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Long and Short Reviews welcomes K-lee Klein who is celebrating the release of Unbreak My Heart which releases today. Check the post below for a chance to win an ebook copy of the new release or a book from K-lee’s backlist.

Happy release day to me! Hi, I’m K-lee and I’m excited to say Unbreak My Heart is on sale today from Dreamspinner Press. It’s a rerelease with a ton of edits and some added material, and to be honest, it’s still the book closest to my heart.

Brett Taylor and JT Campbell meet under less than perfect circumstances and begin their relationship as employee/employer. But the real issue when feelings begin to take shape is Brett himself. Besides being a romance, Unbreak My Heart also fits into a hurt/comfort category because Brett has to heal before he can even contemplate any romantic feelings, and he has to learn to let JT help him do so.

Unbreak My Heart is a slow-burn love story and those are my favorite kinds of romances. I adore the small hints of interest and attraction, the little touches to shoulders or gentle brushing of thighs when they’re standing side-by-side. I hold my breath in anticipation for the first kiss, the first time touches grow more intimate, the first time love becomes a reality. There are a lot of those simple beginnings of love in this book and whether you’re new to Brett and JT or have already been introduced to them, I hope you enjoy their tale. I’m including an excerpt here and also inviting you to leave a comment, your email address and an answer to the following question. I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of Unbreak My Heart or a book from my backlist on August 10th.

~~Question: How do you like your romances? Quick to love or a slow burn?~~

Thanks for stopping by and a big shout out to Long and Short Reviews for being part of my book tour. Have a great day!

8_5 KLyn Klein UnbreakMyHeart_smallBrett Taylor’s world collapsed three years ago when he lost the love of his life. Almost as bad as the grief is the advice he’s starting to get from everyone and their brother, telling him it’s time to move on. They’re flat-out wrong. He left his career as a musician and escaped to his ranch because he needs the peace and quiet, and he’s doing just fine. He doesn’t want anyone invading his memory-filled, booze-fueled solitude.

JT Campbell’s world has been defined by his parents’ money, status, and his own empty relationships, until he’s desperately sick of it. A quest to find something meaningful leads him to Brett’s failing ranch. It’s supposed to be a brief stay. JT never wanted to be anyone’s savior or compete with the ghosts of lovers past. Still, he can’t help wanting this gruff and grieving man.

JT’s mind knows it’s a bad idea, but his heart keeps pushing him to find out what lies beneath Brett’s rough and broken exterior. Brett’s not going to make it easy. JT can only be patient, keep his sense of humor, and hope for the day he may be allowed far enough into Brett’s world to unbreak his heart.

Enjoy an Excerpt:

“Gonna walk me to the door, cowboy?” JT asked after what seemed like a very long time.

“Would be my pleasure, sir.” Brett tipped his imaginary hat, then reached for JT’s hand—it felt so natural. A tiny burst of air brushed against Brett’s collar when he pulled JT to his feet, and he had to swallow around a lump of nerves that tickled the back of his throat.

They walked hand in hand the ten or so steps it took to get to the door. Brett looked down at their fingers twisted together, still thumbing over JT’s knuckles even as he reached down for his boots.

“Oh crap!”


“I forgot something. Hang on.”

JT rushed out, letting the screen door slam shut behind him. He was back in under a minute with a simple bouquet of flowers clutched in one hand.

“I, um, didn’t really have any way to get you a present… didn’t want to ask Ray, and I did see some flowers on your table at one time….”

Brett had to bite his lip to keep quivering emotions sealed inside him. Flowers had been the one sweet touch he’d always done for Walt—with him being big on the damn things and all. JT’s gift wasn’t the daylilies Walt loved so much, though, but rather simple wildflowers that grew everywhere on the ranch. It was one of the most delightful gestures Brett could remember being on the receiving end of.

JT was still keeping up his nervous babbling, wide-eyed with anticipation, so Brett did the only thing he could think of—he kissed him, again.

It was different this time; lingering, firmer in the press of their mouths, softer in the gentle touching of their tongues. Brett cradled JT’s head, thumbing across his jaw before easing back and resting their foreheads together. He felt the apprehension of the first seconds of his touch melt away from JT’s lips, his face, his body.

