide the secret he carries. He doesn’t want to drawn attention himself. Joey is attracted to Nick immediately. The chemistry between Joey and Nick is off the charts. The sex scenes were hot and steamy and I loved that Joey and Nick battled themselves as they fell for each other.  Their relationship was awesome to read about.

However, I was not fond of the two competing story lines. One of the story lines was Joey and Nick and the other story line was about Gil and him finding himself. The author switched between the two in a way that was hard for me to follow and felt more like two books instead of one.  I also wish I’d been shown the ending, instead of a summary.

Overall, though, this was a good story despite the flaws. The author lets you see the story from each of the main characters’ points of view so the reader can understand each character better. The emotions of all the characters kept me reading until the very end. If you like hot firefighters with a lot of drama at the fire station then this book is for you!

You Own Me by Adam Carpenter


You Own Me by Adam Carpenter
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (37 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

His name is Sinclair McQueen Talbot, an author of sweet-natured novels whose readers would find his after-hours predilections…surprising.

On a night’s excursion, Sinclair ends up at his favorite Manhattan club, the little-known Crimson. There he indulges his desires with a man who will ultimately change, not just his night, but his entire future. Fraught with writer’s block, Sinclair makes a return visit, asking for the same man. But he asks for much more than a night of passion.

When a man lives in his imagination, spinning tales that thousands adore, how can he make his own dreams come true?
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Sinclair McQueen Talbot is an author with a problem – writer’s block. Despite huge success he’s stuck in a rut, alone and looking for inspiration both on the page and in his real life. When a trip to a club results in a run in with the man of his dreams he can’t help but go back for more. But can it ever be more? And if it can be, what’s a guy to do when something is just too good to be true?

This is my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. The characters were nicely rounded and very likeable, the plot wasn’t fraught with misunderstanding or silly mishaps and the sex was deliciously hot. It was a nice length too, allowing me to get to know Sinclair and his lover and root for them to find a HEA.

I particularly enjoyed how the tale was so orientated around Sinclair and Own, how they met, how they built up their relationship and got to know each other in and out of the bedroom. It was heartwarming, real and… did I say already – lovely and sexy!

If you enjoy male/male stories with a sense of a past, present and future then try You Own Me. I will be looking for more by this author and hope that all of his books are of this quality.

Leather Ever After: An Anthology of Kinky Fairy Tales


Leather Ever After: An Anthology of Kinky Fairy Tales
Author: Edited by Sassafras Lowrey
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (185 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, F/F, M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

Once upon a time, in a dungeon far, far away the kinkiest writers in the land were summoned to pervert beloved fairy tales with tales of dominance, submission, bondage and surrender. In these stories twisted princesses take control of submissive princes, witches play with power and fairy tales come to life in our homes and dungeons.

What do you get when you combine kinky leather and fairy tales? An anthology that covers every aspect of BDSM–a flogging to some kinky Daddy tales.

This collection has eighteen stories. With some of the biggest names in the industry, I was notably excited to review this collection of kink. Leather stories always fascinate, but when you twist them up in not so neat little packages of fairy tales and floggers, then you are going to get all kinds of tales, from the scary to the sublime. Laura Antoniou provides the forward and I always enjoy her words. Author of the Marketplace series, a leather and slave masterpiece, it was great to see her name on the author roster.

Each Step For Him by Lee Harrington 
Lee Harrington can turn a phrase and can suck you into a story without trying. His imagery and the blending of the leather community with a tale of The Little Mermaid was truly inspirational. This m/m short was infused with images of leather, the sea and finding a Prince to love. It was sexy and well done and I am eager to read more from this author.

Blue Beard’s Ghost by Ariel Dalziel 
The story of Bluebeard is one I remember hearing as I was growing up. A murderous pirate, Bluebeard claimed the lives of his wives and kept gruesome trophies in a room upstairs. In this rendition, the bride claims a place of her own. An awakening into the art of D/s and a delicious twist at the end made this story a joy to read.

Blood in the House of Sweets by Miss Lola Sunshine 
This original twist on the Hansel and Gretel tale had me at the word go. Needle play, age play, ménage…a very creative scene that will delight readers with its adult themes and edge play.

The Suitor by Miel Rose  
This story reminded me a lot of Brave with a princess that rebelled against her mother’s matchmaking schemes. A rousing bit of sword play and a surprise suitor bring some f/f action to this kinky fairy tale rewrite.

