Stephen King’s Mouse– or how to ruin computers


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I saw this on Twitter the other day ….




This would have been a very sad day in the life of readers everywhere… fortunately, he managed to scrape up enough pennies to buy a new mouse, so he didn’t have to retire after all!

But, it got me thinking about all the abuse our poor computers go through.   I’ve been fortunate enough to have never completely ruined a computer – I do admit that periodically I need to have my husband blow out cat hair (our cat, D.C., loves to cuddle with the computer) and get out enough hair to build a second cat.  And, one time while visiting our oldest daughter in North Carolina, our first first granddaughter, Mackenzie, pulled some of the keys off (they fit right back on, so no worries!!)

I have a friend who is no longer allowed to have anything to drink next to her computer unless it’s in a sippy cup. In one week, she spilled coffee not only on her laptop, but also on the laptop her daughter loaned her! (and the daughter is still talking to her–fortunately, she had bought insurance on both computers that cover acts of stupidity –she knows herself well!)

What about you? What are some ways you’ve heard of (or done yourself!) to mess up your computer?


  1. I ate something that had a lot of sprinkles on it once while using my laptop. Some of the sprinkles fell off and got wedged into the hinge between my screen and my keyboard. I could still hear a couple of them rattling around in there for a few days afterwards.

    I was so relieved when they finally all came out. Haha.

  2. I dropped a computer from the height of my shoulders to asphalt in the Philippines. After a long flight, I was putting my backpack on and didn’t realize it was open. Bang, right on the corner. Kept working, but it was stolen from my hotel a few days later. Or possibly it ran away.

    • The Long and Short Of It says:

      OUCH… I can’t even imagine how that sound made you feel. I vote for it running away from being so horribly abused! 🙂

  3. Poinsettia says:

    I once spilled pop on my keyboard. I had a can of diet pepsi sitting on my desk, and I got up for some reason and my desk chair kept turning. This wouldn’t have been an issue except that I keep a small blanket slung over the back of the chair in case I get cold. So while the chair was swinging around, the blanket knocked the pop over. I immediately flipped the keyboard over, and fortunately no permanent damage was done.

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