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This post is part of Long and Short Reviews’ Winter Blogfest. Leave a comment for a chance to win one copy of A Very (Psychic) Vampire Christmas, which comes out right before Christmas. I will choose a randomly drawn person from the comments.

The Point of a Parrada

The point of a parrada is to sneak up on your friends. What’s a parrada? It’s a group of friends armed with guitars, maracas, and other instruments who surprise others with their sudden music during the Christmas season. The songs aren’t necessarily religious, but occassionally Jesus is mentioned.

This tradition is most common in Puerto Rico and Cuba. I stumbled upon it while doing research for my Puerto Rican-based psychic vampires. Although the story takes place a little south of Buffalo, New York, these psychic vampires bring their customs with them. Some, like piñatas being used mostly for a child’s birthday, are captured and rewritten by the werewolves who live in New York. Others, most notably the parradas, grow with the werewolves to lend their spirit.

The werewolves of Charles McLaughlin’s pack aren’t exactly celebrating Christmas since they follow the moon goddess and are rejoicing at the coming of the longest night of the year. But they learn to embrace new traditions. They have to. Charles’s mate, Luis, is a psychic vampire and brings with him a whole island’s worth of habits.

For me, singing is a crucial part of each Christmas season. I sing at the Protestant version of midnight mass after opening one Christmas present early. Please share your traditions with me. I will randomly select a comment and award that person a copy of A Very (Psychic) Vampire Christmas on January 3rd.

Happy Holidays!


Emily Carrington

A werewolf and a psychic vampire, mated for two years according to werewolf custom, are planning to get married to comply with psychic vampire tradition. Unfortunately, as much as they want to participate in a sexualized version of a Catholic wedding, they are cock blockd by the psychic vampire matriarch. She wants her son to stay away from his werewolf lover—and she’ll stop at nothing to break them up.






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