Hair Like Gold by Nalu Kalani  
Rapunzel never had as much fun as the girl suspended by her hair in this short. An elaborate bondage by hair scene, the prince in this story has to bring a captive girl to orgasm in order to free her from her bonds. A fun retelling.

The Mistress and the Pea by Cynthia Hamilton 
A search for a Domme leads a prince on a wild hunt for the perfect mate. This story was very like Cinderella trying on magic shoes, except in this case, it was a prince trying out princesses one at a time to find the right fit.

The Red Shoes by Hosha
Red shoes rock. It is a known fact and one that this story really captures well. The girl in this story lusts for the shoes in the window and after an interesting visitor to the shoe shop where she works, all kinds of doors open up for her. A winding plot and good erotic content, I enjoyed this story.

The Seven Swan Princes by D L King
This story was an excellent rendition of the fairytale on which it was based. An overbearing oaf demanding the hand of Eve, she refuses and fights against his unwelcome advances. Weaving robes to free her brothers from a curse, the maiden crafts some lovely garments. Add in some lovely sex magic, a wizard with a talented flogger and some hot bondage and you have a great short story for this collection.
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The Good Witch by Ali Oh
The wicked witch is one of the most misunderstood characters in fairytales. In this rendition of Baba Yaga, the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch have a series of meetings that taunt and tantalize, all the while exploring bondage and some fun D/s. There might be a little more to the Good Witch than everyone thinks.

Snow Fight by Rob Rosen
When the prince finds Snow White in her glass coffin, he encounters some resistance before he is able to get her freed from the spell of death. The huntsman fights him and ties him up to have his wicked way with him. Lots of nipple twisting and some steamy m/m action commence.

Down Under by Raven Kaldera 
A man made of bread and a girl have some interesting trysts in the woods. Add a witch, a whole lot of bondage and a splendid gift and you have a story that never gets old. Being beautiful on the inside is always better than being a shallow beauty on the outside any day.

Golden Twink and the Three Bears by Elizabeth “Jake” Hart 
A smoking hot tale of The Three Bears, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. When Twink finds his way into the Bear’s cottage, he happens upon their bondage toy collection and some red hot branding equipment. When the family comes home to find him nestled in Baby Bear’s bed, we can only imagine what comes next.

Iron Henry by Karen Taylor
I want to go to a tea party like this one. The main character is loosely based on the Frog Prince, or Iron Henry. Going to a tea party, this submissive male is there to serve and as he makes his way artfully among the Dommes, one woman in particular catches his eye. She is also watching him. In a delicious development, the two meet and the erotic submission of Henry to his new mistress will take you to realms of cock rings and some creative restraints.

The Wolf and Little Red by Alysia Angel 
Little Red Riding Hood can be a very erotic tale. This one used Daddy play and I had a little trouble getting into the story. While the imagery was very well written, the Daddy play used a lot of descriptive elements that bordered on an underage person in a sexual encounter with an older, possible father figure. It most likely was not written to be read that way, but it really hit a trigger for me. The image of a little girl with little hands touching the wolf and more was disturbing to me. If you have triggers with age play then do not read this story.

Not Enough Storms by Goldie Dartmouth
This fairy story did a lot of showing and not telling and I found myself drifting after the first page. There is an elaborate world building scenario that was very difficult for a reader to latch onto and identify with. Adding some character interaction would have been beneficial to the story.

Cinderfella by Sossity Chiricuzio
Cinderella has some f/f tendencies in this provocative tale. When a cousin to one of the maids shows up to teach El about her secret fantasies, things heat up.

Lady Leoprine by Mollena Williams
A bondage club scene with a Mistress that is all powerful has a submissive male slave aching to serve. When a disruptive influence causes a nuisance at the club, Lady Leoprine takes matters into her own hands. Starting out as a normal leather club scene, this tale quickly shifts with paranormal elements.

The Little Boot Black by Sassafras Lowrey 
This Daddy play story was compelling and very well done. The little bootblack is missing his Daddy, a female who takes care of him. Even though this story dealt with age play and the term “little boy” it did not bring to mind images of abuse, but instead of coming home to a lover who takes control and gives the devotion that the bootblack yearns for. It is a beautiful story.

This collection overall was very well done. The BDSM elements roamed far and wide, bringing imagery of needle play, age play, impact play and more. If you enjoy a romp on the leather side, than this fairy tale redo is just the thing.

