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5_25 Carolyn Brown book coverCarolyn Brown brings her unique voice to this tale of twin sisters finding love in a small Texas town

Cathy Andrews’s biological clock has passed the ticking stage and is dangerously close to “blown plumb up”. While her twin sister Marty thinks settling down with one man is just a waste of good cowboys, Cathy wants it all: the perfect husband, the baby, and a little house right there in Cadillac. But even as the town is laying bets on whose wedding will be next, Cathy doesn’t see happily-ever-after happening anytime soon.

Fortunately, Cathy and Marty have best friends who aren’t afraid to stir up a ruckus—and if it means Cathy’s got to bust out and set the town on its ear they’ll back her up—no matter how hot things get.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author and RITA Finalist, Carolyn Brown, has published more than seventy books. These days she is concentrating on her two loves: women’s fiction and contemporary cowboy romance. She and her husband, a retired English teacher, make their home in southern Oklahoma.

Enjoy an excerpt:

If Prissy Parnell hadn’t married Buster Jones and left Cadillac, Texas, for Pasadena, California, Marty wouldn’t have gotten the speeding ticket. It was all Prissy’s damn fault that Marty was in such a hurry to get to the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society monthly meeting that night, so Prissy ought to have to shell out the almost two hundred dollars for that ticket.

They were already passing around the crystal bowl to take up the voting ballots when Marty slung open the door to Violet Prescott’s sunroom and yelled, “Don’t count ’em without my vote.”

Twenty faces turned to look at her and not a one of them, not even her twin sister, Cathy, was smiling. Hell’s bells, who had done pissed on their cucumber sandwiches before she got there, anyway? A person didn’t drop dead from lack of punctuality, did they?

One wall of the sunroom was glass and looked out over lush green lawns and flower gardens. The other three were covered with shadow boxes housing the blue ribbons that the members had won at the Texas State Fair for their jalapeño pepper entries. More than forty shadow boxes all reminding the members of their history and their responsibility for the upcoming year. Bless Cathy’s heart for doing her part. She had a little garden of jalapeños on the east side of the lawn and nurtured them like children. The newest shadow box held ribbons that she’d earned for the club with her pepper jelly and picante. It was the soil, or maybe she told them bedtime stories, but she, like her mamma and grandma, grew the hottest jalapeños in the state.

“It appears that Martha has decided to grace us with her presence once again when it is time to vote for someone to take our dear Prissy’s place in the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society. We really should amend our charter to state that a member has to attend more than one meeting every two years. You could appreciate the fact that we did amend it once to include you in the membership with your sister, who, by the way, has a spotless attendance record,” Violet said.

Violet, the queen of the club, as most of the members called it, was up near eighty years old, built like SpongeBob SquarePants, and had stovepipe jet-black hair right out of the bottle. Few people had the balls or the nerve to cross her, and those who did were put on her shit list right under Martha, aka Marty, Andrews’ name, which was always on the top.

Back in the beginning of the club days, before Marty was even born, the mayor’s wife held the top position on the shit list. When they’d formed the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society, Loretta Massey and Violet almost went to war over the name of the new club. Loretta insisted that it be called a society, and Violet wanted it to be called a club. Belonging to a club just sounded so much fancier than saying that one belonged to a society. Loretta won when the vote came in, but Violet called it a club anyway and that’s what stuck. Rumor had it that Violet was instrumental in getting the mayor ousted just so they’d have to leave Grayson County and Loretta would have to quit the club.

Marty hated it when people called her Martha. It sounded like an old woman’s name. What was her mother thinking anyway when she looked down at two little identical twin baby daughters and named them after her mother and aunt—Martha and Catherine? Thank God she’d at least shortened their names to Marty and Cathy.

Marty shrugged, and Violet snorted. Granted, it was a ladylike snort, but it still went right along with her round face and three-layered neck. Hell, if they wanted to write forty amendments to the charter, Marty would still do only the bare necessities to keep her in voting standing. She hadn’t even wanted to be in the damned club and had only done it because if she didn’t, then Cathy couldn’t.

Marty slid into a seat beside her sister and held up her ballot.

Beulah had the bowl in hand and was ready to hand it off to Violet to read off the votes. But she passed it to the lady on the other side of her and it went back around the circle to Marty, who tossed in her folded piece of paper. If she’d done her homework and gotten the numbers right, that one vote should swing the favor for Anna Ruth to be the new member of the club. She didn’t like Anna Ruth, especially since she’d broken up her best friend’s marriage. But hey, Marty had made a deathbed promise to her mamma, and that carried more weight than the name of a hussy on a piece of paper.

