Winter Blogfest: Remembering our Mythical Roots by Ashantay Peters

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Remembering Our Mythical Roots

Geneology is a popular activity these days, but how many of us work to discover our mythical roots? Especially around the winter holidays when we have so much else on our plates? Yet, when we’re stressed, and in a time when our society is under emotional and physical instability, the need for rituals and myths can help us cope.

Santa and the Christmas tree are two such myths, though our modern stories bear a weak resemblance to the original. Originally, the Christmas tree symbolized the Tree of Fire, the oldest fire ritual known to humans. Santa represented the ancient shaman (wise or medicine man or woman), who helped remind us to stay in harmony with Mother Earth.

Fire gave humans an advantage over animals. But more than that, fire sparked an emotional reaction in ancient people. Fear, awe, comfort – fire provoked all that and more. At the same time, the control of fire led humans to think they were “in control.” (I think any big storm disabuses us of that notion!) Is it any wonder one of our first rituals was to celebrate fire on the darkest day of the year?

Santa/Shaman was a ceremonial person who embodied, for primitive people, Mother Earth. The yearly rituals performed reminded everyone that there is no difference between humans and Gaia. We are one. This fundamental truth was much more obvious to those who lived at the mercy of nature.

We’ve moved from that understanding to stressing out if we can’t find the perfect gift for someone.

It’s no wonder we’ve lost track of the philosophy that we are part of a larger entity. At least, I’ve never found an appreciation for the sanctity of life in Risk or Monopoly, but then, all I ever wanted was to buy Park Place. And add a hotel or two. Then maybe get all four railroads. You know what I mean.

So this holiday season, I hope you’ll take time out from shopping, baking, wrapping or stressing and give thanks to Mother Earth for all her gifts. Use the short days to take comfort in your version of a fire ceremony, knowing days will be lengthening soon.

I hope this season of beginnings brings you peace.

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She loves to hear from readers and promises not to stalk anyone who contacts her.

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  1. This sounds really good. Hope it has a wonderful and HEA

  2. Excellent post! Thanks for reminding us to pause and reflect on the true meaning of the season. Best wishes for 2016!

  3. You are a new author to me. Sounds like a great read.

  4. What a nice reminder for this time of year. 🙂

  5. Salisa Waheed says:

    Roots… Dont think it is going to be easy tracking it down but it would be worth the result and information we find.

  6. Very interesting perspective. I’ve never heard of this thinking yet it makes perfect sense. All of our traditions, family stories, societal mores, and belief systems are rooted in truth.

    I’m very much a believer in the mystical, magical, and world’s with different communities. I believe fairies exist. Perhaps not like Tinkerbell but real nonetheless. Unicorns, Pegasus, and other magical creatures surely populate our world in some way.

  7. Thanks for reminding us of the true meaning of the season. Can’t wait to read your book.

  8. I enjoyed reading this. You are a “new to me” author … and I’m looking forward to reading your books. Best wishes to you for 2016!

  9. Sherry Roege-Pederson says:

    A wonderful history lesson about Christmas tree and Santa.

  10. Thank you for visiting and reading my post, Peggy! Wishing you a 2016 filled with peace and joy!

  11. Thank you. I always like reading and
    learning about the ancient meanings
    of the persons and symbols we just
    take for granted.
    Have a Happy New Year 2016!

  12. Linda Romer says:

    This books sounds great ♡ I love the 60’s and woodstock! Thank you

  13. Your book sounds fantastic, Ashantay, and thanks for the low down on our mythical roots. Never thought of Santa as shaman…

  14. Evelyn W/A Charlotte O'Shay says:

    We humans have not changed very much- we still crave warmth and light !
    Your book sounds interesting. I will look for it.

  15. A lot of food for thought! Excellent post!

  16. What a fantastic sounding book. Very interesting post.

  17. martha lawson says:

    Enjoyed the post! The book sounds really good. Putting it on the wishlist.

  18. What a lovely thought provoking post.

  19. I find cultural mythology endlessly fascinating. The ancient Greeks and Romans, even the Norse and modern-day Christians say a lot about their society by who they worship. There’s always so much more to learn. Thanks

    • Ashantay Peters says:

      So true, Carl! Philosophy, music, drama – all the arts – reflect so much about each era. Thanks for your comment!

  20. I so agree that it’s important to take time to be thankful.

  21. kim amundsen says:

    love the post

  22. nice post

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  23. Question to the author: What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?

  24. We have a winner of the $15 Amazon gift card! Winona Cross, come on down!

  25. Ashantay, A beautiful post. To me, this time of year represents a veritable storehouse of magic waiting to be discovered. But then, I believe in Viking Santas! Have a blessed New Year!

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