A Cowboy for Christmas by Cat Johnson

A Cowboy for Christmas by Cat Johnson
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length Full Length (162 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Sexy, independent, corporate executive Casey Harrington’s life and career were shaped by a childhood Christmas wish left unfulfilled. Now, twenty years later on a Colorado cattle ranch, she finally gets everything she’s always wanted-both a hot cowboy and a dream job.

But Bonner “Blue” Boyd is a rancher and Casey is a New Yorker, and even if the sex between them is hot enough to start a prairie fire, they both know that city and country might mix for a week, but it can’t work for a lifetime. Or can it?

When a dramatic turn of events reunite Bonner and Casey, this time on her turf in her city, she has to prove to her displaced cowboy he belongs with her, no matter where they end up. Luckily Casey knows the quickest way to a man’s heart is slightly lower than his stomach.

Cat Johnson can spin an erotic holiday tale as handily as Charles Dickens can write about Christmas ghost. This novel will definitely be on my holiday read list for years to come.

A Cowboy for Christmas sounds absolutely yummy to me! In fact, fantasy hot cowboys are definitely on top of my holiday wish-list, but I have yet to find anything as close to the sexy character named Bonner that Ms. Johnson has created.

Little Casey Harrington really wanted the cowboy doll in the toy store window for Christmas. In fact that is all she wanted. She wanted it so bad that when she went to see Santa at the mall, while her mother sneaked off to do some shopping in the toy store, she told him to please bring nothing else but the cowboy doll. Christmas morning came and to Casey’s disappointment all she got was an easy-bake oven. She discovered the secret about Santa that day and swore to herself that she would never cook a meal.

True to her word, Casey grew up to be a corporate executive who ordered out for meals as she single-handedly made companies profitable.

One day, the western company she loves to order from made her a dream job offer, but to take the job she had to spend time on their actual ranch. The term ‘third party reproduction’ is applied to use of sperm, embryos or eggs donated by a third party or donor tadalafil online pharmacy to help a couple have a child. The tadalafil tablets in india primary source of inactive issues in men is mental trouble which leads to slow or insufficient blood flow. They buying viagra in usa are expert in pharmacy dropshipping business and doing their business all across the country. We know that we are living in a historic era, a redefining era – where possibility is everything. viagra from india online browse around to find out more Casey took the job and was surprised to discover her dream doll had come to life in a sexy “ex-rodeo star” cowboy named Bonner “Blue” Boyd.

Bonner is the ranch foreman and loves working on the land where he all but grew up. He has the task of showing Casey about ranch life, but his attraction to the city girl is so strong, soon they are learning all about each other instead, real up close and personal. Bonner and Casey know that they are from two different worlds and may never be able to make a relationship work long term, until tragedy strikes and secrets are revealed. Soon they both find their worlds are about to collide and they just might need each other to weather the storms.

I fell in love with this story and the characters written in it. It was a well choreographed love story that offered intrigue, romance and pulled at the heart-strings. I found myself completely involved in the world Ms. Johnson created, and I was so enthralled I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Two people, worlds apart, finding love in the chaos of life… what’s not to love? The secondary characters were charming and splendidly illustrated. This was the perfect book to snuggle up with while sitting by the fire. Of all the books I read over the holidays, this one stuck with me the most.

Is a Cowboy for Christmas on your wish-list? Well never fret! Even if Santa gets you an easy-bake oven this holiday season, you can still find a fantasy cowboy in this cute yet spicy tale.

What This Wolf Wants by Jennifer Dellerman

What This Wolf Wants by Jennifer Dellerman
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (141 pgs)
Other: M/F, Forced Seduction
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Dr. Jacklyn Chavez has devoted her life to healing, particularly to the shifter community of Woodcliff, CO. When a hurt wolf requires her medical skills she doesn’t think much of it, until he transforms. Recognizing the incriminating tattoo on his shoulder, Jacklyn struggles to keep Zan at arm’s length even as their animal attraction draws them dangerously closer.

Alexander “Zan” Sutton is a military specialist, riding the edge of addiction to the darkness of his job. When a photo leads him to the last known location of a long searched-for relative, he finds more than his brother – he finds his mate. All his training, stealth, and patience will be pushed to their limits as he woos Jackie, re-engages with his sibling and dodges a past danger that has stalked him for years. And he thought a civilian’s life would be boring…

Just when I think there isn’t a fresh take on the predestined mates to be had, an author comes along and proves me wrong. The thing that makes this story stand out from other werewolf paranormals is the fact that even though their sense of smell tells them that the bond is there, by no means is it failsafe. It’s not a guarantee, it’s only a jump off point – the rest is up to the man and woman. They either make it work or they don’t, it’s all up to their personality quirks and foibles. And let me assure readers, the author threw a lot at the hero and heroine making the ride bumpy, exciting and it kept me glued to the pages.