Despite the length of the kiss, Brett’s throat worked hard to provide enough air to his lungs and brain. If he was some sappy romantic—which he certainly tried hard not to be—he might have thought he saw stars behind his eyes as he kept them shut tight. When JT’s hand trailed up Brett’s chest, over his neck and under his hair, fingers gently caressing behind his ear, he chanced a peek at the man in his arms.

They were as starry as Brett imagined his own were and maybe just as hazy with lust. JT moved his hand to cup Brett’s chin, making Brett lift his head a little more as JT sealed their mouths together. It was tentative at first, closemouthed, soft and unsure, JT’s fingers trembling a little as he caressed Brett’s jaw.

Brett leaned in, pressing closer with his mouth and his upper body, one hand slipping to wrap around JT’s waist. The delicious taste made Brett want so much more, so he took it, slowly parting his lips and poking the tip of his tongue against the seam of JT’s mouth. He was rewarded with a moan and JT’s tongue sliding softly against Brett’s, his hand moving from holding Brett’s jaw to snaking around the back of his neck.

Brett shifted his feet, moving one leg so it was between JT’s, before sliding his hand between their bodies. He flattened his palm over JT’s chest, pushing gently, walking them backward until they were flush against the wall in the entryway. Brett twined his fingers in JT’s hair and it was just as he’d expected—he had the softest damn curls Brett had ever touched.
A rolling warmth oozed from beneath the kid’s thin T-shirt, and Brett wanted to feel the heated flesh beneath in the worst way. His rapidly increasing desire assaulted him, urging him to rip off the hindering shirt and touch JT everywhere he could, but he couldn’t… at least not yet.

Finally when their bodies were screaming for air, Brett eased back just enough to rest his forehead to JT’s again, the flat of his hand rubbing wide circles on JT’s lower back as he lifted up on his toes to keep the contact. He parted his lips like he was going to speak but then simply licked them and closed his mouth again.

JT’s eyes were shut tight, a tiny trickle of sweat winding a path down the smooth skin of his temple. Brett swiped it away with his thumb, then leaned more firmly against him. The only noise in the room was the old oak clock in the kitchen and whispering bursts of air between them, and it was good and comforting and exciting. But the voice in Brett’s head murmured for him to slow down—for them to slow down.

“I’m um… I’m not sure how far I can take this right now.”

He wasn’t positive JT even heard his soft mumblings, but when he finally looked at him, there was light and promise in his expression. Brett tugged in JT’s hair and leaned against him, thigh to chest. “I like you—really like you—but everything feels so twisted inside me, and I don’t know what to do about that.”

JT moved his hand from around Brett’s shoulder, tugging it down and around so he could twist their fingers together against his back.

“It’s all good,” he said quietly, kiss-swollen lips curling up on one side in a way Brett thought would make his brain explode. “If I was in a hurry to get in your pants, I wouldn’t be here right now. I like you too, just as much. I already told you that, but maybe you need a little extra reminding while you’re untwisting yourself. We’re on your time frame, after all, and when you’re ready, we’ll both know.”

Brett’s mouth twitched into a half grin and he tugged JT’s hair. “When I’m ready, not if?”

“I think it’s a good turn of phrase, don’t you?”

About the Author:8_3 KLin Klein author photoK-lee Klein loves guys with long hair and tattoos, and you’ll often find her front and center at her favorite rock concerts. She has bounced around Western Canada all her life, but will always consider the solitude and beauty of the British Columbian mountains home. Her life is blessed as the proud mother of three now-grown but still spoiled kids, the servant of two bossy felines, and the wife of a truly patient husband.

Her writing muse is terribly temperamental, so to keep him close by and in check, she had him inked on her left calf. The gorgeous, long-haired, mostly naked, kneeling angel that resulted is truly a work of art, although he’s still a handful and hopelessly uncontrollable. She writes on his schedule and inspiration.

K-lee tends to fall easily into obsessions. When something grabs her attention, she jumps into it headfirst with complete abandon. Actors, musicians, superheroes, fictional characters, and brainwashed assassins all hold spots on her cannot-get-enough list. She once followed Thirty Seconds to Mars around the United States and Canada and saw them perform fourteen times that year. Obsession sometimes leads to ideas for her kneeling angel to turn into stories.

Although an introvert in person, she’s extroverted online and has met many wonderful friends there, sometimes with the added fun of meeting them in person at gay romance conferences. She’s grateful for all the people in her life who accept her as she is and support her through her ups and downs as mom, wife, and joyfully obsessed writer.

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