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The Soundtrack of One Step Forward

I’m not even going to lie; even I think there’s a LOT of music in this story. When I read a story with what I perceive “too many” references to songs, it tends to annoy me a lot. So why I did it with this one, I don’t really know.

What I know, is that music is a vital part of this story in so many ways. It’s something that carries the story forward, something that shows things if you know the songs. If they’re not familiar to you, they might be annoying or you might just bypass them without a second thought, and that’s just fine. You don’t have to know all this music to be able to enjoy the story.

But in case you wanted to hear the songs without having to go look for them elsewhere, here’s a selection of them with some explanations on why they are important for me, for Sam, or for Joshua. And yes, there were so many songs to choose from, but here is the countdown to my top six of the OSF soundtrack, the rest are listed on my YouTube channel.

Number Six

Warwick Avenue by Duffy

The song is mentioned when Sam and Joshua are trying to butter up Joshua’s mom, Marie. It’s one of her favorite songs and Joshua plays it on the piano for her. Personally I love this song still, even though it was played to death here in Finland back when it was just released. The video is simple yet very powerful.

Number Five

Here With Me by Dido

Again, a song that I’ve heard a lot. Too much, even. But somehow there’s a part of Sam in this song. It encompasses both his feelings about the passing of his wife and his feelings of Joshua, although he does sing it very early in the story and has no idea what Joshua will come to mean to him.

Number Four

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis

Now, as you see, it’s not the version by Elvis that I’ve linked here. Instead, it’s a fun version by Twenty One Pilots. This is a song that sometimes pops into my head and keeps playing there in the background for a while. Seems like it does the same for Sam.

Number Three

Minority by Green Day

Now here’s a fun, youthful song for you. It’s one of my favorite “happy songs” of all time, as I am a very long time Green Day fan. It’s also a song that appears in a nice little scene in the story where very little is happening and the characters are just having fun around a piano Joshua is playing. There’s a certain cheerfulness in this song that I think the story deserved at that point.

Number Two

Watch Over You by Alter Bridge

While this song, or another song I know Sam was playing in the story, was never actually named, it’s still very important to mention. It’s one of my favorite songs with some bittersweet memories attached to it. It’s a song Sam loves and that has special meaning to him, too. The other song that’s not mentioned (Broken Wings) is on the playlist too, with the song that’s actually mentioned (In Loving Memory) that Sam absolutely avoids playing. If you listen to it, you’ll know why.

Number One

Here by My Side by Matthew Good

Now, this song is mentioned in the story, and it’s very much Joshua’s song. There’s even some history Joshua and his friend Riley have with the song, which is a funny story in itself. The video I’ve attached is a fan video of Queer As Folk, my all-time favorite TV series. The song is played in the background of an amazing sex scene in the show, and it somehow touches Joshua and Sam’s relationship (at least in my head) too.

And there you have it, my Top 6 countdown to the music of One Step Forward. Hope you liked the songs and please do check out the rest of the list, too!

8_8 TIA FIELDING OneStepForwardFSSam Becker, a horse whisperer, agrees to take one last job before retiring to his Texas ranch. It’s clear as soon as he meets the Taylor family in Kentucky that he’s in for a challenge. What he doesn’t expect is the way his own wounds reopen. He’s never really dealt with the suicide of his mentally ill wife, and he won’t be able to ignore that hurt forever.
Joshua Taylor and his horse, Calla, were a force to be reckoned with on the eventing circuit until an accident ended their careers. Most of the pain is on the inside, however, and Sam knows those injuries are the slowest to mend. Sam’s unique methods help Calla and, surprisingly, Josh, but he’s still lost without riding. Their feelings for each other come hard and fast, and Josh starts his first steps of recovery, but Sam needs to return to Texas eventually. Even if Josh is able to move past the accident, they’ll still have a long and difficult journey to make before they can be together.

About the Author:Tia Fielding is a thirtysomething Scandinavian who is a lover of witty people, words, cats, sarcasm, autumn, and the tiny beautiful things in life. Tia struggles with stubborn muses and depression, but both are things she has learned to live with.

After losing the thread of her writing in her teens, Tia rediscovered the joy of writing stories through fanfiction, which later kick-started her publishing career. Tia is not ashamed of her past of borrowing other people’s characters, but has found creating her own much more satisfying.

Tia identifies as genderqueer, but isn’t strict about pronouns. Why? Because luckily, in her native language there aren’t gender-specific pronouns. Being a reclusive author living with her fur-babies is another fact of life for Tia, among the need to write that seems to be a part of her psyche by now.

In the fall of 2014, Tia took a huge leap for most authors and kicked her coffee habit. Do not fret, though, she switched to tea, so her life isn’t completely lacking caffeine.

In 2013 Tia’s one of Tia’s novels was recognized by the industry’s Rainbow Awards in the Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award) category.

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