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Racing with the Wind is dedicated to her best friend, who encouraged her to write it.

Before I was ever a writer of historical romance, I was an avid reader of the genre,” Regan explained. “When I discussed the books with my friend and told her I could often see scenes in my head that foreshadowed the events in the books, or an ending that would fit great with the story, she said, ‘You are an author!’ And then she told me I should write one, so I did.”

Generally, the characters come first for Regan–in the first novel, the characters was Lady Mary Campbell, a hoyden who rides a horse astride, just like a man.  For Against the Wind, Regan was listening to a Ricky Martin song, “Nobody Wants to be Lonely”, and the scene of Kit in the bordello came to her.

“A young woman whose life has been shattered standing before a window, bathed in moonlight, stares out into the night, a ‘broken arrow.’ She hears a voice behind her, a man in the shadows, saying ‘Come to me.’ And I asked myself, what would bring a young woman to such a point? And, from that I wrote the novel.”

She’s now writing Wind Raven, the third book in the trilogy.  The hero is Captain Nick Powell.  Readers first met him in Against the Wind.  A privateer during the War of 1812, he is now a merchant sea captain in his family’s business. A rake and an emotionally wounded man, he loves all women yet he loves none—that is until he meets an impudent American named Tara McConnell.

“It’s research intensive since I have to learn all the nautical terminology and understand life on a schooner,” Regan told me. “Right now I’m deep into the history of Bermuda and the life of a very worthy pirate. It’s so important to get all that ‘right,’ elsewise some clever reader will point out that I got it all wrong! I hope it will be out late 2013.”

For the trilogy, Regan had a list of what she would name each book, depending on what the first book ended up being titled. Her publisher accepted the title she suggested for the first book, Racing with the Wind (which describes how the heroine lives), so she wanted the word “wind” in each of the others. The villagers in the Midlands who rose up against the Crown fought “against the wind,” meaning they didn’t have a chance inspired the title for the second book.  And, for the third book Wind Raven, that’s the name of the hero’s ship as well and, since he’s nicknamed “the Raven,” it also describes the hero himself.

Once Regan has the time period set for the book she wants to write, she dives into research like a cat in catnip.

“I love research,” she declared. “I get the big picture of what was happening in the time period and then I follow a lot of rabbit trails to discover the details and to find the real life characters I want to include. In researching Racing With The Wind, I dove into post Napoleonic France and found myself in the court of King Louis XVIII, and early 19th century Paris where I discovered Germaine de Stael, a most interesting woman. She is a character in my novel, of course. It was fascinating. I read much online, order a few books and go on from there. I might strike up an email relationship with a few historians along the way. For Against the Wind, I studied the Pentrich Rebellion of 1817, and learned so much I swear I could lecture on the subject. (I’ve written blog articles on the rebellion for the serious Regency folks.) The same is true of my short stories. All my stories have ‘Author’s notes’ so the reader can see what’s behind the curtain.”

Regan is mostly a pantser who would like to be a plotter.  Like planning a good meal, she knows what the starter is and what’s for dessert, but she has trouble with the entree. She calls it “the mire of the middle.”

“Once I get started, the first scenes come pretty fast but then long about 20-40K words, I’ll hit a slow spot,” she told me. “It comes from not be a plotter, I suppose. When I try to plot, I feel somewhat stilted. But it seems I’m doing more of it. So there’s hope. And it all comes right in the end. For each scene I am mostly a pantster. However, for the storm scene I just wrote for Wind Raven, I had eight pages of notes before I wrote the scene that numbers fewer pages.”

“What is something you’d like to accomplish in your writing career next year?” I asked.

“Once I finish Wind Raven, there’s a prequel I want to write, To Tame the Wind, the story of the parents of the brothers who are the heroes in books 2 and 3. It will be set in the late 18th century in England and France. Both Against the Wind and Wind Raven drop hints of that story. I have the idea but have not begun to write. And finally, I have the idea for a Christmas reunion of the Agents set in Scotland. You can get a hint of it from my short story, “The Holly & The Thistle.” Both of my short stories feature some of the characters from the trilogy. If I can get those final two novels out in 2014, I’d be very pleased.”


About the Author:  4_30 interview Regan Walker As a child Regan Walker loved to write stories, particularly about adventure-loving girls, but by the time she got to college more serious pursuits took priority. One of her professors thought her suited to the profession of law, and Regan realized it would be better to be a hammer than a nail. Years of serving clients in private practice and several stints in high levels of government gave her a love of international travel and a feel for the demands of the “Crown” on its subjects. Hence her romance novels often involve a demanding Prince Regent who thinks of his subjects as his private talent pool.

Regan lives in San Diego with her golden retriever, Link, whom she says inspires her every day to relax and smell the roses.

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4_30 ReganWalker_AgainstTheWind_logoA night in London’s most exclusive bordello. Agent of the Crown Sir Martin Powell would not normally indulge, but the end of his time spying against Napoleon deserves a victory celebration. Yet, such pleasure will not come cheap. The auburn-haired courtesan he calls “Kitten” is in truth Katherine, Lady Egerton, a dowager baroness and the daughter of an earl as elusive as she is alluring. She flees a fate worse than death. But Martin has known darkness, too, and he alone can touch her heart–as she has touched his. To the English Midlands they will steal, into the rising winds of revolution.

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