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Summer Favorites

Loving summer! A few of my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Dancing fireflies
2. An evening serenade by crickets and frogs
3. A honeybee’s soft buzz
4. The gentle thrum of a hummingbird’s wings
5. The scent of fresh cut grass
6. The fragrance of flowers
7. The rumbling of distant thunder as a summer storm approaches
8. The glow of a bonfire
9. Aroma of food cooking on the grill
10. Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the an open fire
11. Harvesting the garden: fresh basil, cilantro, onion, carrots and tomatoes
12. Fourth of July
13. Fireworks
14. Parades
15. Minnesota lake cabins
16. A loon’s call
17. Gorgeous sunsets
18. Perfect evenings
19. Relaxing walks
20. No mittens, hats or gloves!
21. Outdoor living
22. Bright flowers
23. Horseback riding
24. Animals grazing in clover-strewn pastures
25. Stalks of corn shooting up towards the sky
26. Baker’s Square Key Lime Pie
27. Lazy days curled up on a deep-cushioned patio chair with a new book
28. My red and white polka-dot rain boots
29. A walk in summer rain
30. BLTs (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich)
31. A cool and refreshing glass of moscato
32. Lemonade
33. Sweetened iced tea
34. Strawberry shortcake
35. Happy, dancing, gorgeous sunflowers
36. Cornflower skies filled with fluffy white clouds
37. Outdoor restaurant seating
38. Small town festivals
39. A visit to the farmer’s market
40. Lush fields

There’s something to love about every season. I’m happy to live in Minnesota – most well known for its cold and snow – where I’ve learned to appreciate the unique beauty and simple pleasures of all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

PandorasPassionBOOK-199x300Pandora fought through the centuries to win the heart of Prometheus, but he refused to forgive her for past wrongdoings. He adores humankind and gave them the gift of fire. She nearly destroyed mortals when she opened The Box.

After centuries of trying to make amends and gain his forgiveness, she said goodbye. Now he’s back and his sudden appearance on her doorstep awakens deep emotions. They can’t resist each other. They never could.

But the arrival of the infamous Gorgons endangers them and places human hope in jeopardy. They are forced to confront their past amidst the danger of the present and forgive each other, finally tearing down the walls of resistance and surrendering to their immortal love.

About the Author: Amy Hahn grew up in a small town located in the beautiful Historic Bluff Country of southeastern Minnesota. Her first romance stories were jotted down in three-subject notebooks, which accompanied her everywhere. She misses pen to paper creation, but has adapted to a computer and keyboard. She has worked as a television news producer, college instructor, magazine writer, and as a patient education editor for one of the world’s top medical organizations.

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