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What are the top five apps Duncan uses on his phone?
1. Sword-fighting for Beginners – Duncan’s seen a lot of back-stabbing in his twenty-first century Wall Street job, but his sword-fighting skills are woefully inadequate in the borderlands of England and Scotland of 1705. Abby Kerr, the young, beautiful, fiercely independent chief of Clan Kerr, teaches him to fight but insists he’ll stay more focused if he learns sans clothes. Which means he also needs…

2. Jumping for Junk – He’s got to be fleet of foot in order to not end up light of endowment.

3. Romancing the Scone – Scots women, especially clan chiefs, tend to verra direct and verra demanding—and I don’t mean just in bed. Duncan has no problem understanding what Abby wants, but he’s going to have to work every muscle group he has, in order to deliver it. It’s safe to say Duncan MacHarg has his work cut out for him.

4. Letters from Loch Woebegone – At one point in the book, Duncan must draft a love letter from a lass to a lad with Abby’s steward in order to put one over on the villain in the story. Both are put in the very uncomfortable position of having to think like a Scotswoman in love. It’s a rather entertaining scene, and one of my favorite ones to write. Men’s minds work very differently than womens’.

5. Heartbreak Hotel Finder – Not all is smooth sailing for Duncan and Abby, even after they pledge their troth to one another. The time-crossed lovers have to determine how far they’ll go and how hard they’ll fight in order to protect the love that’s blossomed between them.

I think a foreplay app for challenged lovers might help them as well. Every time Abby says “Och,” Duncan has to take off an article of clothing. Given the rock-hardness of his body, I suspect the game would be over rather quickly. And every time Duncan gets a bruised ego, Abby has to kiss him somewhere that lifts his spirits. I think they can find the app at (That would be “Lovers Tiff,” by the way, not what you evil-minded readers were thinking.)

Finally, Abby has a very protective wolfhound, and every good boyfriend knows he’s got to get the dog to love him before the woman will, so it would behoove Duncan to find an app that will teach him all the best dog-playing techniques. Dog Howzz or HoundyMan would be the best choices.

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Battle reenactor and financier Duncan MacHarg thinks he has it made—until he lands in the middle of a real Clan Kerr battle and comes face to face with their beautiful, spirited leader. Out of time and out of place, Duncan must use every skill he can muster to earn his position among the clansmen and in the heart of the devastatingly intriguing woman to whom he must pledge his oath.

Abby needs a hero and she needs him now

When Abigail Ailich Kerr sees a handsome, mysterious stranger materialize in the midst of her clan’s skirmish with the English, she’s stunned to discover he’s the strong arm she’s been praying for. Instead of a tested fighter, the fierce young chieftess has been given a man with no measurable battle skills and a damnably distracting smile. And the only way to get rid of him is to turn him into a Scots warrior herself—one demanding and intimate lesson at a time.

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  1. lori faires says:

    I enjoyed the excerpt very much. Just in Time for a Highlander is on my TBR list. If I could travel back in time it would be Scotland in the 1700’s.
    Blessings & Thanks to All.

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