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111Ahhh, December! My favorite month of the year! Christmas has been my favorite holiday since I was a little girl, and even more so now that I have children of my own. There’s nothing better than sleepy kids waking me up at 5am to see what Santa brought them, regardless of their age. With my children ranging 12-20 years old, the excitement of Christmas morning never changes. Beyond the gift giving on Christmas morning, the days leading up to the holiday are some of my most treasured memories. The beauty of Christmas lights twinkling on houses, cold nights and hot chocolate, holiday parties, and decorating the tree. There isn’t anything I don’t love about December.

In my short story “Trish’s Gift”, a companion to You Are My Sunshine, you get a glimpse into Trish’s holiday traditions. Like me, she adores the holiday and all that comes with it. One of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written was a Christmas wedding held outdoors surrounded by snow and twinkling lights.

The farmhouse was covered in Christmas lights as were the trees that were scattered around the property. It was beautiful. Magical. Trish met Ronin beneath the same tree that Matt and Sunshine were married under and were joined by Dade, who would marry them. Trish’s parents were there as were Sunshine’s and one of Ronin’s brothers. The sky was clear and beautiful but the air was cold. “You two ready, it’s freezing,” Dade said between chattering teeth. Trish laughed a little at her brother then turned to Ronin. “We are ready,” she said with a smile. “Yes, definitely ready to spend my life with you.” Ronin returned her smile and they exchanged their vows on Christmas night beneath the stars, on a blanket of snow, surrounded by twinkling lights, family, and friends.

~ “Trish’s Gift” is featured in the holiday anthology Interwoven.

Get to know Trish, Sunshine, Matt and Dade in You Are My Sunshine and “Trish’s Gift.”

Sun Cover finalSunshine Everly’s way of life may not be ideal to some people, but it works for her. When her ex-husband confessed he’d had an affair, she swallowed her pride, and found a way to remain friends. Together they raise their children, while he continues to court her and she continues to shoot him down. It’s a friendly game of cat and mouse until suddenly, it’s not. Sunshine has to admit that her feelings for Matt are more than friendly, but is she ready to put her heart in his hands again?

Lincoln is a small, quiet town where everyone knows everyone and gossip spreads like wild fire. When a local girl is found dead outside of town, the murder ignites a fear of the unknown to most in Lincoln. When a second girl is found, suddenly fingers start pointing and long standing relationships are tested. A monster lurks in the shadows while citizens of Lincoln live in fear of one of their own.

Sunshine is fiercely independent, and proudly stands on her own but with two dead girls and one missing she must admit that she needs her ex-husband more than she cares to. Matt Everly is part of the police force and wants nothing more than to catch a killer and win back the love of his live. Amidst chaos, Matt and Sunshine try to rebuild their family while lives in Lincoln begin to crumble.

Secrets are exposed and hearts are broken when the bleach killer is exposed. Can the residents of Lincoln recover from the fear and betrayal instilled by the Bleach Killer? Can Sunshine and Matt bring their family together regardless of the secrets that are exposed? Welcome to Lincoln, a sleepy little town where things are not as they seem, and a murderer is lurking in the dark.

About the Author:Angie Merriam resides in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest and is happily married to her best friend. She and her husband have three wonderful children, a dog, and a fish. She is the author of the Neveah trilogy and is a featured author in Intertwine, an anthology featuring an array of writers and a variety of genres.

She loves barbeques with family and friends, photography, movies, music, and of course reading. She was influenced by the works of Diana Gabaldon, Stephanie Meyer, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, and J.K. Rowling. She currently writes romantic in a variety of genres.

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  1. Salisa Waheed says:

    December’s my favorite month too…. yeah I am from a totally different country and traditions but the end of the year is special. What I especially remember is our family outings on these days and the shopping 😀 If there was any sale in any shop Mom would find some reason to buy it, even if it may not be used 😛 hehe

  2. I enjoyed your post. I love Christmas, though each year I seem to postpone the shopping later and later (I DO hate wrapping gifts). I love love love giving. I have so much fun selecting the perfect gift (or the best selection I can find) for each person. With my children, each year (with one income – money is tight), I say I’m going to limit what I do, and each year, I discover that I find just ONE more thing each child needs. I love seeing my children happy. Love it. And I love how kind people can be during this season (even during the grumpiness. Thank you for sharing a peek into your life with us. 🙂

  3. The only tradition that has carried forth in my family from Great-grandma to grandma, mom to daughter is the lighting of a red pillar candle Christmas eve and it stays lit until 12AM Christmas day. Only then can it be blown out. My mom said her mom said it was a French-Canadian tradition – but whatever or wherever it came from, I continue the candle tradition because it has sentimental value.

    Your book sounds quite intense, I hope there’s a HEA. 😉 I love me some HEAs especially when the drama is highpowered.

  4. I enjoy December with all of the festivities, food and colorful decorations. Since it doesn’t snow in my area, I can enjoy the cold weather without too many annoyances.

  5. Question to the author: What is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on Netflix?

  6. Love December, the food, the lights, the setting up of the decorations, the time spent with family. Just missing the snow this year

  7. kim amundsen says:

    I enjoy december!

  8. nice scene
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