The bowl went back to Violet and she put it in her lap like the coveted jeweled crown of a reigning queen. “Our amended charter states that only twenty-one women can belong to the Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society at any one time, and the only time we vote a new member in is when someone moves or dies. Since Prissy Parnell got married this past week and moved away from Grayson County, we are open for one new member. The four names on the ballet are: Agnes Flynn, Trixie Matthews, Anna Ruth Williams, and Gloria Rawlings.”

Even though it wasn’t in the fine print, everyone knew that when attending a meeting, the members should dress for the occasion, which meant panty hose and heels. Marty could feel nineteen pairs of eyes on her. It would have been twenty, but Violet was busy fishing the first ballot from the fancy bowl.

Marty threw one long leg over the other and let the bright red, three-inch-heeled shoe dangle on her toe. They could frown all they wanted. She was wearing a dress, even if it only reached midthigh, and had black spandex leggings under it. If they wanted her to wear panty hose, they’d better put a second amendment on that charter and make it in big print.

God Almighty, but she’d be glad when her great-aunt died and she could quit the club. But it looked like Agnes was going to last forever, which was no surprise. God sure didn’t want her in heaven, and the devil wouldn’t have her in hell.

“One vote for Agnes,” Violet said aloud.

Beulah marked that down on the minutes and waited.

Violet enjoyed her role as president of the club and took her own sweet time with each ballot. Too bad she hadn’t dropped dead or at least moved to California so Cathy could be president. Marty would bet her sister would get those votes counted a hell of a lot faster.

There was one piece of paper in the candy dish when Beulah held up a hand. “We’ve got six each for Agnes, Trixie, Anna Ruth, and two for Gloria. Unless this last vote is for Agnes, Trixie, or Anna Ruth, we have a tie, and we’ll have to have a runoff election.”

“Shit!” Marty mumbled.

Cathy shot her a dirty look.

“Anna Ruth,” Violet said and let out a whoosh of air.

A smile tickled the corner of Marty’s mouth.

Saved, by damn!

Agnes was saved from prison.

Violet was saved from attending her own funeral.

The speeding ticket was worth every penny.

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One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown – Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

This post is a virtual book tour organized by the author to celebrate the release of Carolyn Brown’s newest book One Texas Cowboy Too Many which just released. Leave a comment or ask the author a question for a chance to win a print copy of the book (US only).

3_3 carolyn brown book coverCarolyn Brown’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling cowboys prove that love is bigger in Burnt Boot, Texas

She’s got too many cowboys on her hands
Leah Brennan has always been the good girl of the Brennan family, groomed to become the matriarch of the clan. When a dark-eyed, tattooed, ponytailed bad boy saunters into her life, Leah knows he’s off-limits—but his mesmerizing gaze makes her forget everything she used to think was important. As town-wide tension rises, Leah wonders if love really can conquer all…

And the whole town’s taking sides
When Rhett O’Donnell roars into Burnt Boot on a hot July evening, the first thing he sees is a beautiful blonde. She puts a little extra giddy-up in his heartbeat, but when Rhett’s desire throws him into the middle of a love triangle and a hundred-year-old feud, he realizes that winning his cowgirl’s heart will be a lot more complicated than he thought.

Enjoy an exclusive excerpt:

Leah kept on the path in a slow, steady jog until she saw the barn. Then she slowed to a walk and shaded her eyes with her hands, but she couldn’t see any sign of Rhett. That meant he was already there, waiting on her.

“Not giving up on me.” She smiled.

He was everything she’d ever wanted in a man, and if their relationship got her thrown off River Bend, well then, so be it. She wasn’t going to live like her father had the past twenty-five years. No, sir, she’d found the right man, and he was a fine person.

Who are you trying to convince? Yourself or your family? the voice in her head asked, which reminded her of the Chris Young song about hearing voices all the time. Maybe Eve had always been there, waiting for the right time to give her the strength to get out of this damn feud.

She noticed a single wild daisy blooming beside the path and stopped long enough to pick it. She tucked it behind her ear as she covered the last hundred yards to the barn where Rhett waited for her. Would he be in the loft? Her skin went all tingly at that idea, and she started jogging again. The barn was dark and smelled like fresh hay. It was eerily quiet as she stood inside the shadows and let her eyes adjust to coming in out of the hot, broiling August sun.

“Rhett?” she whispered.


