Winter Blogfest: Writing a Christmas Story by Karla Brandenburg

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Writing a Christmas Story

IMAG0251I’ve always been a Christmas person, ho-ho-hoing to anyone who will listen, watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas books and stories. Every year for Christmas I get a gift card to buy books from my family, and you can bet that some of them are Christmas themed. For that reason alone, I have always wanted to write a Christmas story, but what to write that hasn’t already been done? I stopped and started half a dozen times, but the inspiration is hard to come by when my thoughts are saturated with all the other “sappy” (as my husband calls them) stories that revolve around the holiday.

Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, I started writing a Christmas story. After years of starts and stops, I delved into a paranormal story based on a “moment of grace” I’d had driving to work one day. A buck, standing in the frigid winter air, huffing a breath that froze as it left his mouth. It was a magical moment, and from that moment came MIST ON THE MEADOW. With the frozen condensation, the frigid air, it lent itself to Christmas, and part of the family was a beloved uncle reminiscent of Herr Drosselmeyer in the Nutcracker. The story gave me an opportunity to share some of my German heritage and to create something “completely different.”

MIST ON THE MEADOW launched a trilogy of “Mist” books, but in that first one, I got to finally write my Christmas story. I went searching for new Christmas traditions to share along with the old. It is my best seller, won an award, and it remains one of my favorite books.

Newest MOTMWolf Harper needs a Kundigerin, “one who knows,” to close his grandmother’s estate and save the failing family business; instead, professional baker Marissa Maitland rattles skeletons in his family’s closet and ignites a passion Wolf has never felt before. Has he been bewitched?

About the Author: Karla Brandenburg is the author of eight contemporary romances, including RISING MIST released in November 2015. She has been writing since 2002, and is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Raised on the gothic romances of Victoria Holt, she is an avid reader. Karla is a card-carrying cookie-holic, enjoys baking and travel. She lives in Illinois with her family.

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  1. I found the post very interesting. The book sounds great.

  2. Thanks, Rita!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting book. I enjoyed your comments.

  4. Your book sounds different and interesting with the German traditions. I never knew the name of the uncle in the Nutcracker, now I know it.

    • Thanks, Jess. The first version I saw of the Nutcracker had candles on the Christmas tree, and it enthralled me so much, I looked forward to the ballet every year after. The beginnings of a Cristmas Crazy!

  5. What happened with the deer was SO COOL!!!! I love how you described it – great visual. If that kind of description is how you normally write, I’ve been missing out! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Oh, and ‘sappy stories’ are great this time of year! 😉 It’s the perfect reason to watch them. 🙂

    • It WAS so cool! The buck was so majestic standing there, a moment of grace, to be sure. Thanks for stopping by, Michele, and I hope you’ll let me know if my writing holds up in the story 😉

  6. Question to the author: Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?

    • wow, that’s a tough question, Mai! When it comes down to it, I don’t aspire to be like anyone other than myself, but I am inspired by Jill Shalvis – I love her strong characters and easy writing style. Even on those early books when her writing wasn’t as strong, I loved the way she could pull the story out of the characters. I don’t always agree with her physically-based relationships, but there’s always a strong connection to her characters.

  7. Your book sounds fantastic, and what a moment to have seen the deer standing like that.

  8. kim amundsen says:

    Sounds like a great read.

  9. I love Christmas stories, but I get that writing something “new” is tough. But it sounds like you managed to do it 🙂

    • It caught me off guard 🙂 I saw the buck that inspired the story in the winter time, and that started the ball rolling. My character chart had Marissa being born on the Winter Solstice (happy solstice day!) which is just 4 days before Christmas … well the rest is history!

  10. interesting story inspiration
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  11. Congratulations on your new book. It sounds really interesting.

  12. You are a “new to me” author. I so enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to reading your books!

    Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and, if so, how do you overcome it?

    • Hi Peggy. Glad tou enjoyed it! And I’m not sure I believe in write’s block. I occassionally hit a speed bump, and in Those instances, I move past what has me stumped and keep writing, leaving a placeholder to go back when I have a different perspective. I took a course once that said to put thoughts onto a wheel as spokes, and then you can arrange them once you get them all down. It works!

  13. **And the winner, selected by, is ANGEL!**

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