Jackie is quite the intrepid heroine. She’s a doctor and that already makes her character one to respect and take seriously. However, still waters run deep. The author was such a tease! There was this build up of worry, of suspense, of thinking there were horrible things buried in her past. The actual truth had me grinning ear to ear. What a surprise and it certainly made things interesting and complicated for the hero. Not that they weren’t already thorny enough. Jackie is alternately, feminine, competent and aggressive; she even has a wise cracking wit that kept the hero on his toes. I liked how she fought the attraction and I cracked up at her inner dialogue. I also enjoyed the fact that she did what she wanted even though the hero, with his bad alpha attitude, forbade her to do things. Jackie is a class act because I like how she defied him – and yet didn’t do stupid things just to spite him. Everything she did made sense.

Now, Zan is a delicious type of hero. He comes across as an adrenaline junky, commanding and dark. It’s not until he meets the heroine that a reader will see that there is a lot more under the fur than alpha bossiness. Oh, he has it in spades but instead of orchestrating his skills for a tactical offense on a bad guy, he ends up using it to woo and seduce Jackie. And wow, does Zan get lead on a merry chase. I think that was half the fun of the book. Every time he thinks he’s a shoe-in, he messes up and he’s back at square one. He’s also figuring out a few things about himself along the way. Who he really is, and isn’t. What he wants out of life and what he’s willing to do to get it. I think his character makes the most adjustments and growth. I especially enjoyed it when he gets all wolfy and growly. Again, if the disease has been kept hidden, marriage life may be spoilt and sometimes it even affects kidney these are the buy levitra vardenafil possible side effects of these medicines. This generico viagra on line is a stealth condition – it creeps right up and Gets you in the night to urinate. In this fashionable company life we tend cialis online to all are running for optimum vogue and updated fashions. It is a by-product of the male hormone known online levitra as testosterone. Very sexy and it made for some hot reading.

Speaking of the heat, Ms. Dellerman wrote this book just the way I like it. It wasn’t a story to promote only sex. The sensual buildup and physical explorations of their attraction and lust was sprinkled throughout the story in a perfect balance that I really enjoyed. Every time they had it, there was a build up before, making what happens inevitable yet very potent. I was entertained when he was all rough with Jackie, and though she tried to fight him, she was fighting herself more. Because of that, when they did succumb to their passions, it was explosive and forceful. Nothing tame or timid for these werewolves.

The conflict is both internal and external. I’ve already covered the internal between Jackie and Zan but there is a bad guy and he’s a nasty sort. It overshadows a good portion of the book, driving the hero and heroine to certain actions until the moment it all comes to a head. When the confrontation erupted, there was a lot of action and suspense that kept me flipping the pages. The writing was nice and tight so I could feel the drama and intensity as it unfolded. It’s not particularly gruesome but I was left in no doubt that the good guys can be bad when they need to be.

I have to mention that I noticed some misspellings that made me blink; nothing major and certainly not enough to throw me from the story. However, since a perfect score means perfect editing, I am forced to not give the book as high a mark as I wanted to. I was a bit bummed about that. This book is great in every other aspect.

Secondary characters gave a nice flavor to the book. In fact, Zan’s two soldier buddies made me smile a lot. I liked them and thought they were a good addition. I loved the fact that Zan had a brother and it also alluded to the fact that there is a back story that I was unaware of. The result of which is, I intend to go and find out about Dean because he’s fascinating too. And if there is a book about Dean that means the author did great in making this a standalone read. I never felt anything was left out. This book is all about Zan and Jackie and it was cool.

What This Wolf Wants is sexy, fun and exciting with a wonderful sense of humor to sweeten the ride. I enjoyed getting to know Zan and Jackie and had a great time watching them fall in love. The book never lagged and it always kept my interest. I liked their personalities, their sense of love and contrary courting style and I got the shivers when Zan marked Jackie as his. I love it when they do that. It’s so yummy. If readers are looking for a paranormal romance book that will make time fly and their blood pressure rise in excitement, then What This Wolf Wants is the one to try.

