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The hardest part about writing is…

In my opinion, it would have to be the inconsistency of inspiration and avoiding burnout. Something I think a lot of people overlook is how draining it is to keep a consistent daily word count. Back in 2019, I made a goal for myself to write 1000 words a day with an objective of 7 books written in a year. It was a lot of work and I didn’t end up completing the whole year because of real-life interference, but I was very proud of what I did achieve.

What I didn’t expect from that monumental amount of work was how much it would take out of me creatively. There was a long stint between the Fall of 2019 and early spring of 2020 (right before the pandemic hit the world) where I was uninspired to write and couldn’t get a consistent rhythm going. I was having a hard time coming up with what to write and it was starting to affect my confidence with imposter syndrome.

Since then, I’ve managed to write three (almost four) complete manuscripts at a much slower pace. It was a hard lesson to teach myself and I struggled to break away from the “Grind” work ethic. But after two years of being kind to myself and my process, I’ve discovered that writing is like art. You’re not going to be perfect on the first, second, or even tenth try but if you trust in the process and let yourself work unconfined, you’ll be able to create more and better works. Take your time, they didn’t build Rome in a day.

Destiny will always test the greatest of leaders.
Theo never imagined life outside the king’s castle. But when the queen’s funeral reveals the king’s true colors, Theo must rely on his sister, her allies, and his friends to get him to safety. With the help of mercenaries and the native tribes of the plains, Theo must learn to face his destiny and open his mind to the diverse world he’s been thrown into.

Enjoy an Excerpt

“Dad!” Rhan burst out.

Ta’goda turned his intense focus to his daughter and suddenly his entire body deflated.

Without another word between the two, Ta’goda stood up from his fighting stance, faced whatever was hiding from view of the other three, and he closed his eyes.

Around the towering orc, three snarling wolves made of green flame formed from the ground up. Ta’goda raised his axe in the direction of his fight and the wolves took off.

Once the wolves were out of sight, Ta’goda rushed to his daughter and wrapped her in his arms.

“Rhan,” Ta’goda choked out.

“I’m okay,” she cried into his shoulder.

The chief pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

“What happened?” Rhan asked as she wiped away tears from her cheeks.

“We are under attack,” Ta’goda gritted his teeth, “I must get back to the battle. Our tribe needs me.”

“And me—”

Ta’goda shook his head at Rhan’s protest.

“What?” Rhan blinked at her father.

“You have a new duty,” Ta’goda swallowed. The chief’s eyes peered over his daughter’s shoulders and locked onto Theo. “I cannot leave our people and get the prince to the rivers—”

“I’m not leaving you here—”

“Rhan’takono, this is not the time to argue—”

“There is nothing to argue over! I’m fighting beside you—”

“I can’t—”

“I am to be chief one day! How can I stand before my people after running from this?”

“If you don’t go now, there won’t be a tribe for you to be chief of!” Ta’goda snapped. “This is not a command as your chief. I am begging you as your father—” the words caught in the back of his throat, “please.”

About the Author:Geek by heart, author by trade.

Raised on a healthy diet of geek and pop culture, Antony has come to share his love and appreciation for role-playing games, geek culture, and fantasy adventure. If it’s random comic book facts, Star Wars trivia, or just the measly obscure movie reference, Antony is there!

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