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Long and Short Reviews welcomes Kim Dias who is celebrating the upcoming release of Breakfast at Midnight. Enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a copy of the book.

In Breakfast at Midnight, Fred and Callum meet at a Denny’s and bond over breakfast eaten at, yes, you guessed it, midnight. They talk about Fred’s divorce, Callum’s troubles with his band, their individual insecurities (and they may fall in love along the way). Fred orders the same thing every time he’s there, but I’m not that consistent with my favourite breakfast foods.

Kim’s Top 5 Breakfasts

1. Avocado toast.

Maybe it’s awfully millennial of me, but I have no shame about my love for avocado toast. I like it simple: the avo mashed with salt, pepper, and a little bit of lemon juice; sourdough bread lightly spread with butter. If I was the kind of person who had basil growing on her windowsill, I’d crush up a few leaves of basil into the avocado, but, alas, I have not once been able to keep a basil plant alive. (A moment of silence, please, for all those poor dead basil plants.)

2. Eggs Benedict.

It’s my ideal brunch, really, but I’m fussy about it. There are only two or three restaurants I’ll order it and one of those restaurants is my older sister’s apartment. It’s the Hollandaise sauce that makes or breaks the dish, and there’s nothing more disappointing than getting excited for a wonderful breakfast only to discover your Hollandaise tastes like plastic. If I feel like spoiling myself, I’ll go to the little brunch place in town that serves perfect Eggs Benny (they have a chipotle Hollandaise that’ll make your tastebuds see stars) or I’ll show up at my sister’s apartment saying, “Please will you feed me?”
(A cup of coffee helps the bribery process.)

3. Omelette.

The omelette is the perfect breakfast for when you’re feeling indecisive. Do you want veggies or bacon? Protein or carbs? Mozzarella or cheddar? Just throw everything you have in your fridge into a frying pan, toss some eggs in after it, mix it all up, and put it on some toast. Voila—breakfast.
(Omelette also makes a brilliant I-haven’t-been-to-the-shops-in-two-weeks-but-I-want-to-eat-actual-food meal. Unless you’ve run out of eggs. In that case, I can’t help you.)

4. French toast

My favourite thing when I was a kid was waking up on Sunday mornings and heading downstairs, sleepy-eyed and still in my pyjamas, to find my mom making French toast. Now that I’m older and trusted near a stove, I love lazy Sunday mornings where I’m still in my pyjamas, still sleepy-eyed, a little bit taller, and making French toast just for myself rather than for a family of four kids. Pair it with a cup of coffee for the perfect I’m-the-protagonist-of-a-romance-novel breakfast.
(An additional tip: top your French toast with syrup and grated cheese. You’re welcome.)

5. Crepes

The perfect versatile breakfast. Do you want to be healthy? Spread them with peanut butter. Feel like something a little bit sweet? A mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Are you in the need of something indulgent? Nutella. My recipe is ridiculously easy, but saying, “I made crepes” always sounds amazing and it’s my go-to breakfast when I want to impress people.
(My recipe: whisk two eggs, one cup of milk, one cup of water, and one teaspoon of vegetable oil together. Add two cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, and half a teaspoon of salt. Beat well to remove lumps. Cook the crepes in a hot pan and serve them to whomever you’re trying to woo.)

Hope can be found in unexpected places.

Lonely, still struggling with his divorce, and suffering from writer’s block, successful thriller author Fred spends much more time in an all-night Denny’s than is healthy for any man. It’s the last place he thought he’d meet someone like Callum, who has literally run away from the internationally famous boy band Leos.

Despite their age difference, the two become friends, and their long nights of soul-searching might help them find the courage to face their problems: Fred’s deteriorating relationship with his daughter and Callum’s career issues. It’s easy for their lives to tangle together, and each might provide the other the means to move beyond the past—even if it’s not a journey they can take together.

About the Author: Kim Dias has been writing for years, but has been making up stories for what feels like forever. She writes love stories, preferably with a side of hot sex; Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards constantly inspire her to do better.

When not focused on her studies at the University of Victoria, Kim spends her time working on her novel, which she swears will one day be finished. She loves dogs, reading in front of fireplaces, and days spent in the sunshine. She believes whole-heartedly that stories can change the world.


Buy the book at Dreamspinner Press.

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  1. Love your top 5 breakfast choices. I enjoy avacado but have never had avacado toast. I’ll have to give it a try.
    Breakfast at Midnight sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to learn more about Fred and Callum.
    Thanks for the chance.

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