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Top Five List of Favorite Books of All Time by Lauren Smith

1) The Host by Stephanie Meyer

This is hands down one of the most heart achingly beautiful portrayals of a long quadrangle as well as a deeper discussion as to what makes human good or evil. I read it at least once a year and I still cry in a few places every time. It reminds me how a writer can touch a reader’s soul without overly flowery language or crazy plot arcs.

2) The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

No, you can’t pick just one of them. For me, this series is a packaged deal. J.K. Rowling changed my life when I was 12 years old and started reading Harry Potter. It made me see the power of stories, especially upon young readers, and how sometimes, a good story is what really matters when you write.

3) The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

This book! I can’t say enough about it! It’s a bit of an echo of the old children’s Secret Garden book but with a darker, more adult twist to it. Morton’s language makes places and characters come alive, in fairy tale sort of way full of reach diction and dialogue that make you want to savor every page as well as linger over the story itself.

4) She by H. Rider Haggard

One of my favorite novels of the old Victorian-era adventure novels. She is all about feminine mystique and power, not just over men, but the universe in general. And it’s also a love story. The language Haggard uses is classical, but so poetic that his observations on the nature of mankind are brilliantly delivered in the midst of a powerful story.

5) Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

This is a book that every girl should read when she’s at least 21. When you’re younger, you miss a lot of the fine details, but any woman past 21 will really enjoy this. The emotions that Scarlett endures with the various men and her struggles during the war and after are poignant and timeless. This book resonated with me deeply, and kept me entranced by an era both beautiful and sinister and now gone forever.

6_9 LaurenSmith_The Gilded Cage_E-Book[2]Passion that takes no prisoners, and love that tests the limits of ecstasy . . .

Fenn Lockwood comes alive in the shadows. Though he might have physically survived the kidnapping that stole his childhood, the trauma and pain he lived through have marked him forever. Now the only place where Fenn can be himself is within the walls of his private BDSM world—a place of erotic obsession, where desire isn’t just captured . . . it’s bound.

Hayden Thorne knows that behind Fenn’s hardened exterior is a man worth fighting for. Yet to save him from the past that still haunts him, Hayden will have to abandon every inhibition she’s ever had and venture into Fenn’s intoxicatingly sensual world. Each tantalizing second she spends in Fenn’s searing embrace is more delicious than the last and soon Hayden begins to think that she may never want to leave such torturous bliss . . .

About the Author:LAUREN DIANA SMITH was born and raised in Tulsa. She attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a B.A. in both history and political science. Drawn to paintings and museums, Lauren is obsessed with antiques and satisfies her fascination with history by writing and exploring exotic, ancient lands.

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