Running In Fear: Coming Home by Trinity Blacio

Running In Fear: Coming Home by Trinity Blacio
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (192 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Toys, Fisting, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Jaycee Manz stared out at the crowd gathered around her. Everyone who was important to her was there celebrating with her. Jaycee realized now that for the past few weeks she had been surrounded by her family, but could never see it, until this night. Now, all she had to do was to find home.
Remi LeBlathe sat back in his chair and watched his small mate, Jaycee. Her days of running were over, and for once her smile reached her eyes. No matter what it took, he promised right then and there he would continue to keep that smile on her face, even if he had to kill to do it.

Dane and Mark Glassgo stood together, always alert for anyone who would threaten their mate, Jaycee. Dane knew the threats weren’t over, but he still didn’t know who would come at them next. Mark had never seen Remi so relaxed. He smiled and knew under that mask was a man who took no crap from anyone, including Mark. Jaycee owned all their hearts, but Remi was the glue that kept all of them together. With the four of them together, no one would dare step in their way. At least, Remi hoped so. They all deserved to have a normal life, a home.

But can they achieve the loving home they all deserve, or will the forces of evil stand in their way yet again? In this third installment of Trinity Blacio’s best-selling series, these four lovers must find their way home…despite the odds.

Once again we find Jaycee and her mates fighting for their love. There is so much that they have gone through already and so much more they will have to go through to find their happiness. Evil seems to go out of its way to find Jaycee and it comes from many different and unexpected places in this book. Though, it is noticeable that if you eat this juicy fruits in viagra on line pharmacy every season, you may not get erectile dysfunction in your life. cost viagra He was nominated for the Academy Award for this role. Your product will reach at your doorstep with the generico levitra on line payments being made online. Healthy blood circulation is the prime demand for developing harder and longer erections. generic viagra buy Hopefully Remi, Mark and Dane can keep Jaycee safe and save their relationship before it all ends and the evil wins.

With each book in this series I have grown fonder of Jaycee. She is a strong woman who goes through so much in every book and this one is no exception. This book brings more danger to Jaycee and she fights for not only herself but those that she cares about as well. Seeing Jaycee grow and learn about herself was a great read. The love she has for her mates is always in her thoughts and actions and the bond that they have is a wonderful thing. I enjoyed seeing Mark, Dane and especially Remi learn about love and what Jaycee feels for them. As they fight the new evil they find themselves becoming closer to each other and understanding the pain Jaycee feels. Watching their bond cement itself was a beautiful read. The three men are now ready to defend and finally stand by their mate and that is all Jaycee asks for. Seeing the men finally understand and give Jaycee what she wanted from the start: their understanding and trust made for a great read.

I was taken on an emotional roller coaster ride in this book. Not only do we get romance but action as well. The author does a wonderful job of combining the two and keeping the story fast paced and interesting. With the many twists and turns in this book I was glued to my seat and turning those pages to see what would happen next.

I would advise readers that this book contains some graphic sex and that some may want to be cautious before picking it up. This is also book three in a series and you need to read the first two to really understand and enjoy this book. Trinity Blacio is a very talented storyteller and I will be going in search of more books from her.

Wickedly Wanton by Kristabel Reed

Wickedly Wanton by Kristabel Reed
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (179 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/F, F/F, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Sabine Stanton has struggled all her life to be the prim and proper English miss. She knows she must marry a man older than her father, but doesn’t want to go to her marriage bed untutored in the ways of sex. When Aiden, Lord Severn, catches her kissing her closest girlfriend, Faith, he offers to show the two of them one afternoon’s worth of erotic delights.

Aiden is intrigued with Sabine, her wantonness, her desire to experience life, even the protection and love she shows her friend. One afternoon isn’t enough, but she’s promised to another. Intent on having her, Aiden sets out to destroy the other man and have Sabine to himself.

Faith has always loved Sabine, and with her impending marriage knows she’ll never have the chance to show her closest friend just how much. Jumping at Aiden’s offer of an afternoon together, she realizes she can’t give up Sabine. Vowing to do whatever it takes to keep her friend happy and sated, Faith doesn’t imagine the danger their happy threesome will stir…

What do you get when you take two proper English ladies and add a daring, handsome Marquess into the mix? Trouble, for certain. And quite possibly a very sexy lesson in how to be a proper woman. Wickedly Wanton is an exciting and page-scorching trip back into the past, giving the nickname of Jolly Ol’ England quite another meaning completely.