He should have been there, but maybe he’d had to alter his plans to outrun someone and was behind her. She turned around and looked out over the landscape. No Rhett, and the way her stomach had twisted up into a pretzel, her gut was telling her something was wrong. She went back inside and sat down on a hay bale to wait for him. If she couldn’t have him, she damn sure didn’t want anyone else, and the barn was a fine hiding place.

Someone slipped their hands over her eyes, and she smiled. After she kissed him, she fully intended to read him the riot act for scaring her.

“Keep your eyes shut.” He whipped the cuffs out of her pocket, snapped them on his wrist, and then on hers.

“Can I open them now?” she whispered.

He sat down beside her, their hands brushing together. “You sure can, Leah.”

She had already moistened her lips for the kiss, and her eyes were half-closed when she realized that Tanner Gallagher was sitting beside her, his bare feet propped up on a bale in front of them.

“Congratulations, you caught me,” he said.

She rubbed her eyes with her free hand. Surely she was seeing things. Maybe she’d even had a heatstroke.

She gasped. “You cheated.”

“All is fair in the Sadie Hawkins race. Besides, if you yell that I cheated, who will believe you? Why in the hell would a Gallagher rope himself to a Brennan on purpose?”

“Tanner, please don’t do this,” she begged.

He held up his hand. “Too late. We’re together until after dinner tomorrow. Are we going to River Bend?”

“Hell no! Granny would roll you in honey and cornflakes and feed you to her new hogs. I don’t like you, but I don’t want to see the hogs eat you.”

“I’ve never heard you cuss, Leah Brennan.”

“You don’t know me,” she said.

“Then I’ll get to know you on the way back to the church for the ice cream supper.”

“How did you know I’d come to the barn?”

“Nothing is a secret in Burnt Boot. Betsy overheard someone talking about having seen y’all driving this way and then walking around the end of the store. She figured your plan out and told me. I’ve got a confession.”

“I’m not a priest,” she smarted off.

“Betsy put stickers on the path, and she’s already cuffed Rhett. And, darlin’, I like this new Leah with the sass better than the old one. But that’s not my real confession. It’s that when this started, it really was all Granny’s idea. She knows you’re being groomed to run River Bend like Betsy has been raised up to do at Wild Creek. After that shit storm on both sides, she decided if she could steal you, it would hurt Mavis worse than anything she could do.”

About the Author: NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author and RITA Finalist, Carolyn Brown, has published more than seventy books. She has written historical single title, historical series, contemporary series and single titles, cowboy romance and women’s fiction. These days she is concentrating on her two loves: romantic women’s fiction and cowboy romance. She and her husband, a retired English teacher, make their home in southern Oklahoma. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young. When she’s not writing she likes to spend time in her back yard with her two cats, Boots Randolph Terminator Outlaw and Chester Fat Boy, and watch them protect the yard from vicious critters like field mice, crickets and spiders.

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Holiday Blitz and Giveaway: Terry Spear, Carolyn Brown and Grace Burrowes

Welcome to a Holiday Blitz featuring Christmas stories from Terry Spear, Carolyn Brown, and Grace Burrowes. Enter the Rafflecopter to win an iPad Mini.

10_21 A Highland Wolf ChristmasA Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear


It’s going to take a lot of mistletoe…

Guthrie MacNeill, financial advisor for his clan and werewolf pack, is at his wit’s end when the pack leader’s mate hires a gorgeous party planner to bring holiday cheer to the castle. Guthrie’s wildly attracted to Calla, except he can’t reconcile the fact that his job is to save the clan’s money, and hers seems to be to spend it.

To warm this Highlander’s heart

Calla Stewart has never had a more difficult client. The laird and lady of the castle are delightful, but the handsome Highlander holding the purse strings is quite impossible. Since she specializes in holiday magic, Calla hopes she can make the scrooge-like wolf lighten up. Then Guthrie takes on the role of Highland warrior to protect her from an unexpected threat, and the holidays take a turn for the passionate.

Excerpt from A HIGHLAND WOLF CHRISTMAS by Terry Spear


Women shrieked and shouted, but Calla was on the other side of the tree where she couldn’t see the commotion. But then she saw the twelve-foot tree toppling over—right toward her.


Before Calla could get out of the way, something hit her hard from the side and slammed her against the floor. Just before the tree landed on top of them. He was on top of her, smelling like the great outdoors, fir tree, and musky, sexy male wolf. Guthrie.


“Sorry,” he mumbled against her ear, branches framing his head and touching the floor on either side of her. “I meant to rescue you.”


She smiled. “From … the tree?”


He smiled back. “That was the idea.”


