Top Ten Tuesday: First Ten Books I Gave Five Stars

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This week’s topic is Throwback Freebie!  I’ve been reviewing for Long and Short Reviews for over eight years, and I have had the opportunity to read so many wonderful books.  When I read this week’s topic, I decided to go back through my reviews and list the first ten books I rated five stars, in no particular order.  I have given Goodreads links as well as links to my review if possible.  I had so much fun remembering these books.  I just might have to read some of them again!

Enemy of the King by Beth Trissel-This is the very first book I gave five stars!  I really enjoy historical fiction, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of Ms. Trissel’s books.

Enemy of the King

Margaret’s Rematch by Farida Mestek-This sweet, historical romance was a delight to read.

Margaret's Rematch

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not: Deadly Games #1 by Lena Diaz-This mystery had me on the edge of my seat!  Here is my review.

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Deadly Games, #1)

The Hollow King: Night of the Gryphon Book One by Tasarla Romaney-This is the first book in a young adult, fantasy series that I really enjoyed.  Here is my review.

Night of the Gryphon Book One the Hollow King

Twilight Over Moldavia: Moldavia Moon #2 by Stephanie Burkhart-This is the second book in a great paranormal series.  Here is my review.

Twilight Over Moldavia (Moldavian Moon, #2)

The Disciple by Jemma Chase-I absolutely loved this short story!  I found it extremely thought provoking.  Here is my review.

The Disciple

The Caves of Etretat: Book One of Four by Matt Chatelain-This is a wonderful mystery/suspense.  It is very detailed and obviously well researched.  I read the whole series.  Here’s my review.

The Caves of Etretat (Book One of Four)

Fatal Induction: Professor Bradshaw Mysteries #2 by Bernadette Pajer-A great mystery with well rounded secondary characters.  Here’s my review.

Fatal Induction: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery

The One Book of Etretat: Book Three of Four by Matt Chatelain-The third book in this series was gripping!  There was so much to wrap my mind around.  Here’s my review.

The One Book of Etretat

Persephone: Daughters of Zeus #1 by Kaitlin Bevis-I love Greek mythology, and this young adult retelling centered on Persephone and Hades captured my interest.  Here is my review.



  1. Great take on this week’s topic! The Disciple sounds interesting, I may have to check it out. =)

    • I highly recommend it! I thought about it long after I finished reading it. I believe the original publisher of the story is no longer in business, but I believe you can still find it through the author. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I haven’t read any of these, but I’m glad they were 5 star reads for you!

    • I wouldn’t have heard of them either if I hadn’t been reviewing for Long and Short Reviews. Authors/publishers submit their books to us, and I get the pleasure of reading them and sharing them with others! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great idea! I like your take on today’s topic. I haven’t read any of the books on your list. These all look really good. I’ll have to look for them. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.

  4. I love your take on this weeks topic, and I’m definitely going to have to check some of these books out, especially Persephone.

    • Persephone is so good! There are two other books that follow Persephone and Hades. Both are very good, so if you like Persephone, I recommend you read the others as well.

  5. I like your take on the topic! I haven’t read any of these but I might have to check some of them out. Great post 🙂

  6. I haven’t read them, but I’m glad they revved your soul.

  7. Amy Rush Da Silva says:

    Great post! I can’t believe you have been blogging for so long!

    The Hollow King looks just like my kind of book so will check it out.

    My TTT –

    • I can’t believe I’ve been part of Long and Short Reviews so long either! I hope to be here for many more years. 🙂

  8. I loved Persophone too! 🙂
    I do want to read the second one but I can’t seem to find a physical copy anywhere!

    • Glad you liked it! I’m pretty sure you can find them on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I hope you enjoy the second book!

  9. Loving your take on the topic this week! 🙂 Some titles have me intrigued.

  10. What a great take on this week’s topic!
    i haven’t read any of these, but that’s what I like about this feature.
    I found so many books to add to my TBR.
    Your books sound so interesting and hidden gems for sure.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Ashley @ Books To The Tea

  11. I used to love the Persephone legend as a kid (someone i know had a painting of it up in the house and used to tell me the story behind it) so might look Persephone out – sounds good!

  12. Great list! I love Hades and Persephone retellings, but hadn’t heard of Persephone yet, so I should definitely check it out 🙂

  13. Love your topic! I haven’t read any of these books yet, but Persephone looks good. 🙂

  14. I like your idea for the theme for the week. I can’t remember the first ones I gave five stars to! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Thank you and you’re welcome! I have all the reviews I’ve ever written saved on my computer. Plus, I don’t give out a lot of five star reviews, so these are memorable.

  15. Ooh some of these look really fun! I’m especially curious about He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not- looks like a good thriller- and The night of the Gryphon books.

  16. I haven’t read any of these books, but the thing that struck me is that it’s pretty funny to see how covers looked years ago and compare them to the covers being revealed lately. Such differences!

  17. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of these, but The Hollow King looks like a book I might enjoy. I’ll have to check it out.

  18. This is a great list! A lot of these books I’ve not heard of before, but the fact that you gave them five stars, makes me want to check them out!

  19. Cool take on this weeks theme. I like the sound of Persephone.

  20. I love your take on today’s topic! I haven’t read any of the others you’ve mentioned, but Persephone seems really familiar. I’m glad you really enjoyed it! ^^

  21. Eight years of blogging is amazing. I really admire your dedication!

  22. I haven’t read a single one of these but I love your take on the topic.

  23. I can’t believe I read any of your picks – will definitely check them out!

  24. Persephone looks good! Nice list.

  25. I’m having a good laugh at the covers, oh how times change. It’s fascinating to look back on your ratings, although I cringe at my reviews. Great list!

  26. I love how you chose to do this prompt!!! That’s so awesome ahhh! I don’t recognise any of these (#sadness) but so so glad you enjoyed them all immensely. I started goodreads back in 2013 so I’ve logged what books I was rating 5 stars back then…except whenever I look at them I’m like “I have zero memory of reading this’.😂 It’s a bit of a problem hahaah.😂

    • Thank you! I remember these books pretty well since I don’t tend to give out very many five star reviews. I guess I’m kind of stingy that way. Glad you enjoyed my list!

  27. This is such a great idea!

  28. Such a fun way to spin this week’s topic! Wish I’d thought of this… but given I like to give out five stars (which I do a lot, but I also always sincerely liked the book THAT WELL), that may have been the first ten books I reviewed. 😉

    SO glad you liked all of these… all are new-to-me. 🙂

  29. Wowww 8 years is seriously amazing! This is such a fun take on the topic, too! Do you think if you read them today, they’d still be 5 star reviews? I know looking back on mine (from only 4 years ago!) only a couple of them still would, so I’m curious! Great list, so glad you loved these all!

    • Thank you! I do think I would enjoy most of these just as much. I don’t give out many five star reviews so these are pretty memorable.

  30. I’ve actually never heard of any of these books. I’ll have to look into them. The cover of The Hollow King is kind of creeping me out…

    • I hope you enjoy them. The Hollow King was a little different. I really liked it, but I’m not sure it is still available. I fairly certain the others on my list can still be found though.

  31. I haven’t read any of these, but some of them look very interesting. Great list!

  32. Great list! I haven’t read any of these, but quite a few of them seem very intriguing.

  33. Nice list, I probably need to check a few of them out. 🙂

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