Saturday Seven 3: Books we’ve reviewed that make me think of summer

I live in the northeast and it’s been cold and snowy for a few months now. I’m SO ready for summer… so I took a look at the covers of books we’ve reviewed that transport me away someone warmer and sunny.  Click the cover to read our reviews.

1. Playing by the Greek’s Rules by Sarah Morgan

Seriously … does it get any more “summer” than that? Beach, check. Sunshine, check. Hot guy in a swimsuit, check. Even better, it sounds like the story is solid based on the FIVE STAR review our reviewer gave it. I think I’ll have to check this one out!

2. Turning the Tides by Nell Castle

Nothing says “summer” like a palm tree. Yeah, I know it’s got that ominous set of eyes at the top, but … palm trees!

3. Laked by J L Wilson

LAKE! Dock! That just screams summer. And I’m incredibly intrigued by Excalibur hanging out there in the middle of the water. And the character names! Summer *and* King Arthur… putting this one on my TBR right now.

4. Mugs and Monasteries by Cait O’Sullivan

Clearly water is a theme for me… maybe this a little less summery than the others, but it still has that theme.

5. His Little Lanie by Keri Ford

Ocean waves, bikini, summer lovin’ … yeah, baby.

6. Hearts at Seaside by Addison Cole

Hey, water again! Ocean, bare feet, sunshine…. I want to be there.

7. Love on Longboat Key by Meg West

Beach, flip-flops, sunshine … hits all the high points of summer.

What beach read do you recommend? Help me get out of this cold, snowy winter, if only on a fictional escape.


  1. I live in Florida and it’s not warm. It hasn’t been warm for several weeks. We’ve been waking up to 27 degrees with frost on our car windshields. People who don’t shut their sprinklers off wake up to the prettiest ice covered landscape. Having shared that, the cover of #6 intrigued me the most. After reading the review I’d like to read that one. I wrote it down on my “To Read” list. I personally can’t think of a beach read that I’d recommend at this moment. But I enjoyed looking at the covers you shared. Thank you. I heard it might be a high of 70 on Sunday for the Patriot/Jag football game. You can take the girl out of New England but you can’t take New England out of the girl. Go Patriots!

    • Long and Short Reviews says:

      I can’t believe how cold it’s been down south this year. Crazy! I’m not a Pats or Jaguars fan so I don’t really care who wins, but I have heard rumors that Brady might be hurt. … Yikes!

  2. Yes, now is the perfect time of year to curl up with a book about summertime. Sometimes the hot weather honestly feels like it’s never going to come back again! 🙂

    I keep meaning to read Turning the Tides. It sounds so good. Have you read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume? You might really like it.

    This is mySaturday Seven post.

  3. Well, you have uncovered a nasty hole in my library. I scanned the shelves and found a lot of books set in winter, but not too many in which the summer heat was an important element. I guess this indicates I love to wallow in the winter blahs. The closest I got to really warm weather books are the Captain Bloods –yes, I have every one of them–by Rafael Sabatini. Let the recommendations continue.

    • Long and Short Reviews says:

      I’ve never heard of the Captain Bloods books … I’ll have to check them out. Pirates? I hope so!

  4. Really nice Saturday Seven post. Some books I’ll have to look up. Mine’s almost ready to post. Will be back to let you know.

  5. My favorite cover of those was number 4.. not because of the water, but because of the Irish look. I, too, am tired of winter.. let the summer heat return!!

  6. LOL – The Backup Plan (The Charleston Trilogy) by Sherryl Woods is the perfect book cover! It has beach, books and flip flops! I loved this story so I’m glad to share it here .

    After these single digit temperatures, looking forward to sun, fun and gardening is a treat. Thanks for the uplifting reminder – warmth is on its way.

  7. I’m back with my Saturday Seven but…how could you do such a thing with those book covers??? It’s 19 degrees here!


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