Sabine Stanton tries desperately to be all that she was reared to be: prim, proper, and demure. However, in the privacy of her own thoughts, she’s anything but. Sabine is full of zest for life, learning and adventure, something that was heavily frowned upon in Regency England. However, Sabine does a great job of finding that perfect balance between keeping up appearances (and thus keeping her family’s reputation pristine) and crossing the line (enabling her complete enjoyment), making her a more complex character than you first suspect. Stories with an historical setting that have such a wild heroine tend to draw my attention simply because you don’t expect the heroine to be anything other than what you expect from history class. Those kind of fun surprises add so much to a novel for me. Sabine was the perfect mix of perfect daughter and wanton woman to make this both fun and believable. viagra cialis generic Men usually feel very embarrassed to talk about their embarrassing condition. You may be surprised to know that Kamagra is an FDA approved medication that has passed over 3500 tests worldwide; proving beyond all doubt that it is indeed safe to use. price of viagra tablet Erectile dysfunction while directly affecting your sex life can actually fail a relationship. viagra for If you don’t get the effect with the Silagra pills. viagra super active

Faith is a more typical female from this era. She’s meek and obedient and yet, she’s also hiding a deep, dark secret. She’s attracted to Sabine, and only Sabine. Faced with her impending marriage, she trusts in both her best friend, Sabine, and Aiden to show her the way. I liked Faith a lot and really would like to know more about what happens with her after the end of the story as her position intrigued me. She made the perfect companion for Sabine, both while acting as her enabler at times and as her voice of reason at others.

Aiden Merryck is the Marquess of Severn and an eternal playboy. Dedicated to enjoying himself in any manner available, he is at once surprised and intrigued by Sabine’s wantonness and beauty. Aiden’s complete and total dedication to the instruction of both Sabine and Faith is crazy and yet, so very right. He is absolutely what each of these girls needs. For wild and uncontrollable Sabine, he’s firm and dominant, molding her to his ways while allowing her to still be herself. For meek and pliable Faith, he’s the force that will bolster her confidence enough to make it through what lies before her. In turn, they each satisfy a half of him that he never really new needed tending.

Throw away your expectations of just what a proper English woman is and enter Ms. Reed’s version of Regency England. You’re sure to be shocked and more than a little intrigued. From the first sultry moment to the last steaming sentence, you’ll be entertained and engaged by the vivid characters and intense storyline. Never has history been so hot!

Revenge and Redemption by Jennie Brumley

Revenge and Redemption by Jennie Brumley
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Length: Full Length (195 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Bittersweet

How far will one man go to avenge his sister, his last remaining family?

Luke Hardcastle is a man on a mission. No one hurts his little sister and gets away with it. No matter how small the role she played might have been. Penny Royale helped her aunt destroy Luke’s sister, and now she will help him destroy her aunt…or he’ll destroy her instead.

How far will one woman go to protect her new found freedom, and her inexperienced heart?

Finally free of her domineering aunt, Penny Royale knows peace of mind for the first time. And she’ll do anything to protect that peace. Even submit to blackmail. But when being blackmailed means pretending to be the mistress of the tall, dark and wickedly handsome Luke Hardcastle, the man she’s loved from afar for so long, how will she ever survive when his thirst for vengeance is satisfied…and he no longer needs her?

“That guy has been staring at you forever!”

What a great eye catching way to start a novel. Who is the man? Who is he staring at? Why? What will happen? Ms. Brumley quickly grabbed my attention with this simple sentence and kept it throughout a story that was both sweet and sexy.

The story revolves around Penny Royale and Luke Hardcastle, both of whom have been hiding crush on one another for the past ten years and who belong to rivaling families.

What attracted me about Penny’s character and what makes her so lovable is both her innocence and the fact that she is a woman with curves insecure about her looks. In a world like today where top models grace every magazine cover and ad, I felt thoroughly identified with Penny and her fears. To make the job extremely easy there has been increase in the number of aging population which is expected to become a new drug for the 5mg cialis treatment of liver fibrosis. sildenafil cheapest Symptoms generally begin in late teens and early twenties. The erection is not the actual problem of the abnormal bleeding usually happens during viagra stores in canada the reproductive years of the female. A peaceful mind also can resist a man indulging in too much hand practice. order generic cialis Even more so when like in real life there are women and men out there ready to destroy her little self- esteem.

