A Rose for A Rogue by Collette Cameron

A Rose for A Rogue by Collette Cameron
Publisher: Blue Rose Romance
Genre: Historical
Length: Short story (80 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

What’s a future duke to do when the most unsuitable woman possible captures his heart?

Eden had tried to avoid even a hint of scandal her whole life.

Plowing headlong into the Marquis of Sterling and dropping eggs on his boots wasn’t the most foolish thing Eden Haverden had ever done. Imprudently agreeing to take the charming rogue home when his horse went lame wasn’t either. But reluctantly accepting Chester’s invitation to stay the night at his familial estate after she nearly drowned? Yes, that assuredly was a rash decision and invited utter ruin. So why doesn’t she listen to her common sense?
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The DeCourcy sins have haunted Chester his entire life.

Determined to create a new legacy for the tainted duchy, Manchester’s every action and decision are governed by diligence and discipline. A man of reason and purpose, he should not be distracted by the wholly unsuitable Eden Haverden. Not only is she the illegitimate offspring of his father’s arch enemy, she’s also the sister of the man who’d killed his brother. Why then, can’t he resist the powerful connection between them?

Can Chester convince Eden to put aside their families’ feud and trust him with her heart and l

Manchester (Chester), Marquis of Sterling is dragged back home as he was advised that his father was in very poor health. He has a volatile relationship with is father, since his father blames Manchester for the death of his older son, Byron. While wasting time at the inn, he literally runs into a young woman who takes his breath away. Eglantina, who goes by her middle name, Eden. She is the bastard daughter of a local gentry man, and doesn’t fit in any of the different classes; she is not quite a noble nor is she a commoner. Quite the pair, huh?

I absolutely loved the character of Eden, she is quirky and does not follow common mores of dress. She has such a heart of gold, as she takes in any stray that walks her way. She is also such a strong character, ignoring the normal way a woman is supposed to act in this time period. Chester is also a wonderful character, as he fights the temper and imprudence that haunts his family. They have not had good reputation in quite a time, and his father is not helping the situation.

The author does a great job of showing the difference between Chester and his elder brother Byron. He also had the strength to defy his father and marries for love instead of following his father’s plan. I love the interactions between Eden and Chester, there is passion and tenderness. He does everything he can to help Eden and her mother, taking them in and caring for them and the the animals that Eden owned. The passion was sweet and heated at the same time, which makes Eden fight harder. She does not want to end up as her mother. Chester is working hard to show is a different type of man.

The only thing that I wish could have been done is to make the courtship a little longer. They meet, fall in love and the next thing you know they are living together.

All in all, this was a great read with great characters and a wonderful plot line. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re drawn into their world like I was and felt what the two lovers felt, too.