Guthrie lifted his head, smiling at her with a mischievous glint in his green eyes. Despite all the commotion, and to Calla’s surprise, Guthrie kissed her. His lips were warm and masculine and tasted like wassail. Cinnamon, apple cider, and oranges. She licked his mouth to enjoy more of the taste and he licked her back, smiling. Then he deepened the kiss.


Oh my God! She hadn’t felt this naughty in forever! The men were going to move the tree soon, and here she and Guthrie would be. Kissing. In front of several members of his pack.

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10_21 Cowboy Boots for ChristmasCowboy Boots For Christmas by Carolyn Brown


After two tours in Afghanistan, retired Army sniper Finn O’Donnell believes his new ranch outside the sleepy little town of Burnt Boot, Texas, is the perfect place for an undisturbed holiday season. But before he can settle in, an old friend shows up looking for protection and a place where nobody knows her name.

But that’s going to take a miracle…

Callie Brewster must relocate to protect her young nephew, Martin, and the only person she trusts is her old Army friend, Finn. Burnt Boot seems like the perfect place to be anonymous, but it turns out a small town with big drama is no place to hide…

Excerpt from COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS by Carolyn Brown


Callie was standing in front of the window, staring out like a bird in a cage. He crossed the room in long strides, scooped her up, and sat down in the rocking chair with her.


“I’m scared,” she said.


“I know. So am I.”


“This is too perfect, Finn. There’s a grenade somewhere and the pin is pulled. It’s just a matter of time until it all goes boom. I figured if I left now, it would be with good memories and not horrible ones. But I don’t want to leave. Just thinking of walking away from you breaks my heart.”


He tangled his fingers in her hair and held her head against his chest. “I’ll help you work through the fear if you’ll do the same for me.”


She drew her head back, her aqua-colored eyes swimming in tears. “Don’t bullshit me, O’Donnell. You’d face off with the devil.”


He let go of her hair and bent just enough that their lips touched in a salty kiss. Her arms sent desire shooting through his body when they laced around his neck. The kiss deepened into more as she opened her mouth and let his tongue inside to make love to her mouth.


“Darlin’, never doubt that my fears are every bit as big as yours, with commitment topping the list in big bold letters. Don’t run away, Callie. I need you to stay,” he whispered softly.

Cowboy Boots For Christmas Goodreads Link


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10_21 What A Lady Needs For ChristmasWhat a Lady Needs For Christmas by Grace Burrowes


Lady Joan Flynn needs a husband—any husband—if she’s not to find scandal and mischief under her Christmas tree; Scottish wool magnate Dante “Hard-hearted” Hartwell needs an aristocratic wife to gain access to the financing that will keep his wool mills secure. Can holiday magic spin an expedient match into true love, and wary differences into trust?


Excerpt from WHAT A LADY NEEDS FOR CHRISTMAS by Grace Burrowes


Dante and Joan’s wedding night has begun with a discussion of holiday gift-giving, though neither bride nor groom can stay focused on that topic for very long…


Joan stretched out her chilly foot, and encountered Dante’s calf. His bare, warm, hairy calf, because her husband slept without the benefit—or hindrance—of clothing.


He moved onto his side, facing Joan. “What shall I get you for Christmas, Mrs. Hartwell?”


“You’ve given me your very name. That’s gift enough.” Also his trust, his respect, his kisses…so many treasures.


He rolled to his back, suggesting Joan had provided the wrong answer.


“I don’t want your gratitude, madam. Loyalty, fidelity, and a good-faith effort to make something of this marriage will be a fine bargain on both of our parts. The marriage is as much opportunity for me as it is convenient for you.”


Joan did not want a fine bargain, but she did want the warmth her husband’s body gave off. She yielded to the craving and snuggled right up to his side. His arms came around her, as if they’d spent many nights visiting their way to shared sleep.


“I kept my nightgown on.”


“I know, lass. I’ll forgive you that modesty if you kiss me.”


She kissed him, and the contour of his lips told her he was smiling. “You should kiss me too, sir. My feet are cold.”


“You need your new husband to warm them up?”


Joan needed her new husband in so many ways. “Shall I take off my nightgown?” She didn’t want to, but Dante was naked, and the intimacies she’d tried hard not to dwell on were commencing.


“You feel safer with it on,” he said, shifting to blanket her with his body. “I’ll try not to tear it.”


Gracious. “I can stitch it back together if you do.”


He nuzzled her ear, sending a shivery feeling down Joan’s spine. “Kiss me some more, Mrs. Hartwell.”

What a Lady Needs For Christmas  Goodreads Link


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