Something else that I particularly loved about Penny were her daydreams; they are both erotic and funny.

Luke on the other hand is the knight in shinning armor which every girl wants: he accepts you for who you are, he is rich, handsome, caring, secretly and absolutely in love with you for the past ten years…sigh. I wish I had a Luke around.

Reality is however, that this adoration the characters feel towards each other becomes a little repetitive. The issue is solved though when they start a more or less real relationship and the focus becomes convincing Penny that she’s not living a lie.

Although, their first kiss seemed a little too sudden and abrupt, it was intense nonetheless. Revenge and Redemption definitely had quite a few steamy and passionate scenes, without being vulgar or too explicit.

Finally, I noticed an editing flaw on page 22, when all of a sudden the line ends with “End Excerpt” in capital letters. Fortunately, a minor mistake couldn’t stop me from reading ahead and wanting to discover the fate of these two characters and their hidden passion. I was completely involved with them and couldn’t wait to see how it all worked out.

The Manny Diaries by Kilt Kilpatrick

The Manny Diaries by Kilt Kilpatrick
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (193 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Phlox

Young art student Evan Ross falls out of the closet and into the fire when an unexpected sexual encounter with a friend changes his life forever. His rocky – and surprisingly hot – search for true love and a real job (not necessarily in that order) takes him on a series of romantic adventures and misadventures, from the lofty hills to the seedy streets of San Francisco.

When he lands a job as a male nanny for a precocious 8-year old, his career and romance paths start to converge – and he finds himself falling for a dead-ringer of his dream man, Clive Owen. The only problem? It’s the girl’s straight father.

Can he land his dream job and his dream man? THE MANNY DIARIES is sexy, warm and hilarious novel with a supporting cast of quirky, lovable characters, a fun pace, and a true-to-life setting.

Nothing’s worse than bumping into your fantasy man in what seems a fated moment, only to find out he’s both father and husband. Readers of Kilt Kilpatrick’s short fiction will find themselves in a certain amount of familiar territory in his début novel. Physical humor, quirky characters, pop-culture asides, and amusing embarrassing moments abound. Initially, I was skeptical that his writing style would translate into a novel length work, and perhaps if the plot had involved only comedic moments, this would have been true. The ever-flexible mind of Mr. Kilpatrick surprised me again, though, and gives us a story with emotional depth and pathos.

Evan is an immediately likeable character. Perhaps a little self-absorbed and somewhat lacking in the ability to pick up on social cues, still Evan comes across as sympathetic. Newly come out, he’s emotionally vulnerable, feeling a bit lost and adrift, but plucky enough to want to make the best of whatever life doles out. Many gentlemen have reported a marked improvement for men taking antidepressants. order cheap levitra Some patients complain that they feel stiffness on the implanted Visit Website online discount cialis joint, while others feel frustrated as it did not help them regain absolute mobility. There are a variety of causes and may be difficult to treat, especially naturally. tadalafil buy canada best online viagra In case, you have kidney issues, excessive consumption of magnesium can be completely risky. His interactions with his friends are funny and warm. Often, simple things made me chuckle while I read, such as this little snippet of dialogue:

“Wow, Cosmopolitans are…really…really….” I murmured after our second one.

“Surprisingly strong? Dangerous?” Trini offered.

“Magically delicious?” suggested Rodel.

“D. All of the above,” I declared.

The story is told entirely through his point of view, so the reader’s connection with Liam is far less successful. We never really understand what motivates Liam on a personal level, never really get to know him or understand why he feels so drawn to Evan (besides the obvious physical attraction.) This, and the fact that Courtney is not entirely believable as a mother, or at least is a mother who would prompt any sane person to call social services, were perhaps the stories only major flaws.

The secondary characters are all charmers, with Trini, Evan’s best friend, and Monette, the child for whom he nannies, stealing the show in every scene where they appear. I think one of the reasons I came to adore Evan so much was because of his interactions with Monette, a precocious, strong-willed, obviously lonely child. His own sense of play and wide-eyed wonder allow him to relate better than most adults, and to channel Monette’s energies in a positive way.

While this is a comedy, there are plenty of non-funny, steamy moments and even some moments of dark despair at the appropriate time for a romance. Comedic without becoming slapstick, a story of self-discovery and a love story with a very nice warm, fuzzy moment at the end, The Manny Diaries is all of these things. I look forward to seeing more full-length work from Kilt Kilpatrick, to see where his fertile imagination will take us.