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If your book were made into a movie, who would you want to play your main characters?

I’m not much of a movie buff, frankly, and rarely remember the actor’s and actresses’ names. I guess I’ll have to go with my tried and true Johnny Depp for the hero and Cameron Diaz for the heroine.

How do you come up with the titles of your books?

Usually, the lead character who’s telling me the story to begin with, before the others walk onto stage, gives me the title. The story more or less names itself. When I’m having trouble, I consult my friend and author Toni V. Sweeney. I can trust her to come up with several suggestions from which I usually choose. Class Act Books (for whom Toni writes) is republishing my controversial dark fantasy Gemini Rising, renamed Gemini Unveiled, in November 2017. Toni came up with that title.

What does your writing space look like?

I dedicated a bedroom to my office. The desk with my laptop faces a window overlooking my backyard and a purple flowering bush just outside the window. My printer and bookcase are on the right. The walls are covered with angel prints, a tapestry of the Lady and the Unicorn and on the rear wall is my certificate for first place in the SARA Merritt Award with I, Lucifer, soon to be released by The Wild Rose Press as Gylded Wings.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

I love to drive and enjoy events with my car club from twisty roads to get-together dinners for the club members. I also love to dress formal, get out the china and glass, and have formal dinner parties for my friends. Pass the champers please!

What is your favourite color?

Red, I think, but pink runs a close second.

What is your favourite pleasure food?

Ice cream. Guilty pleasure: Sometimes I sneak out of bed in the middle of the night for a few spoonfuls of ice cream or Marie Callander’s coconut cream pie.

What is your favourite season?

There’s something about each season I love. In south Texas, our seasons blur, so that you might get spring in winter and fall in winter. We had a two day winter this year. It froze and we lost plants, then it was spring, and now in March summer is creeping up on us. A humid affair, summer is…well, hot.

What is your favourite television show?

Poldark followed by Lucifer and Lethal Weapon, oh, and Game of Thrones and Outlander.

What is your favourite movie?

Last of the Mohicans

Who is your favourite actor?

Johnny Depp

What is your favourite song?

Memory from Cats.

What is your favourite comfort clothing attire?

Leggings and tunic

What books might we find on your bedside table?

The White Cliffs of Dover

Describe yourself in three words.

Insane, reformed dreamer, still dreamer.

Autumn Hartley purchases Allen Hall at a steal, but the northern lass gets far more than a beautiful plantation in the South Carolina Low Country. The house comes complete with its own ghost, a handsome and charming Civil War General—for the Confederacy. The stage is set for another civil conflict.

John Sibley Allen died in battle from a wound in the back, the bullet fired by the turncoat, Beauregard Dudley. The traitor’s reincarnation is Autumn the Interloper’s first dinner guest. Sib bedevils her date and annoys her with fleeting, phantom touches, certain he can frighten her away as he did previous purchasers. As time marches on, her resident ghost becomes more appealing while her suitor, Beau, pales in comparison. Autumn finds her ability to love didn’t perish in the divorce that sent her south seeking a fresh start.

After over a century in the hereafter, Sib discovers he is falling for none other than the feisty Yankee girl, but what future could a modern woman and an old-fashioned ghost possibly hope for?


In an age of smart phones and tablets, she stood for a moment contemplating the past. The temptation was almost too much for her, but she’d started to fold the dress back into its resting place when a hand landed on her shoulder.

Sib’s voice was soft and tender. “The dress belonged to my mother. She wore it at a ball before the war. It appears to be in passable condition. Why don’t you try it on? I’ve imagined you so attired.”

“I’m a Northerner, remember? I’m surprised you offer your mother’s gown to me.” She turned, the green frock draped over her arm. “Where have you been anyway?”

“Here. All the time. I was simply playing along with your game of asking for my disappearance.”

She stiffened. “Don’t play games with me. My mother used to do that. It was disturbing and hurtful to a child.”

“You reveal more of yourself every moment, and I’m enjoying getting to know you. Very well, I’ll share something about me. My father—what do you call it today?—cheated on my mother. More than once.. I’d hear her crying at night. Thus, I would have been true to my wife.” Eyes sad, he nodded at the dress. “I’d like to see you in that, Autumn. We are becoming friends. She would have approved. I’ll assist with the buttons.”

“Turn your back. I’ll have to get undressed.” She motioned at him. “I’ve no desire for a ghost to see me in my bra and panties.”

He chuckled, his big grin enticing. “Such modesty. Actually, I was anticipating that view. Anyway, I’ve seen you in your underwear before.”

“You Peeping Tom!” She accused, shaking a fist at him. “Will I have no privacy? Do you follow me to the bathroom, too?”

“No, Ma’am.” He shook his head, his hair moving in soft waves. “I was simply in my bedroom when you changed into your nightgown.”

“It’s not your bedroom. This is my house, and don’t you forget it.” She glared at him.

He snapped a smart military salute. “Yes, commander.”

“Turn around.” She slid her sweatshirt over her head and slithered out of her sweatpants. “You are…such an annoyance.”

“Thank you. I couldn’t be more offended.”

A strange feeling of awe washed over her as she slid the beautiful gown over her head. “Okay. I’m ready for help with the buttons.”

The touch of his fingers filled her with an emotion she’d thought dead. A thrill actually rippled over her. Perhaps, because he was no threat. The General couldn’t break her heart as Chad had done. That dreadful affair seemed as far in the past as the dress of rustling satin. He was the VP at the agency, and their brief association and parting had twisted her feelings into knots.

“You’re tense.” Sib stroked her back. “I sense it isn’t the dress.”

“I’ll tell you later.” She spun, swirling the skirt. “What do you think?”

“I think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” A very sweet emotion seeped through her.

“Not in the least.” He offered her an old-fashioned bow.

Born in South Carolina, Linda has lived in England, Canada, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta and Houston. She’s seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer, having bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for many years.

Linda has won several writing awards, including the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award and the SARA Merritt. She is the mother of two wonderful sons, a retired legal assistant, member of the Houston Miata Club, and enjoys events with that car club. Among her favorite things are her snazzy black convertible and her parlor grand piano. She loves to dress up and host formal dinner parties.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LNightingale
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaNightingaleAuthor
Web Site: http://www.lindanightingale.com – Visit and look around. There’s a free continuing vampire story.
Blog: https://lindanightingale.wordpress.com/ – Lots of interesting guests & prizes
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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Linda-Nightingale/e/B005OSOJ0U

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