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Meal in a Bag for Lazy Days

slide-1797884_1920It’s not Christmas Day or New Years Eve, it’s one of those days in between where you have tons of family and friends lazing about. Everybody is starving but nobody knows what to cook and even worse, nobody feels like making an effort. Here’s the perfect solution …

Chicken in a Bag … with Apricots

I love this recipe. It is easy-peasy, can be prepared the day before, and never ever fails! Divinely delicious and comforting—and when you serve it to friends and family, it looks like you slaved for hours.
(Adapted it from a demo I watched on Australian Master Chef.)

(Adapt quantities as needed)

10 x Large chicken thighs on the bone (or your favorite chicken pieces)
25 x Dried Apricots (try and find the soft ones)
6 x Cloves garlic (finely sliced)
24 x Sicilian olives (de-pipped) – If you can’t find Sicilian, use Kalamata or any type you like, just don’t forget to take out the pips
24 x Caper Berries (try and find the fresh ones in a bottle)
2 or 3 x Strips of orange zest (use a potato peeler, don’t include the white pith)
1 x Heaped tablespoon Oregano (preferably fresh)
8 x Sprigs Thyme
2 x Bay leaves
Juice from 1 x Orange
Juice from 1 x Lemon (I also add some grated zest)
120ml Sherry Vinegar
120ml Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon salt
Black pepper

Add ONLY when you are ready to roast:
1 x Cup White wine
1 x Tablespoon Honey, drizzle over the chicken


Mix the marinade in a bowl. Place the chicken pieces in a zip-lock plastic bag and pour the marinade over it. Marinade overnight. If you are worried about leaks, put the bag in a pan so it can lay flat, or double up the bag. Turn the bag before you go to sleep and again when you wake up.

When you are ready to roast, empty the contents of the bag into a roasting pan, and add the white wine and honey.

Roast for approximately 60 to 90 minutes (depending on amount) – turn the chicken as needed.
I add butter to the sauce at the end.
Garnish with fresh herbs: Coriander or flat-leaf parsley
Serve with fluffy rice or couscous … and lots of wine!

Love Anni xx

PS. This recipe appears in the 2016 Wild Rose Press Recipe Book. Check it out, my publisher offers it for free to all readers!

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Anni is published by The Wild Rose Press, and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA).

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  1. Hello LASR Team. Thanks for inviting me to participate in your wonderful Winter Blogfest. Hope you, and all your fantastic readers enjoy my recipe. Happy eating…and reading! Anni xx

  2. Intriguing recipe and different from many I have had. I shall be trying this one out.

  3. Will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for sharing Anni

  4. What a great sounding recipe, it sounds really delicious and easy to prepare. Thank you for sharing.

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