Winter Blogfest: Las Vegas Christmas by DeeDe Lane

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Las Vegas Christmas by DeeDee Lane

A Christmas away from home and family is never easy so one year when my husband was working in Las Vegas over the holidays we decided to take our Christmas on the road. We left Seattle, took a road trip through snowy Oregon and meandered our way into Nevada. After three days on the road, we landed at the Residence Inn in central Las Vegas about two hundred yards from my husband’s work site for the next month and about 1500 (give or take) miles from our families in Wisconsin and Texas.

On Christmas Eve we decorated our hotel room with a fake plant size tree, multi-colored lights, and the beautifully decorated presents sent by my Mother-in-law. For appetizers, we had cashew crunch and Wisconsin cheese sent by my Mom. We dressed in our finest road trip apparel, a fluffy skirt for me and jeans and a suit jacket for my husband, then set out for a casual dinner at Wynn Casino and Resort. After dinner we took in the show Le Reve, The Dream an acrobatics, water extravaganza show. It was a lovely night and far different from anything either of us had ever experienced on Christmas Eve.

The next morning we were both a bit lonely. So we lit a fake log in the hotel room fireplace, put on some John Denver Christmas carols and reminded ourselves we were lucky to be together, lucky to have this chance for work, and lucky we had families to call and wish a very Merry Christmas. For our Christmas dinner we set out to a friend’s home, who lived just outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. He and his wife were hosting an “orphans” holiday dinner for people like us who were away from family. There we enjoyed turkey, stuffing, German potato salad (my husband’s favorite) and our friend’s specialty – a German red cabbage dish that I will truly never forget it was so delish.

The conversation sparkled with topics ranging from recycling in Las Vegas to costume breakdowns in the Zumanity Cirque du Soleil show. Zumanity describes itself as a “highly eroticized, cabaret-style show that spotlights sensual imagery and stunning aerialists,” so that part of the conversation was not G rated but made for a lot of laughter at our table of orphans. We both hugged our host and hostess goodbye and realized in that moment we had celebrated our Las Vegas Christmas with family. So our Christmas in Vegas had family, counting our blessings, love, good food, and laughter.

Happy Holidays wherever you are and in whatever way you celebrate.

perf5.000x8.000.inddSlip in Time Series
Addy Spencer, Assistant Curator at the Cowboy and Western Museum, is putting the finishing touches on a mountain man exhibit when she slips back in time and into the heart of the rugged West. Big Jake’s sizzling green eyes and gorgeous physique are a dream come true, just what Addy has always wanted.

When Big Jake saves Addy from a randy group of trappers set to rendezvous at the Snake River, their love seems possible. But can Addy open her heart to this mountain man knowing that at any moment she could be whisked back to her own time? One thing’s for sure, Addy can’t resist her mounting desire as she uncovers more cowboy delights than she ever imagined.

MY GAMBLING MAN – 2nd installment of the Slip in Time Series releases December 16, 2015

About the Author:DeeDee Lane is a Seattle author and a member of Romance Writers of America. Her mystery scenarios and characters turn up on boat cruises and many corporate and private events around Puget Sound. She and her husband love to go on road trips, especially if there’s time to check out a tinfoil rooster or the largest truck stop in the world. Originally from central Wisconsin, DeeDee was raised on a farm and surrounded with great stories of the West.


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  1. I love doing research. What is the most unusual thing you ever did in the name of research?

    • Hi DebraG,
      Good question! The most unusual thing I had to research was for my next novella in the Slip in Time series. I had to figure out how to build a pipe bomb and then see what materials my heroine would use to make one in the 1860s! Needless to say, I did that mostly from books and talking to people.
      Happy Holidays!
      DeeDee Lane

  2. Such a lovely story, such wonderful memories you will have.

  3. I enjoyed reading this.
    Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and, if so, how do you overcome it?

    • Thanks Peggy!

      I do suffer from writer’s block and first of all thanks for using the word SUFFER – because that’s what it can feel like. To get over it, I do one hour on my oven timer timed writing blocks. For that hour I put words on the page, not caring if they’re good or bad, just get them out of my head and onto the page! Mostly it works!
      Happy Holidays,
      DeeDee Lane

      • Thank you for answering my question!! I’ve asked this question many times and you are the second author to tell me about setting a timer. Most authors have told me it never happens to them which I find hard to believe.
        Happy Holidays to you and yours!

        • Hi Peggy, I really enjoy the fact that you’re doing a mini survey of authors by asking this question. AND, oh by the way…If you ever do get any other good tips…pass them on to ME!

          Happy New Year!
          DeeDee Lane

  4. Nice short story. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sounds like a good read!

    • Thanks for taking the time to look it over Anne. I know it’s a busy time of year so I really appreciate any reader who will pick up a new to them author at this hectic time.

      Happy Holidays
      DeeDee Lane

  6. I enjoyed reading the post today.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas to you Rita Wray,
      My Mom is writing an essay today about how my grandmother made stolen every year for the postman. So fun to remember these stories unique to the holidays.
      Best to you,
      DeeDee Lane

  7. kim amundsen says:

    Love the cover. Great post!

    • Thanks Kim,
      The cover artist is Tina Lynn Stout and I’m hoping she’ll do the art work for all four of the Slip in Time series novellas.
      Happy New Year!
      DeeDee Lane

  8. I’m glad that your Las Vegas Christmas had so many fond memories, especially the ones spent with good friends, delicious food, laughter and conversation. Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks Jess1,
      Sometimes I think the best conversations happen over the finished plates, still sitting on the dining table. No one in a hurry to clean up, everyone content and maybe ready to talk…and laugh!
      Happy New Year,
      DeeDee Lane

  9. sounds like an interesting show
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    • Hello bn100, Yes it was definitely interesting! For me the most fascinating part in Le Reve was the synchronized swimmers and the way they were absolutely together both above and below the water filled stage.

      Happy Holidays!
      DeeDee Lane

  10. Winner Announced!

    CONGRATULATIONS Jess1 on winning a ten dollar Starbucks gift card.

    Please send your mailing address to me:
    I promise to ONLY use it for the gift card.

    And thanks to all who commented – Happy Reading!
    DeeDee Lane

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