Author Interview: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Long and Short Reviews welcomes Dixie Lynn Dwyer, whose newest book Their Blue-Collar Girl, book four in The American Soldier Collection, is released today.
Dixie has always enjoyed reading, but she always felt as if something was missing in the mainstream romance and suspense novels she read–something kept her from being fully immersed in the story or in the characters. Then, she read some erotic romance novels and was immediately hooked. When she decided to get more serious about her writing, she decided to try to write an erotic romance novel.
She had been writing for more than six years, but a couple of years ago she thought, ‘It’s now or never’ and submitted a story.
“At the time, I was big into reading paranormal romance, and all about were wolves. The first book that I submitted was called Were She Belongs. It was published by Siren Publishing. It was amazing, and shocking to me that it reached number one on Siren so quickly, and that readers were demanding to know more about the characters. So, I sat down and continued the series with Were Love Found Her and Were Love Conquers All. And yes, I intended to spell ‘Were’ in that way,” she assured me. “From that series spurred other works and now I have written more than two dozen erotic novels in the genres of romance, suspense, paranormal romance, ménage, cowboy romance and ménage and a few others as well.”
“Do you think there’s a difference between pornography, erotica, and erotic romance?” I asked.
“I believe that there is a difference between erotic romance and erotica and pornography. I choose to write erotic romance, because there is always a happily ever after and, there are true bonds of love, respect and commitment to those involved in the ménage. Ultimately though, a great writer can create such strong characters, with deep emotional connection, entwined with an amazing and interesting plot, that can hold on it’s own even if the sex wasn’t part of it. Now, throw in the sexual connection, the dominance, yet respect between the heroine and her heroes, and pull it together in a nice, complete package, and make your readers feel as if this lifestyle could be acceptable??? Then you have it. In my opinion pornography focuses completely on the act of sex, erotica always seems to put more emphasis on the sexual acts and the multitude of non-typical ways of having sex, as opposed to the plot and story having a deeper focus.
There is an art to each of these types of romance, and style. What had always interested me, was a feeling of completion that the heroine and the heroes have at the end of the story, and after their journey. There are few questions left. They feel as if they have met their soul mates, and that together anything is possible.”
There also needs to be a strong, believable plot–interesting, but not too complex with characters, and there should be the ability to show, almost step-by-step, the bond of true love.
Dixie tends to write by the seat of her pants, rarely having the entire lot written out. However, as she introduces the characters and their qualities (sexuality, desires, dreams, and goals), she entwines those with the plot so the bond is obvious.
The men in her new series, The American Soldier Collection, feature some of the characteristics she finds intriguing and attractive.
“Their dominant attitudes, their good looks, protectiveness and charm, are all appealing. What I truly love about these men in particular is their confidence, yet no sign of arrogance,” she explained. “It is difficult for men with such fine qualities to not suffer from narcissism. Their love, their care and affection for the heroine is admirable and believable. Something else about the stories is that the heroine, is quite independent herself and knows how to handle a lot. No damsels in distress in this series.”
Dixie has a new mini-series, Power Surge-The Billionaire’s Club, which has recently been released.
I wondered, with all the books she has out, when Dixie first considered herself a writer.
“Recently. It hit me one day as I answered some e-mails from happy readers, and discussed upcoming work on my author Face Book page. I was organizing the plans for the day, getting the e-mails done, answering some posts online and then I began writing. When I took a moment to think about that, I realized that I truly am a writer. It is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to bed at night. I love it, it makes me happy, so I guess I can officially call myself a writer.”
Over the last yeear, her writing space has changed. She told me about it.
“I used to be very unorganized in my space, but it was my messy, happy space. Now I have separate files for different projects, I use highlighters to differentiate my characters and I keep the majority of my notes in notebooks. However, I love a scribble pad. Sometimes I am so enthralled in the story that I just don’t want to stop to jot down a note or two. I know I will need those notes later, but I just have such a hard time, that I jot it down on sticky notes or the scribble pad. Making sense of it later, always proves to be difficult, but I do it.”
She also needs munchies nearby when she’s writing–things like M&Ms, Skittles, raisins, celery, carrots, blueberries–small things she can pick up quickly.
When she’s not writing, she enjoys working out, jogging, lifting weights. One of the reason she enjoys those is because she also enjoys cooking and eating.
“If there is a new recipe to try and it has to do with chicken, I am all over it. I also love nachos, more finger food, so I came up with a way to enjoy them and have breakfast at the computer desk. There never seemed to be enough time for breakfast. But breakfast is important,” she told me. “I take nachos, cook up scrambled eggs, pour them onto the nachos and melt some cheese, usually a combination of cheddar and American. Then I sprinkle bacon over that. I can pick at it while writing, researching and all. Sometimes I add hot sauce or a little cup of salsa. Yummy!”
“What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your books?” I asked.
“That there are amazing people in the world, with so many things to offer in one lifetime. I can actually portray those characteristics through the characters that I create, and perhaps make the world a little happier. So many times I receive e-mails from my readers who are struggling through life or on hard times. They say that my stories help them to leave those unhappy thoughts behind them and to focus on the good things and the good people for a while. I believe in ‘Happily Ever After,’ so that is what I write. We all deserve a happily ever after, even if it’s just for the time it takes to read a story.”
Finally, I asked, “What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?”
As a new writer starting out, I would tell them to be sure and write from the heart first and then go back to write with grammatical technique. So many times writers worry about the grammar initially, and then lose their ability to tell the story and make their characters come alive. It is not an easy task, and it does take time and practice, but it works. Strong characters are so very important when writing a story and especially romance.
About the Author:Dixie Lynn Dwyer is an author of erotic romance, with more than two dozen published books. She writes in the genres of romantic suspense, paranormal romance, cowboy romance ménage and multiple partners.
Dixie enjoys writing about empowered women, and sexy, capable men with qualities that are appealing and authentic. Each of her series has made it to the number one position on Siren Book Strand Publishing, and she thanks her readers for their continued support and dedication to her work. The American Soldier Collection is her newest writing project.
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