Winter Blogfest: 10 Things I’ll Keep About Christmas by Jill Jaynes

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10 Things I’ll Keep About Christmas

Writers are just like normal people (I keep telling myself that) and just like everyone else, I can slip into the sucking vortex of holiday stress that strikes us all at this time of year. I’ve learned that I have a choice about how much stress I buy into and I’ve decided to cut out the stuff I don’t like about Christmas and just keep the good parts. I’m not going to bother with deadlines, mall parking, negative relatives, marathon cooking sessions for said negative relatives, or feeling obligated to do anything that isn’t on the list below. That’s my goal, anyway. Wish me luck!

So here’s my list of….drum roll please…

10 Things I’ll Keep About Christmas:

1. Christmas tree with lights waiting to greet me when I come home from work- just a small artificial one please, no fuss, no mess

2. Christmas music from the 50’s and 60’s- think Bing Crosby “White Christmas,” Eartha Kitt “Santa Baby”

3. New Christmas music- think Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is you,” or “My grownup Christmas List”

4. Watching my favorite Christmas movies (captive on DVD, yay!)- personal favorites: “National Lampoon’s Christmas,” “Home Alone (1)”, “While You Were Sleeping” (absolute MUST), and a marathon of sappy Hallmark Christmas movies (guilty pleasure)

5. Eating homemade Christmas cookies while watching all the above movies. Baking them isn’t on the list, but I do love eating them, so…

6. Inviting other people’s kids over to bake the cookies- (can’t fool my kids into it anymore and I’m sure not doing it)

7. Fireplace warming the room while watching said movies

8. Snuggling with favorite pets and loved ones while watching said movies

9. Surprising loved ones with one perfect gift on Christmas morning- (so, a little shopping, but that’s what the internet is for)

10. The loved ones in my life I get to share this season with

So, here’s wishing you all the good parts of the holiday season that are on Your List. Enjoy!

Knightless 200x300Out of gas, but not out of magic, Jackie’s about to find out that knights and true love don’t just exist in fairytales.

About the Author: Jill Jaynes loves writing stories with happy endings her own way- with a dash of magic that means anything can happen. When she’s not doing that, you will find a) wine-tasting, hiking or otherwise hanging out with her hot husband, b) walking her two high-maintenance dogs, c) plotting her next story with her writer-daughter or d) working at her day job in her spare time.

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  1. kim amundsen says:

    Cute cover.

    • Jill Jaynes says:

      Thanks! The talented girl who designed my website also designed my cover. I plan to use her a lot!
      Merry Christmas!


  2. Love the premise of your story.

    I also liked your list. They just don’t make Christmas movies like they used to – no more musicals, grand sets and heart melting plots ::sigh:: those were the days. However, Home Alone movies have their place because the one thing it does provide is laughter and this is a great time of year for that … and cookies. I make egg nog cookies but I usually make one batch. So far I’ve made over 6 dozen of the things and my kids want more! Nothing like warm cookies from the oven while watching a great Christmas movie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your list!

    • Jill Jaynes says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I actually usually end up baking to give as gifts every other year. My must-haves are the Russian Tea Cakes my Mom always made- the recipe is in her old version Betty Crocker Cookbook I still have. She wrote in the margins of this recipe and I love that. She passed away quite a while ago, so I treasure it.
      I hope you may enjoy the book- I had fun writing it.

  3. martha lawson says:

    Loved the list!! I don’t holiday bake and I hate going shopping in the stores, did most of mine online. Merry Christmas and the book looks great!

  4. What a great list! Not doing a lot of baking this year, finding out how much I miss it. Your book sounds like a fun story.

    • Jill Jaynes says:

      Wise woman 🙂 If I’d actually planned a little better, I would have bought more things online. There’s always next year!
      Merry Christmas

    • Jill Jaynes says:

      I’m kinda liking figuring out the parts of Christmas that really matter to me and are worth keeping. Stay happy, and have a wonderful Christmas! Hope you’ll enjoy my story when you read it.

  5. fun list

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