2_26 Hoyt_LordofDarkness_MMLong and Short Reviews welcomes Elizabeth Hoyt, whose newest book Lord of Darkness releases tomorrow. She stopped by and we asked her a few questions.

“How do you develop your plot and characters?” I wondered.

“The plot– I have an idea of key scenes and the beginning and, less concretely, the ending. The characters are revealed in their dialogue, the little things they keep around them, and what they consider important.”

Elizabeth has a lovely office in a sunroom with plants and books. There’s also a desk and a comfortable chair set up with a swiveling table on an arm so she can write there as well as at the desk. She usually tries to write in the morning and early afternoon. However, if her deadline is looming, she’ll write from seven in the morning until midnight. To drown out surrounding distractions and to get her into the mood to write, she listens to music through earbuds.

“Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Florence + The Machine,” she said.

I usually try to write in the morning and early afternoon. If my deadline is looming I’ll write from seven in the morning until midnight.

She admitted that everything about writing is hard to her.

“Writing doesn’t come easily to me,” she said, “and it seems to be getting worse the more books I write.”

“Do you hear from your readers much?” I asked. “What do they say?”

“Oh, yes, I get regular reader mail. Mostly it’s along the lines of ‘I love your books.’ Sometimes it’s a question about a character and whether they’ll have a book of their own. Once in a while it’s a long discourse about their own lives and what they’re doing. I answer them all. One that sticks in my mind was from a mother of elementary-age children who had gone back to nursing school in her late thirties. She said she was very tired one night and walking through a drug store when she saw one of my books and picked it up on a whim. She said my book was just what she needed—joyous escapism that let her take a break from her busy life.”

“Thank you for stopping by, Elizabeth.”

“Thank you for having me on LASR! Readers can learn more about my Maiden Lane series and Lord of Darkness at my website: You can also chat with me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.”

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